Days of Our Lives Reboots The Wedding Planner With Sami in J.Lo’s Role (SPOILERS)

What kind of epic, game-changing storyline do you pen for one of soap opera's best superbitches? If you're TPTB at Days of Our Lives, you have her spend all of her screen time planning a shotgun wedding. The once-formidable Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) will be all about a pregnant Gabi's (Camila Banus) nuptials to Nick (Blake Berris) next week on DAYS.

Nick/Gabi/Will/Sonny/Chad/Sami/Rafe: The poster children for the need for Planned Parenthood will forge ahead with their ridiculous, antiquated plot to see Nick marry Gabi and assume parental responsibility for Will's (Chandler Massey) child. I'm curious, does anyone on DAYS' writing staff know any actual young adults? This may be how unfortunate quadrangles dealt with an unexpected pregnancy in the 50's, but it's crazy out of touch in 2012.

As previously mentioned, Sami will be in wedding planner mode, roping Rafe (Galen Gering) in on the fun. However, when the cop overhears Nick explaining that he and Gabi hooked up the same day the met—in order to explain him being the baby daddy—he'll wish he was on a stakeout in Siberia.

Caroline (Peggy McKay) and Sami pressure Will into serving as Nick's best man, making the already squeamish teen pop-to-be even more unnerved. Will does manage to have a brief moment of Christmas tree happiness with Sonny (Freddie Smith), but look for a vengeful Chad (Casey Deidrick) to complicate things by filling Sonny in on the near-deadly stunts Gabi pulled on him and Melanie.

Jennifer/Daniel/Nicole/Eric: Dr. Hairy Crotch (Shawn Christian) manages to stop his hand from a' tremblin' long enough to perform emergency surgery on Jennifer Rose (Melissa Reeves). Jen is so grateful she gives him a $75 Christmas gift card to Chik-fil-a. Okay, no she doesn't. She says she loves him, but that statement proves to be worth about as much as day old waffle fries, when Jen can't remember the declaration! Don't feel too sorry for Dr. J though. He learns the operation to fix his wonky hand worked!

Nicole finally realizes she isn't the blonde Daniel wants, and heads over for a little sympathy from Father Eric (Greg Vaughan). Look for these two to grow even closer as Eric suffers from nightmares.   

Brady/Kristin/John/Victor: Brady Black's (Eric Martsolf) father and grandfather won't be too keen on his latest choice of bed buddies. When Victor (John Aniston) picks up on Bristen's smoking hot chemistry he tears into Isabella's horny baby boy. The reformed Greek mobster also lets Kristen (Eileen Davidson) know how he feels about her sordid affair with his grandson. When it looks like the patriarch isn't having any luck, he clues in John (Drake Hogestyn). How will Brady's daddy react to the lovely bracelet his son has bought for the woman John himself used to pork?


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  1. Profile photo of bonobochick

    This is Tomlin’s cheap attempt at writing Sami & Rafe still interacting cause Tomlin’s golden boy has no storyline if he’s not circling around Sami in some manner. YAWN.

    Actually, YAWN on the wedding. I like Nick (though his current characterization is making me tired) but I despise Gabi so I couldn’t care less about their wedding. It just reads AWFULLY BORING WASTE OF TIME to me. :(

    I can’t even talk about the Dannifer storyline. I don’t hate either character but the writing for the them is beyond a travesty.

    If Victor isn’t yelling at Brady for being a fuck-up and disappointing him with dumb decisions, then something is wrong with him. That fits the character and the relationship with his grandson IMO. I also do enjoy Brady/Kristen because it’s almost giving Brady a personality and Eileen Davidson is bringing IT. :)

  2. Profile photo of jpp1975

    I like Nick (well, I like the actor that plays him) and I could actually believe that he’d want to marry Gabi and raise her child as some kind of weird restitution for what he did that sent him to jail. He’d be rescuing the girl he loves and playing happy family. What I don’t get is Will agreeing to it. Why all this forced drama between him and Sonny? They couldn’t have a love triangle, or family drama, or business problems, like traditional soap couples? And Dr. Dan and Jen are the most boring thing on Earth. I can only take Daniel when he’s interacting as Melanie’s dad or Maggie’s son. Maybe they could have some drama trying to figure out who his bio-dad is. Is it Mr. Jonas? Victor? If it was Mickey, at least Jen would have to leave her new cousin (ick!) alone. Now, I can get into a Kristen/Brady forbidden former stepson-stepmother romance. THAT is soapy.

  3. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    I knew Eileen D could save DAYS almost single-handedly, and she is.

    Tomlin should make Will a bi, that way this whole Gabi s/l would be that much more believable. It would also throw some jealousy and other Daytime stuff into the nick/Gabi/Will/Sonny mix.

  4. Profile photo of jthawk

    Jamey – Your spoilers are more entertaining than the actual show! I used to love Nick’s character, but I just cannot take him with Gabi who as well all know is a horrible character. It baffles me how fans can hate a character so much, yet the writers just love her as it appears this regime does.

    Dannifer – Boring! Wake me up when they both go-go.

    Brady & Kristen – Are yummylious! But I would much rather see my beloved Ashley Abbott hitting the hay with her once upon a time step-son Nicholas Newman! Can you imagine!

  5. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Or Cane. MAB missed the boat on that one.

    A pairing with Nick would be yet-another Nick going after his Dad’s ex-wives. MAB did almost go there, didn’t she, in Aug 2011 during Diane’s Murder Mystery. But she brought in Avery instead.

  6. Profile photo of Islandof1

    More to the point why is Sami so hell bent on getting Rafe’s sister married off to Nick? Granted it gets Will off the hook but something tells me Rafe will not happy with either Nick, Sami or Will roles in all of this.

    Right now Kristen is the only good thing DOOL has going for it!

  7. Profile photo of dqh257

    LOL, I actually don’t mind the Gabi character, but I think that Will being bisexual makes more sense storyline wise than him giving Nick parental rights to his child. How is being a convicted felon more palatable than having a gay parent? Not a great precedent being set on DAYS, if that’s the image they want to portray.

  8. Profile photo of jamison

    OMG All this Nick/Gabi/Rafe/Sami it doesn’t make any sense STUPID!!
    Daniel/Jennifer BORING AS HELL!
    Eric I’m NOT feeling him ! WILL SEE

    The only thing interesting on days right now KRISTEN ! LIKED HER WITH BRADY HOT/ WITH EJ AND MARLENA/JOHN

  9. Profile photo of DaysFan23

    Everything on Days is just BAD right now. I feel like I’m watching a parody of a soap opera. There’s no consistency and everything is just for a cheap thrill – sex or a fight. It’s obvious to see where stories are headed and everything is so heavy handed in showing what the writers want the viewers to think. I could go on and on about how much Days sucks, but I don’t feel like writing an essay. Plus I just feel apathetic about the show in general now too. It was such a bad decision to rehire writers that sucked the last time.

  10. Profile photo of shirls429

    :love: I am now loving on Day’s is Kristen, she is adding some much needed excitement on the show. Marlena and John’s marriage is so boring I hope they let Kristen and John have a fling again. At number two slot is Father Eric and Nicole wow,the chemistry is great and what a romantic tale this is going to be. I can’t stand Nick and Gabi how utterly a waste of our time just make them go away!!!!

  11. Profile photo of Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies

    Days isn’t perfect, but it’s better than it was a year ago (MarDar’s non-stories like Alice’s letters and Will’s website), and it was better a year ago than it was the year before that (Nighttime Hope et al). Thrilled that they brought back 2 of my all time favorites – Kristen and Nick.

  12. Profile photo of Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies

    @dqh257 : The way I am watching this storyline, I don’t think that they are trying to say that having a felon as a parent is better than having a gay parent.

    I think that Gabi and Will know that they aren’t going to raise the child as a couple because Will is gay. I also think that Gabi doesn’t want an abortion but feels that she would be doing Will a disservice by making him a dad since he just came out and found Sonny and is trying to start a life.

    On the other hand, Nick who is formerly a bright scientist took a huge fall and ended up in prison and now he is stuck in Salem (by court order) and a busboy – his confidence is shot and the relationship with Gabi is literally his lifeline – his ticket to getting his life stable and together. He also cares about Gabi and doesn’t want her to have to raise the baby as a single mom – so the instant family this creates is really attractive to him for those reasons.

    In real life, it is not all that uncommon for guys to step up and claim to be the father of a baby that isn’t theirs when it makes sense to do so – I know people who have been in this situation. I actually think it is a pretty realistic and contemporary storyline that’s designed to be relatable to a younger generation of viewers.

  13. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Praying for ANY soap to be canceled is almost sacrilegious, in my book. Haven’t enough gone by the wayside? And I’d still rather have a CRAPPILY WRITTEN soap than no soap at all. Even in all its horrid ratchedness, I’d still give up meat for a month to have my AMC back.

    But in all seriousness, DAYS is creatively probably LOWER than AMC was during Chuck Pratt’s reign of terror. Not a single TRULY inspired story in the whole bunch. Everything is “paint-by-numbers” and dull. No fire. No excitement. Wretched dialogue. Even the actors look like they don’t believe the crap they’re being asked to say.

    But I will stick it out, because I want to see this show survive. As a soap viewer who has lost so many good shows, I know that you don’t really miss your water until the well runs dry! :((

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