DAYS Caption This: The Morning After Bristen Sex! (PHOTOS)

Take your best Caption This shot at these scenes from the morning after Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Kristen (Eileen Davidson) have sex on Days of our Lives.

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    hey mon

    Page 1, pic 1: “I am re-booting, I am really Ashley Abbott.”
    Page 1, pic 2: “Shutdown (stage 1). I am Kristen DiMera, the adopted daughter of Stefano DiMera.”
    Page 2: “You’re not John Black!”
    Page 3: Brady says, “I sure in the #ell am not”
    Page 4: “You are definitely not John Black, and I like it!”
    Page 5: “Thank God you are not John Black!”
    Page 6: “Wait till your Dad finds out.”
    Page 7: “I feel like like I should be with Patch, or is it Tucker? What the #ell, I’m going 2 more rounds with you Brady.”

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