Days of Our Lives’ Bryan Dattilo: “I Need More Airtime”

Popular Days of Our Lives star Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) is asking fans for help getting more airtime. The actor tweeted:

To be fair, it must be hard for the brass at DAYS to create story for Lucas—the son of a Horton and a Roberts, who was part of one of the soap's most popular quads for the better part of the 90's and 00's—when they're telling such riveting stories about Dr. Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) and his hand tremors.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Yes the end of Lucas will come again! We are just biding our time. Who are they gonna pair him with? And the hot love triangle would have been Lucas/Sami/EJ. These are Sami’s two greatest loves that have equal pull and equal fan bases. So that is where they should have played it.

    Lucas would be trying to save Sami from herself and from E.J. for the sake of the kids and because he truly loves her. But they decided to go with Mr. McSleepy!

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    Good luck with this Mr. Dattilo. Fans didn’t save his job before and will not now. The writing has been on the wall for Lucas for months now. I like the actor and the character but clearly the writers are not interested in writing for him (or even quality storytelling at all.) DAYS is not doing anything to attract new or lapsed viewers. This 30-year fan has gave up on the show months ago.

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    I saw the writing on the wall as soon as Gary Tomlin came back & swapped Lucas for Rafe in the Sami storyline and as soon as he decided to make Lucas the more closed minded parent out of the two in the Will storyline when it was the reverse under MarDar. Gary Tomlin has always had issues with Bryan & even once said he was no leading man material. That’s funny, because I could say the same thing about his boy GG/the character of Rafe.

    Lucas is a Horton & has a legitimate place on the canvas. The same can’t be said for the annoying Hernandez clan, no matter how much propping they’ve received.

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    [quote=Cath]Lucas is a Horton & has a legitimate place on the canvas. The same can’t be said for the annoying Hernandez clan, no matter how much propping they’ve received.[/quote]

    I so agree with you, however, by making Gabi have Will’s baby, TIIC just brought themselves one step closer to cementing the Hernandez clan into a plum position as a permanent part of Salem’s landscape. It seems to be some kind of a mission with this current regime, to make the Hernandez’ one of DOOL core families, that you have to wonder if they get some kind of a kick-back from doing so.

    I remember reading, in a few different places, that if a show writer creates a new character, they get some kind of residual if said character stay on with the show, long after their creators are gone. I have no idea if this is true or not, but it would certainly explain why, when new regimes come into the picture, they set about to dismantle the previous regime’s creations.

    Just a thought. That is all. Oh – and I cannot stand the Hernandez clan – I wish that they would just disappear from the canvas altogether!

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    I love Galen Gering and Rafe, but I also love Bryan Datillo and Lucas. He should have more air time–he is a Horton, Kate’s son, and he is Will’s father, so he should be an important character. He is hot–especially when he wears his hair long–the powers that be at Days like it long and he needs to remember that. As for Lucas’ attitude toward Will/Sonny, I totally get it and find it SO realistic. I am the most liberal and accepting person, but when my son came out, it was and remains difficult for me, in ways similar to Lucas. So I like and find that aspect of the story totally relateable. That being said, the writers need to come up with something substantial for Lucas. I could do with less of Daniel, quite honestly–he’s ok, but I preder Lucas.

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    Secrets and Lies

    Only possible thing to do with Lucas at this point (besides keeping him in the background a la 90’s Maggie) is turn him BAD. Scenario: Autumn comes to Salem to tie up some old business with him, she sees how pathetic his life is (no woman, no friends, no pastimes, etc.) and convinces him that he has been wronged and got the short end of the stick as Bill Horton’s bastard son – meanwhile look at Jennifer with the lovely big Horton house, the whole town’s love and respect, etc.

    They team up to RUIN Jennifer (similar to how Kristen is out to ruin Marlena right now). Lucas has always been a sucker for a bad girl with a hair brained scheme. Cast Gianna Jun, Qi Shu, or Julia Ling as Autumn.

    The audience will love it because we would all love to see Jennifer tortured at this point – she needs to be before she can be redeemed. Even Dr. Dan and Abby will turn their backs on her they will make her look so bad.

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    Secrets and Lies, I love your storyline idea.

    Jennifer and Lucas are my least favorite Hortons, so any storyline in which he gets a personality change and she suffers is OK with me.

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    I understand Bryan Dattilo and all the Lucas fans. He is a legacy character.

    However, personally, I have never been fond of him. He just doesn’t interest me in the least.

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