Mark Pinter Joins The Young and the Restless

Veteran soap star Mark Pinter is heading to Genoa City. TV Guide's Michael Logan is reporting Pinter, best known as Grant Harrison on NBC's defunct soap Another World, has landed a juicy role on The Young and the Restless. According to the magazine, Pinter will play Marcus Wheeler, who is described as:

a powerful and sophisticated congressman involved with Victor [Eric Braeden] and Jack [Peter Bergman], who will go to any lengths to protect his image and career.

Pinter's first airdate is scheduled for Jan. 10, and he will stick around through Februrary sweeps.

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    Can we please get rid of Tucker and streamline the cast a bit so that there is a focus on the GREAT actors individually… like Jack and Victor (Peter and Eric)… and dispose of the dead weight, already?!!!

    We have had tucker in town for a few years now and two actors have played him and not one has had the energy or chemistry with Katherine Chancellor or any other character on the show. The fact that they are revisiting a love story with Tucker and Jill is ridiculous and it has been done, unsuccessfully. All of the stories with Tucker have been that way so let’s jettison him off to NY or somewhere.

    As for Pinter coming onto the show, I can’t wait. I just not sure how he will fit into the story or landscape. It would be great if he was tied to someone or turned out to be Sharon’s long lost father.

    Just please don’t be stunt casting.

  2. Profile photo of pennywise555

    He looks perfect for Jill….go away Tucker.

    I think Katherine and Jill should invite the new politician over to the mansion for dinner. They could be the ones who welcome him to town. Please be the 1st scene.

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    [quote=pennywise555]He looks perfect for Jill….go away Tucker.[/quote]

    LOL. To the point, but I’d have to agree with you on that one. Pinter’s got range, he’s played a romantic lead, a bad boy, a villain. He and Jess Walton would be really good.
    Why did I immediately think of the both of them when I read this announcement? For some reason, I just think they’d have loads of chemistry and it’s nice that others see it too.

    For people who are not familiar with Pinter’s work (and you call yourselves soap fans, just kidding), they should check out his scenes on As The World Turns with Colleen Zenk- hot, hot hot. They’re divorced now but judging from many of those scenes, it’s easy to see why they ended up together in the first place!

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    I immediately thought this character should be paired with Jill. And I agree with what everyone has said about Tucker…he needs to go! The lackluster characters has been boring and ill concieved from the word go – especially when you consider the fact that poor drunken Kay thought she gave a way her baby DAUGHTER!

    There is no reason Tucker needs to be on the canvas.
    Ashley – Gone
    Abby – Gone
    YoHarmony – Gone
    Devon – He has a daddy named Neil

    Give CI back to Momma Kay and go back to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York or wherever the heck he’s from!

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    That’s great that another soap picked him up. He is too talented not to be working and he hasn’t been on a soap in a while. He was great as Grant on Another World.

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    I really enjoyed his work on GH as well as when he portrayed Greenlee’s father on AMC. Definite quality chops here. But as others have said on this board and others, there are still too many people in the Y&R cast that should be weeded out… 0:)

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