Ex-One Life to Live Star Scott Evans Popped in Drug Sting by Undercover Cop!

What would Kyle (Brett Claywell), John McBain (Michael Easton) and Commissioner Bo Buchanan (Robert S. Woods)  have to say about this?! TMZ is reporting former One Life To Live fan favorite Scott Evans was arrested in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening, for allegedly trying to buy drugs from an undercover police officer.
Evans, who played the role of naive, gay police officer Oliver Fish on OLTL from 2008-2010, was booked and charge with attempt to possess a controlled substance. The actor was bailed out a few hours later. No word on what exactly he tried to buy from the undercover police officer. According to the site, Evans made a vague reference to his arrest via Facebook earlier this morning saying:

"Most ridiculous night of my life in LA so far. At least I made it a year before getting arrested."

I blame Stacy Morasco for this mess.

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    Sad that an adult man with so much talent would be so reckless. It has been proven time and time again how damaging drus abuse is in the celeb world….lindsay lohan, michael jackson, whitney houston yet they don’t seem to learn.

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    Please don’t compare this Z listed actor to the likes of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. You point can be made without bringing others into this guys ignorant mistake.

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    [quote=Jillian Bowe]

    I blame Stacy Morasco for this mess.

    Hilarious! When all else fails blame one of the worst characters on soaps in the last decade!

    I think some of the commenters are jumping to conclusions here with this “news.” We have no idea what the substance was or in what quantity. It sounds like entrapment to me but I get my legal/criminal education from episodes of L&O! Lol.

    I had no idea he was the brother of Captain America. Chris Evans is GORGEOUS.

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    You can’t be trapped if you aren’t doing anything wrong. It’s a felony so it must be some heavy drugs.

    Evans comment on FB was bizarre stating he can’t believe in a year it has taken him this long to get in trouble in LA. As if he is prone to trouble.

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    In Los Angeles there are as many pot dispensaries as there are Starbucks (not kidding, an actual stat). So, it seems like there is very little reason to buy something on the street…. Just sayin’

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    [quote=nysam]Evans comment on FB was bizarre stating he can’t believe in a year it has taken him this long to get in trouble in LA. As if he is prone to trouble.[/quote]

    Yeah, I thought that post was pretty strange and maybe a little too flippant considering the circumstances. I seem to remember back when Kish was going strong on OLTL that there were backstage rumors that one of the actors involved in the s/l had a propensity for partying a little too hard and it sometimes affected his work. Either way, if it is indeed a serious problem hope he gets the help he needs and/or works his way out of it.

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    Marland Fan

    [quote=nysam]Unlikely that it was pot. To be busted and charged with a felony it has to be harder drugs.[/quote]
    TMZ reports he was trying to buy narcotics, which doesn’t really narrow it down. I had no idea he was Chris Evans’ brother.

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    Chris was the one who unintentionally outed Scott in an interview.

    I interpreted SE’s Facebook line a different way. I thought he was joking (or attempting to joke) about how actors who can’t get work claim they “can’t even get arrested in this town” and he broke through that barrier at last. Instead, it sounded as if he was amazed that he’d been buying drugs for a year before finally getting caught.

    Once again, fb and Twitter are celebrities’ worst enemies.

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    jeeze, people. weren’t you paying attention to nora buchanan or tea delgado all those years?

    people are never arrested FOR a crime; they are arrested ON SUSPICION OF a crime.

    he’s not entered a guilty plea nor has he been convicted at a trial.

    in america you are innocent until proven guilty.

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    I had to laugh at the Stacy Morasco comment. She really was one of the worst characters on any soap . The whole story was so stupid (it’s showing on Soapnet right now), making GiGi break up with Rex (like he was such a prize?) because he was her one true love and carrying around that bag of blood everywhere? All 3 soaps, AMC, OLTL, and GH were awful in the writing department at the time (and Ron C. was writing?). No wonder the ratings kept falling. I think sometimes Ron C’s writing gets a bit over-the-top at times.
    Want to wish Scott the best. I liked him as Fish on OLTL.

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    If it was pot, depending on the quantity he was trying to buy, it could be a felony. Having said that, I doubt though that it was pot he was trying to buy given the availability in CA.

    Much luck to Scott!

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