How Many Flashbacks Can The Bold and the Beautiful Viewers Endure?

Bill (Don Diamont) was not happy with Rick (Jacob Young) for suddenly wanting to tell Hope (Kim Matula) the truth. The best part of the conversation was when Bill called Rick “Dudley Do-Right.” Bill insisted he wasn’t going to be held responsible for a relationship that wasn’t supposed to be.

At Forrester, Hope told Liam (Scott Clifton) he was the man she knew she’d spend her life with. After their talk, Hope had more flashbacks of their wedding in Italy, as Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) remembered her kiss with Bill.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s continued overuse of flashbacks contrasts with The Hollywood Reporter’s interview with General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini, where fewer flashbacks were cited as having helped that soap's ratings. How many times do we really need to see the same B&B scenes over and over again? This show is only 20 minutes, and 10 of those are flashbacks.

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) gave Thomas (Adam Gregory) a hard time for running on the treadmill shirtless. He is the CEO of Forrester Creations, she reminded. Later, while sharing a meal with his sister and Taylor (Hunter Tylo), their mother praised Steffy's designs. Continuing to act like a donkey's behind, Thomas informed Steffy he thinks she's jealous of him being CEO.

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    [quote]How Many Flashbacks Can The Bold and the Beautiful Viewers Endure?[/quote]Apparently, TPTB dont think we have had enough. I really cannot stand the hope/liam/etc bullshit.
    I guess I must be too old because I am not enjoying any of it even though TPTB constantly remind people that viewers want to see hopeless/lame-less/skankies storyline.

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    This show has been a pile of crap for the majority of the year, then when Stephanie was diagnosed with cancer again it became excellent for several weeks; now in almost the blink of an eye it has reverted back to crap.

    I’m disgusted by the way this show treats its vets and the revolving door of big name actors.

    What should be happening now is Thorne becoming a central character and running the company; instead we have Thomas throwing his weight around and acting like the child that he is; and this is the more tolerable part of the show!!! The other 80% is unbearable, whether it’s a new scene with Liam, Steffy and Hope or a flashback I just don’t want to see it. I want all three of them gone. If there were still a dozen soaps I would’ve ditched B&B this year.

    As for Steffy telling Thomas not to exercise topless, SHUTUP!!! Topless Thomas at least gives me one reason to watch!

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    ER Writer


    I tried to catch up on Bold the other day and instead of showing me new stories, the episode I caught was of -pause- Rick rehashing ‘liamhopesteffy’
    to Caroline.
    Needless to say I didn’t finish the episode.

    One thing that has bothered me about this show over the years is that the writing treats the audience like we either, only watch the show once a month, or we’ve never seen it before in our lives.


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    Nice to know that I’m not alone with this constant flashback junk.
    Monday something happens, Tuesday & Wednesday two people talk about what happened & Thursday they flash back to it. Utter nonsense for a show that barely runs 20 minutes as it is.

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    I’m not a fan of the show to say the least and judging by it’s manure-like quality, hopefully the ratings will take a huge nose dive and thus inflict a kungfu kick up Bell’s hacky butt.

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    I FF every time a flashback scene comes on. As well as when any Hope/Liam/Sterry scenes come on. I can get through a show in as little as 5 minutes…10 on a normal day. Pretty sad that a 30 minute show wastes all that time on flashbacks.

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    I started watching B&B a few years ago. I really enjoyed it then and I regreted not watching it earlier but since the deadly trio of Spineless Liam Whiney Hope and Desperate Steffy have taken over the show. It stinks worse than all the other plot lines that B&B has had. I was sad to Susan Flannery retire but I wondered if she and Ron Moss both left because of the story lines. I hope that B&B gets back on track and soon

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    I concur with everyone statements, I only put B&B back on DVR due to Susan Flannery. I was doing what I normally do when watching B&B, playing Bingo bash when I heard, You want me to be held responsible for the Demise of a relationship that was never meant to be in the first place? I missed claiming bingo and got me some chips and started to watch Bill scenes only because everything else was like watching a candle melt. Every Flashback B&B have I have a flashback to watching GH again. Can Sony fire on this Bell Show?

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