Ratings, Rants and Raves: Soaps Didn’t Find The Nielsens Wishbone Thanksgiving Week

The remaining four daytime sudsers didn't have a lot to be thankful for ratings-wise the week of Nov. 19-23. (Source: Soap Opera Network). The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives and General Hospital all dipped Thanksgiving week.

Y&R was the only soap to go up in total viewers (+35,000) the week in question. The CBS soap also managed to hold steady among women 18-49, while dropping one-tenth of a point in households and among women 18-34.

In story, Billy (Billy Miller) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) headed to Florida to rescue a kidnapped Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Cane (Daniel Goddard) was salty about Devon (Bryton James) coming to work at Jabot. Kay (Jeanne Cooper) faked a heart attack to test Jill's (Jess Walton) loyalty. Nina (Tricia Cast) saw Cricket (Lauralee Bell) kissing Santa Paul (Doug Davidson). Neil (Kristoff St. John) offered sexy Leslie (Angell Conwell) a job. Sharon (Sharon Case) reached out to Noah (Robert Adamson), while Adam (Michael Muhney) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) continued to bicker about her presence in their lives. Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) agreed to disagree with Avery (Jessica Collins) over Nick, and was later kissed by Jack (Peter Bergman). Meanwhile, Tucker (Stephen Nichols) challenged Jack at Newman, and had a tense Thanksgiving with his mother, son and Jill.

Y&R is starting to slowly take shape. After years of complaining about the Winters being forced to eat the storyline scraps the Newmans, Fisher-Baldwins et al. dropped from the table, I'm enjoying seeing Neil getting to be a baller/shot caller.

At first I was pissy Billy wasn't running the Abbott family firm, but I can get with Mamie's loved ones being in charge of Jabot. Angell Conwell is the first screen partner St. John has worked with since Victoria Rowell that I'm actually rooting for. Cane vs. Devon at Jabot could be interesting, especially if Cane were to betray Neil to Victor or Tucker in a fit of jealousy.

I hated the Victoria kidnapping lark from start to finish, although I have to give credit to Amelia Heinle. Her acting continues to improve the longer she inhabits the role of Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki's (Melody Thomas Scott) first born. I would love to see Vicki emerge from this as the ball-busting, take-no-prisoners hellcat fans have been clamoring for her to be. The question is, have Heinle's chops improved to the point where she could pull that off?

I hate to see the best actress on the show, Tricia Cast, leaving again. Cast should be on contract with Nina as the heart and soul of this soap opera.

Sharon is still a weird, goofy mess. I realize Josh Griffith decided to embrace Maria Arena Bell's assassination of this character, but enough is enough. Let's have Sharon wash her butt, put on a pair of clean panties and get on with her life. She could offer to buy Crimson Lights back from a cash-strapped Kevin (Greg Rikaart). This woman needs a new center of gravity.

I think it would be smart to weave Nikki into Jack's pill addiction storyline, since he helped her through a similar problem 20-odd years ago. Jack needs more people in his corner than Phyllis. Victor has Colleen's blood on his hands—and heart in his chest—yet no one treats him like hog poop. Why does everyone have to beat up on Ol' Smilin' Jack?

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    I thought the week in question brought really good writing for B&B and GH. Because of holiday travel I missed Y&R and I gave up on DAYS months ago. I can’t even muster the energy to check-in on Eileen Davidson’s Kristen (who I love.) Both GH and B&B delivered lovely swan-songs to their beloved patriarch (Edward on GH) and matriarch (Stephanie on B&B.) I couldn’t agree more with Jamey’s article a few weeks back on “Why Stephanie Had To Die in Brooke’s Arms?” and the scenes played out with sincerity and richness. Katie’s struggles concluding and her reunion with her baby were well done as well. Also, the return of Slutty Brooke Logan kissing $-Bill and burning up my screen! Yes! Too bad the high-quality is probably fleeting as we gear up for the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle to take the frontburner. Ugh.

    I think GH needs to slow down the pace of some stories, extract a few of altogether and take advantage of its talent. The cast sista led with superficial characters when characters like Liz, Alexis, Patrick, Mac and Felicia languish while we are treated to vapid Mousy Nurse and Bitchy Doctor and Kartoon Konnie. Like with OLTL, RC is great in few areas and piss-poor in most. GH lacks character motivations and depth. What do we know about Mousy Nurse or Bitchy Doctor besides their obsessions with a widowed single father/colleague? RC’s writing too often relies on the superficial.

    With Y&R, I see lots of character-driven story. Not all if of it is exciting but foundations are being laid. Sharon was taken far off the deep end under MAB so Josh Griffith is working to repair it and I like that her problems are a.) organic, b.) socially relevant (bipolar disorder) and c.) not solved over night! The Sharon/Adam/Chelsea is the best thing going on and giving Adam/Chelsea life they hadn’t had previously.

    I agree that I am not at all feeling how Genoa City has turned against Jack for a corporate takeover when Victor is beloved for doing so much worse! Jack only having Phyllis and prescription drugs to turn to is not reasonable. I wish I cod get excited about The Winters Clan but they are so blah, the whole lot of them. Hopefully that will change. I wish Neil started his own company versus running Jabot and hiring his brood. Why haven’t Neil or Jack redecorated their new offices? Besides Avery’s apartment, Y&R’s sets are looking cheap. The new restaurant is not impressive and reminds me of something from GL or AW. GloWorm was fine set, just needed a name change.

    @Jamey: You didn’t like Amelia Heinle on Loving? I like the actress and thinks its too bad that she has never had the benefit of quality writing for the character of Victoria Newman. Hopefully that is hanging and she will shine. She has tons of chemistry with Billy Miller. I wish Victoria and Nick weren’t completely sidelined in the corporate stories.

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    [quote]I like the actress and thinks its too bad that she has never had the benefit of quality writing for the character of Victoria Newman. [/quote]
    I completely disagree. No other female character on Y&R has received such superior writing. What sh*tty writing has the character received? It pales in comparison to the other women. She is the most propped and pampered character on Y&R. Amelia just doesn’t deliver, however, I agree that Loving was her best work.

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    ^^ I never stated that Amelia Heinle received worse writing than other actresses, just acknowledging that she has never had the be fit of good writing. Good writing has changed my perspective on many actors.

    Edited to add: If I had been watching Y&R since LML or MAB, I would believe they only had terrible actors with the exception of Victoria Rowell and Melody Scott Thomas. I think Michelle Stafford is talented but under MAB, she has been cartoonishly bad. I also think Amelia Heinle has the added problem of being constantly compared to Heather Tom, who owned the role of Victoria Newman in many ways and is an impressive actress.

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    I’m still far from sold on Y&R…..I want it to do better. I am interested to see Neil and the rest of us brought to the forefront. I like the Winters family, but I’m not down for them being at Jabot. I said on Twitter and I will say it here the only people I want running Jabot are the Abbotts! Any other family I just can’t get down with.

    Now B&B was PERFECT that week. I know I had my qualms about Stephanie’s death and some of the beats but the culmination of her death and then Brooke/Bill kissing. Now THEY ARE SMOKING HOT! I hadn’t really seen any chemistry between the two until then. They are so wrong that I don’t think B&B needs to go right! Bill sparkles with Katie…but with Brooke I see a new fire. The same fire I saw with Steffy. I’m all for Brooke taking Katie’s man! It would set that town on fire and Katie with her new BFF Taylor could team tag team and whoop that Logan Hoe for all that hoeing she does LOL!!! Oh the possibilities!!!!

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    Y and R is coming up to an interesting ratings challenge from about Dec-Mar or so. They were up around 5,000,000 before dropping off to around 4,100,000 or so three months later when they rebounded quite a bit. It’ll be interesting to see where the show is by April. It was good to see that it was the only soap to increase in total viewers for this period, and the classic episode did very well.

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    @Jamey–so right about Tricia Cast and Nina. Sadly, now it looks like she won’t even be around to cry about her sons and/or prop up Ronan(now that Branson’s gone). Still, with the exception of Chance getting “killed”, she hasn’t really been given anything to do in the last year or so anyway and what little bit she has gotten is far beneath her talents(I was hoping when she slapped the venom straight outta Phyllis’ mouth that that would spark a new rivalry but that was never followed up on).

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    B&B has been amazing the past couple weeks! Stephanie being with Brooke at the end was perfect and exactly how it should have been. I am loving Brooke going back to the Brooke I love to hate. So much better than seeing her wringing her hands over Hope and Liam. Bill and Brooke are on fire! Wow Don Diamont has to be the best looking man on soaps. Now this is a great triangle! I actually like Liam when he’s with Steffy and not only do their characters fit 1000 times better together than he does with Hope but the actors have tons of chemistry. So I really hope (no pun intended) that we’re not in for another round of version #152 of Liam/Hope.

    Loved your praise of Amelia Heinle, Jamey! She has been knocking it out of the park with this kidnapping story and now the aftermath. The Billy and Victoria scenes the other day when they had an open, honest conversation about what she went through and how they love each other enough to get through this broke my heart. She and Billy Miller are amazing together. The kidnapping might have been dumb but it’s provided good angst for Villy and I’m all for seeing a sexy man like him trying to win his wife back! I’m also very glad that it appears he has signed on again to stay on Y&R!!!

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    Y&R -is getting a little better. I think the reason why everybody piles on Jack is because Jack is showing no loyalty. Ex. from what I remember Victoria and Nick always backed Jack. I dont remember Nick and Vicki having any animousity toward Jack and then Jack fires them both. Thats why I think people pile on Jack. Now, this is a guess, I dont know for sure.

    Btw, where is Ghost John Abbott now? I mean Jack is losing control, you’d think he would show up? The guy shows up to tell Jack what type of pants to wear, yet the guy has an addiction and hes no where to be found?

    B&B -I like Bill and Brooke. Just wish they would have waited a little bit after Stephanie’s death. Also, with this coming out and eventually reaching the Forresters, there is more Taylor could use against Brooke. I can just hear Taylor say to Brooke “You kissed your sister’s husband” and acting high and mighty. As if I didnt get enough of her high and mighty attitude during the Liam/Steffy/Hope triangle.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @ soapbaby: The problem with Amelia Heinle is that she was never right for the role of the feisty daughter of Victor. The first letter of V and N match their parents and Bill Bell wrote the characters to be opposite sex versions of their parents with the same first letters in their name. Amelia has had plenty of chances (even under LML) to show us a strong and determined Victoria that we came to know. She can’t do it. There is no amount of writing that can makeup for her “Gone With The Wind acting style…” Victoria was never played a as victim even when Victor saw her that way and treated her that way.

    For this role (just like with Lily), you need an actress who is powerful, with range and capabilities to BRING IT! And then tell you ITS ALREADY BEEN BROUGHT!

    Stella Adler can’t do nothing for them!

    You need a Liza Huber style actress or someone like that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lF4KaAw8LM&list=UL

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    I been happy with AH lately, she’s been quite good. Is she my favorite Victoria no and won’t be but she doesn’t need to go or be recast because she is being on target. Sorry David but no LH, I seen her and she isn’t right either.

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    I had to turn the channel to keep from throwing a remote control through my tv when Billy and Vicki blamed Jack for the whole kidnapping fiasco.

    Vicki convinced Billy to take the job at Newman Enterprises to SPY on his brother. Jack was smart enough to suspect it and sent Victoria on a wild goose chase. Then someone from BILLY’S past shows up and kidnaps Vicki. And somehow they spin this to be Jack’s fault?

    So Billy betrayed Jack’s trust, Victoria convinced him to do it, Billy has a sketchy past with gambling debts, etc…and because of it, his wife gets kidnapped, and it’s all JACK’S fault?

    Good lawd…I don’t know the last time I’ve been so frustrated and passionate about a scene. I love my Y&R but I almost had a heart attack watching that…

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    ^^ stoney07: I agree 100% about that ridiculous scene. I was happy I had recorded the episode so once Villy started in on Jack, I FFWDed. Jack’s current storyline is insultingly stupid. The entire town treats Jack like a pariah when he made a corporate takeover! Victor did it to Jabot years ago and Victor has DONE FAR WORSE, yet, Victor is never called to the mat. I suspect that Jack will be pushed over the edge after finding Kyle & Phyllis in a compromising position. Jack’s going to lose Newman because of his ineptitude. Jack gets shitted on every day and has an addiction to prescription pills. Where’s Angel John now? He only seems to come along to harass Jack and not present to support Jack when he needs him. Right now, the treatment of Jack is my least favorite thing on the show.

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    I for one will be PISSED if Jack loses again. I don’t mind the addiction and for those that say Jack is too smart to let it happen, you are wrong especially with that kind of drug. In real life the drug they are referring to is highly addictive and the addiction can happen slowly to anyone.

    I really don’t think I want to see Kyle and Phil together…maybe this is leading to something else we don’t know. (Please)

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