Will Sharon Wreck Chadam For Good on The Young and the Restless? (SPOILERS)


Sharon/Adam/Chelsea: Sharon's damsel in distress routine continues to wreak havoc on Mrs. and Mrs. Newman's marriage. Will Adam and Chelsea overcome their problems? Look for Sharon to encourage Adam to focus on his wife.

Victor/Nikki: The two set a wedding date.

Paul/Cricket: Ms. Blair tells her ex-husband she ended her relationship with Danny. Paul is happy they can finally have a fresh start. Cricket, however, is still feeling guilty about Danny and Nina. When Paul wonders if she's having second thoughts about them being together, Cricket announces she's moving home to Genoa City! A delighted Paul asks her to move in with him. Look for the lady lawyer to turn him down!

Jill: She begs Kay to put her issues with Tucker aside.

Neil/Leslie/Tyler: Things heat up between the boss and his new employee, but how will her kid brother Tyler showing up in town change things?.

Michael: The D.A. sweeps Lauren off her feet for their wedding anniversary.

Avery: She opens up to Nick about her past. What skeletons does she have?

Lauren/Michael/Fen: Remember how Lauren used to bully Tracy Abbott when they were teens? Looks like her son takes after his mama, and then some! Can Lauren and Michael save Fenmore from himself?

Adrianna/Noah: Noah's mysterious New York girlfriend is on her way to town.

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    [quote]Will Sharon Wreck Chadam For Good on The Young and the Restless?[/quote] eh, who cares????
    [quote]Victor/Nikki: The two set a wedding date.[/quote]ick! not another one. This will be wedding number……………..
    Gosh I stop counting after he Mr. Mumbles threw her to the curb the last time.

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    I am also interested in Avery’s past and they better come up with something good, as one of the other posters pointed out – blank canvas of pportunity. They better not do something stupid like, “My husband beat me because I burned the mac & cheese.”

    And Nictor – This is the last wedding for you both and together forever!

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    hey mon

    Hopefully Avery’s ex-husband is the now-dead Matthew Clark. Nick will have a fit that she kept this from him.

    As far as Chelsea goes, send her over to Billy, and have her want Johnny back. Better story-line than her catching Sharon and Adam kissing and hugging all of the time.

    Nikki and Victor. Give Nicole something to do. The ratings are always highest when she is the ‘town drunk’ doing her thing.

    Michael and Lauren. Talk about people who should be written off. Fen could go and live with Uncle Kevin or Aunt Eden, or something like that.

    Jill, Tucker, and Kay. Bye Tucker, that’s all I have to say about.

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    Liking it, liking it – especially the bullying issue – looks like Lauren’s nasty past is coming full-cicle now that Fen has inherited some of Mama Baldwin’s bad ways. I hope to see some nice early 1980s flashbacks/fights with Lauren and my beloved Tracy!!

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    Nikki is a fun drunk but folks MAB just did “Nikki drunk story” admirable but way to soon to rehash this story. Bill never made Nikki as a career woman Nikki is Nikki again pumping around in those gorgeous gold pumps and being totally in her children’s lives and socialite like Bill had made her.

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    ok, I called it: Fen is definitely Lauren’s son, bullying Jamie as she did to Tracey years ago!!!

    And what is up with missing party guests at the house warming? : where is Kay, Jill, or Phyllis? Just think of the plotlines that could lead to!

    Love, love, love the episodes…. esp the house warming party… Nikki is really something!!

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    I can’t believe this is what they brought Jess Walton back for-seriously? Groveling about Tucker who should have been gone MONTHS AGO??? Meh.

    They don’t really expect viewers to sit through another Victor/Nikki wedding for the three millionth time, do they? Seriously?

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    Yes I will be happy to sit through V&N’s wedding as the patriarch & matriarch of GC. Viewers will be there and who says Jill isn’t actually using Tucker for her own agenda for CI ;)

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    hey mon

    The 3 new guys that were on the The Talk are really going to Wow up some fun the is winter. Hopefully, the 3 new gents get into some serious courting and loving on GC ready and waiting gals. Tyler-Summer, Tyler-Eden, Detective-Sharon.

    Have I suggested it too often? Good-bye Tucker.

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    i’m liking Y&R these days. as long as i don’t see chipmunks, doppelgangers, and Snookie in the spoilers i’m fine with it..bring on more Leslie, Jill, and nutty Fen (though i’m hoping he has a crush on Jamie and not Summer)!

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    I definitely think Fen has a crush on Jamie. IDK…they have some kind of weird chemistry in their scenes. And its not wishful thinking on my part. Even my cousin came in and said “are those dudes dating or something?” then shook his head and walked out. HAHA

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    I dont think Fen is that intimating as a bully. I dont understand his motives. Summer was bullying Jaime and now Fen is bullying Jaime because hes jealous that Summer and Jaime will get together even though Summer treats Fen like crap, as even Fen has said that to her. Ugh.

    They should cool it with Victor and Nikki. No marriages or drunk Nikki yet. They just did that. No need to rehash that. I really like Avery and I hope they dont ruin her with whatever secrets she has.

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    [quote=hey mon]Have I suggested it too often? Good-bye Tucker.[/quote]

    Apparently not because he is still around.

    Tucker’s ruining my enjoyment of Jill just like he did with Kay and Ashley.

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    hey mon

    Fen seems like a nice guy. I like the way he wants Summer to dominate him, or at least that seems like when he was the most believable as a character. It would really be good for Y&R to go that route, for him to be like a mid-2000s Kevin Jr.

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    I am not interested in anything other than Sharon & Adam along w/the evil Chelsea. The rest can dig a hold.Hope something new for Abby since she is coming back. A big one for one of the new guys coming on. Jill/Tucker, Winter’s Clan, Christine Blair and her guy……..not interested in them at all. Nikki/Victor ok. Avery a no go, even w/Nick/ No Summer, Fen or Noah storylines for eme either.All gone down hill to me,

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    Things are rolling along pretty good in my opinion. Today’s US episode was the party. Nikki looked great. AND that new detective…grrrrr. I am surprised at how the new Noah has made that role his already.

    I did like the last actor, but it just goes to show you how writing can make or break the character. The old Noah didn’t have much to do, and I don’t think he’d have carried this the way the new guy does. Can’t wait to see where this story is going.

    And I am ALL for another Newman wedding, provided this one LASTS for a while.

    I need them to really amp up the bullying story, and I’d love it to see Lauren have more screen time with this one.

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    Yes, I believe the writing can make one win or lose. The old Noah..? This one has more of a personality. I also like NIkki/Victor and hope this wedding lasts. With the bullying, I would like to see that storyline but do not want anyone hurt or killed. I hate that when they kill an actor off and then a trial. Abby coming back will bring something good, I think. She is a terrific actress.

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    I just watched Friday’s episode and other than Sharon’s meltdown, it was dulls-ville! Where are the MAN with BALLS on this show. Why didn’t Noah just stand up like a man to his aunt or grandmother when they started to say she was a bad mother?! Where was Nick if he knows so much about her condition?!

    I just wish on this show that people STOOD UP for one another or fought back.

    As for Nikki and her throwing insults out left and right and then half-handedly giving an apology is just dumb. She calls Chelsea classless when she interrupts her on the phone in a public place and then says “sorry for doing it” and then says to Noah that she didn’t mean to be so harsh with her mother?!! Honestly, its just poor writing. And I know that Vicky was kidnapped and all, but why couldn’t Sharon throw it in her face how she lost her son and than quickly have Sharon apologize?! It just would have been so much more fun to watch.

    I think for me to buy that Sharon’s actions during the Maria tenure is all because of bi-polar disorder than they would have to have the character truly crash… just have her have a MASSIVE breakdown in front of all and then she ends up in the hospital. As well, all that we hate about Sharon is the fact she fell in love with Adam who kidnapped her child and led her to believe she was dead. Now is the time to keep them apart and give a triangle to Adam and CHelsea with someone else.

    As for Jack’s addiction… i just dont get it. First of all, he works out with Sarge everyday so you can’t tell me that Sarge doesn’t notice he is loopy on pain meds or that throughout his arduous workout Jack feels no pain but sitting at his desk he does?!! Plus this story is progressing soooo fast I am not invested in it at all. Why couldn’t we just see him every so often take a pill but see him running NEWMAN as the central story first and foremost. By the time people copped on to the addiction he could be really into it and about to lose Newman.

    NO PHYLLIS WITH KYLE. It’s just gross and as much as we hated Victor with BOTH OF HIS SON’S ex-wife, Sharon, the idea of Phyllis and Kyle getting it on since he is Jack’s son… he ex-husband… and her mortal (she’s dead) enemy Diane’s son is just creepy! PLUS he is a couple of years older than Summer and a few years younger than Daniel. It’s gross!!!

    And what were the writers thinking when after the meeting with Jack where he showed how loopy he is on drugs, Kyle asked Phyllis did you notice how dad was acting AND Phyllis, Jack’s best friend n ex-wife, says “yeah did you notice Adam and how he didn’t think anything was wrong. Let’s keep tabs on Adam” and NOTHING more was said about Jack’s odd odd odd behavior!

    All in all, I think that Y&R is no better than when under Maria. Noah’s story with a sack full of money sitting in a trunk in the living room of his dad’s house is dumb as is the fact that Nick is never watching his 5 yr old kid. Victor is duller than when he was having seizures years ago and Nikki is acting like the idiot I always found her to be. The rest of the show is just as dull.

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    pjc…you make some good points. I am one of the few on here who did defend some of what MAB did, especially after what LML did to the show. I was thrilled to have a “Bell” back in the fold.

    The one thing that I am enjoying now is the character development and the lack of “all over the place” writing/plotting that we saw with Maria. Stories would start then stop…or play out too fast. Couples hopping in bed, marriages, too much too fast for those of us who have watched for years and enjoyed Bill’s, then Kay’s masterful storytelling. Sorry, but I hate it when people say that the soaps of the 50/60’s were slow and boring. That’s really the reason Y and R climbed to the top and had been there ever since. All the shows that are no longer with us just lost their way and became unrecognizable by the time they were cancelled. I think the best examples of this are both AMC and GL. They were in sad shape and needed to go.

    I think once Josh is able to redefine the characters the people who like more action driven stories will be more able to get back into the show. Stick with it!

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    My 2 new Fave’s are Chelsea & Avery! God knows that Sharon & Phylllis needed to be relieved of the Newman men!! It was time people! I just don’t understand anybody wanting the rerun of either. As usual, Adam is pissing me off. And both actresses are delivering great performances.
    Now if they would just bring back Pauls daughter in Jennifer Landon “she is the only Heather that worked” He would have at least 1 sane family memeber, other than his priest brother.
    Marcy’s Back! Yeah!!!

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    The party scenes on Thursday and Friday were great. And I gotta say that while all the Newmans(except maybe hottie Noah) are hypocritical to a fault, I actually loved Victoria getting all snarky with Sharon; maybe AH is gonna find a backbone for Victoria yet. Also, MCE and Chelsea have been on fire this week; I hope she continues to put Sharon and Adam in their places. A little disappointed they didn’t go the Noah-is-gay route–maybe they’re saving that for Fen?–and pair him with this new cop(who is all kinds of smoking hot) but it’ll be interesting to see where the writers are taking this plotline nonetheless. All in all, I think the show is so much better than it was under MAB and I for one am enjoying the hell out of it.

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    I’m for one not going to defend MAB at ALL because she cause more damage then LML. MAB’s time has a disaster and the new team has had their hands full trying to correct the damage of both LML and MAB for the last 7 years that will take time. I’m finding Y&R more enjoyable and excited to watch and improving all the time and it’s getting better especially in quality. The mess that MAB & LML created can’t be undone in a mere 2 months. It’s not boring and love the pacing of show right now for the stories. The vets and newer cast are being fleshed out right now at this point so the audience can get to know those characters again. The beats are being played and the stories are balanced because the timing of those small beats might be boring to some but they will a big payoff in the end. Prime example is Sharon’s condition and finding out she was bipolar showing the effects on her and the people she loves and now we had the party which triggers the story into a new direction because everyone knows Sharon’s home. The house warming was about advancing the Newman story and it did just that thrust it forward to the next level. Sharon\Adam\Chelsea triangle is classic Y&R. Character of Chelsea is being fleshed out nicely. Here are 2 examples of beats being played I found I loved this past week was the “mommies episode” as I call it with Phyllis & Lauren giving advice and understanding with bunches of love to their children. Each were different Phyllis being real with Summer and her past and Lauren being direct with Fen and watching Fen and something click what his mother said and I think Fen & Jamie will become friends. I like the fact we are seeing AGAIN plain friendships growing on the canvas. Simple friendships have been long gone the past few years on soaps, it’s refreshing.

    Jack’s addiction story might have 2 different stories about addiction. I’m wondering if the story is going to show “legal addiction” or “prescription abuse” also the doctor does have a responsibility. I know where I live just about 2 months ago a huge story here they busted a group of doctors and pain management office for selling drugs. They are making drug addicts by writing prescriptions and it’s showing with Jack. Look how many celebrities have died in recent years because of the doctors. It wasn’t some street thug selling drugs it was the doctors. I’m enjoying the story.

    Jack\Jill\John is no different what Bill had done and the ghosts of Jack’s past rising up haunting him and he might know now how John felt. It’s called karma. The sins of the father. Bring it on I love it! :love:

    Digging on Navery, I like the fact it’s romantic, fun relationship not surrounded by tragedy bring those two together just an old fashion type of romance. I enjoying the nuGenXers thus far, Fen is basically good kid just hormones going hog wild, giving Lauren something to think about how she was in her youth with bullying Tracy. Connecting the dots. Summer has had a lot dumped on her and it’s showing the signs for needed attention. Nick being a single father and stepping up to the plate. I like the fact Kyle is playboy…just like Jack was in his youth. The Winters are front and center again and doesn’t have leftovers just to be seen. Neil worked YEARS at Jabot and find it in character. Jabot is still the Abbotts but Jack trusts Neil and gave him the reins. Now it looks like Leslie will finally have some real air time. Hurray! I’m not so sure Jack will lose NE anytime soon as most are predicting because I think this will play out and Jack will make NI more successful with Adam’s help maybe. Do I think Newmans will sooner or later get back NE…Yes but strings will attached. No Sofia, Daisy madness since the team took over …thank sweet Jesus. Mixing in new blood with the established core group is good thing because it opens up new story for the vets. The story of Jamie is opening up and this new blue collar guy his dad? Maybe Jamie will become foster child with Michael & Lauren or someone else on canvas. Jill being back and I think Jill is up to something which is Jill…everything does seem as rosy for now. Jill even mentioned to Cane “well maybe I’m using Tucker”…..hmmmm…that’s Jill and could possibly have agenda in the works. ;)

    Things I not sure about is Kevin, the character has had so much damage done to him over the last few years maybe it’s time for him to be written off and same goes with Tucker. They need to have Tucker leave and maybe a couple of years from now maybe recast him. Lily\Cane is the most boring but lets hope that Lily and the new intern takes Lily in new direction. Maybe they should revisit Neil\Victoria again throwing Leslie in the mix. ;)

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    I enjoyed the party scenes. Nicki and Victoria looked beautiful. Avery also is a very attractive lady. Loved the snipe remarks between Adam and Victor. Adam is not one of my favorites, but when he walked in the door and Sharon was freaking out, and they looked at each other and kissed, I just feel chemistry between them. The actress that plays Chelsea was on All My Children and it seems she’s playing the same exact character now on Y &R. She catches her man with another woman and I predict, she’ll go all psycho. The actress does play crazy well, she was great as crazy Annie on AMC. That new detective used to be on GH and I swear, he acts exactly like Micheal Easton’s John McBain character on GH.Have a feeling they are copying McBain with the whole character. GH has been really rockin’ lately and slowly I’m seeing Y &R getting better. As long as Phelps doesn’t bring on the Mob!!!!

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]I’m still mad at that dress that Nikki chose to wear to the party…….. :X :([/quote]

    Yeah, some things you just can’t unsee. And after looking at that dress for two episodes I think I did walk away with slightly impaired vision.

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    hey mon

    I guess I am a different type of Y&R viewer. I just can’t get that excited about Nikki acting like a diva in front of everyone, and seeing ‘poor ol’ Sharon being used as a dish-rag any longer. I have really seen this too many times since 1994. I like to see things happen, some action, not just ‘character development’.

    Where the ‘Sheila’ of the Show? The David Kimble? Rick & Blade Bladeson? A strip club? The stolen sperm test tubes of Ashley and Diane?

    Let’s not forget that all of the above ideas were from Bill Bell and Kay Alden.

    I was really hoping that Victoria’s kidnapping would lead to something real and lasting. Not just Eddie with a surprise bullet in his head, The Twins holding each other like forlorn lovers on the plane ride back, and Victor telling Billy to get the #ell out the next day.

    I guess the last 3-4 years of Ms Collins-Newman being explained away as ‘bi-polar’ disorder, and this is supposed to be great writing?

    Great writing would have been accepting and building on the last 4 years. Sharon standing up, announcing “To #ell with everyone, I’ve loved many things about Faith’s kidnapper. I liked faking my own death in 2011, faking my love and orgasms with Nick in 2010 (Talk about wounding Nick. That would REALLY do it!)” Then she could have raced over to Red’s and punched her 2 or 3 times.

    But instead we have poor, little, old Sharon again. Noah will defend you, poor little Sharon. Don’t let Nikki hurt you. Let Mr Kidnapper protect you, poor little Sharon.

    Let’s get to the root of Sharon’s problem. Let’s get David Canary on the Show as her Dad, and find out from him and Doris what went wrong 20-25 yrs ago.

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    YEE HAAA Been waiting for “Shadam” to get back together. At least the ELECTRICITY is still between them. I can’t wait for Chelsea to be an “EX” wife to Adam. “Finally” the TV screen is Heating up again with “Paul & Christine” & “Adam & Sharon”. Now let’s hope that the “Spark” that was set between these 2 Couples turns into a (Long time coming) “Fanned Blaze”. Now maybe this soap can move up to a “Darn good” Soap. :crown:

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    But the “Sheila” and “David Kimble” and “stolen sperm” were YEARS apart. Of course Sheila and David were on the show at the same time, but they weren’t both going psycho at the same time. There was CHARACTER development for both of them before they went completely NUTS. Our problem now is, JG and JFP have been on the show for like 2 months, IF THAT, and we’re already screaming for villains and psychos. Geez…that is what we’re used to now, because MAB had four and five psychos running around at one time, and as much as some discredited her and wanted her head on a platter, I KNEW that a lot of people didn’t really want what they were asking for.

    Because for a lot of people, Y&R was “boring” under Bill Bell’s regime. I distinctly remember a lot of the ABCD viewers claiming Y&R was boring. And it wasn’t until we got LML and MAB that people started worshipping the ground that Bill Bell walked on. Of course the regular Y&R fans knew how great the show was all along, but LML and MAB brought new types of viewers to this show….and the problem now is, these new viewers are clamoring for past payoffs with no depth, versus slow buildup with a great climax. YOu have to set the stage before you can give a show…at least thats how I feel about it. The show isn’t boring…it’s moving along beautifully. It’s just not non-stop ridiculous action with no depth or heart like some other soaps. That’s what Y&R has ALWAYS been. Even the great Sheila Carter didn’t kill a million people and run around town with a knife. A lot of her stuff with psychological. Of course she was dangerous and terrifying too, but Y&R has NEVER been an action-packed show. That’s why I love it…because it’s different from the rest.

    It’s been two months, and we can’t expect to see a miracle before our eyes in TWO months. Especially after seven years of seeing a completely different type of show…this resembles classic Y&R, well without the great music, and I’m enjoying it.

    Our attention spans are just a lot shorter…and its unfortunate because I truly believe that the days of classic soap are gone…because when we get a writer who KNOWS how to write good psychological drama, we bash it and call it “boring and dull”….

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    Stoney…Here Here! :bigsmile: I’m in complete agreement with everything you said about Y&R. Myself and like some others here can actually remember when Bill did get bashed all the time for his slow pacing and honestly it was all about the climax in the end and Bill had gave the viewers knowledge of a certain villains motives was engaging and drew the viewer inside the story understanding their actions and how it was connected. You most certainly don’t have type of story telling in today’s soaps. Bill didn’t need multiple psycho villains at one time he had other stories to at the same time, romance, always a corporate story, triangles going along with the villain stories. I ITA Y&R is more classic or leaning now it that direction and I’m one that is finding Y&R very entertaining and most certainly not boring. Sky is the limit! Longtime viewers of CBS do know the difference. :) :love:

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    hey mon

    But stoney, can’t I at least get a strip club (and Lindsay Bushman back as Summer)? I don’t want Y&R to turn into soft-core porn (or do I?), but a strip club worked in the 80s, and in 2004.

    ABCD (Anything But Character Development). I like CD, but I also want a stalker, a villain, and dopple-gangers. MAB did go overboard with Patty/Emily and Sara/Lauren being on as the same time in 2010.

    What I don’t want is Brad and JT arguing, with Victor and Nikki, over a comatose Vickie, as to whether or not Vick should have an abortion to save her life, as Josh was writing in late 2007. Too much character, too much development.

    You’re right, though, people like me did like ‘Crazy’ DAYS more than Y&R for years, especially Marlena possessed; and Eileen D’s 5 personalities.

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    [quote=ANGELWENDY15]I enjoyed the party scenes. Nicki and Victoria looked beautiful. Avery also is a very attractive lady. Loved the snipe remarks between Adam and Victor. Adam is not one of my favorites, but when he walked in the door and Sharon was freaking out, and they looked at each other and kissed, I just feel chemistry between them. The actress that plays Chelsea was on All My Children and it seems she’s playing the same exact character now on Y &R. She catches her man with another woman and I predict, she’ll go all psycho. The actress does play crazy well, she was great as crazy Annie on AMC. That new detective used to be on GH and I swear, he acts exactly like Micheal Easton’s John McBain character on GH.Have a feeling they are copying McBain with the whole character. GH has been really rockin’ lately and slowly I’m seeing Y &R getting better. As long as Phelps doesn’t bring on the Mob!!!![/quote]

    Yes, that cop did remind me of McBain. I couldn’t put my fnger on it when I saw him but now that you mention it…that was exactly how Job acts.

  31. Profile photo of Divatude58

    [quote=hey mon]Let’s get to the root of Sharon’s problem. Let’s get David Canary on the Show as her Dad, and find out from him and Doris what went wrong 20-25 yrs ago.[/quote]

    Agreed. Tell THAT story. Let Sharon reconnect with her father then have that make her whole. That would have been great writing. Have the father leaving for another woman. Even give her a sister. Even better, make her bi-racial, age appropriate, and pair her with Neil. Ha! (As with all things, this must lead back to the Winters. They are all I care about).

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    hey mon,

    I would NOT be opposed to a strip club. LOL. I actually really did enjoy the 2004 strip club revisit. I completely loved every minute of it, even Brittany Hodges being electrocuted on that pole. Ahh….I wish we could get THOSE writers back, even tho I am enjoying Y&R right now…

  33. Profile photo of Divatude58

    [quote=hey mon]What I don’t want is Brad and JT arguing, with Victor and Nikki, over a comatose Vickie, as to whether or not Vick should have an abortion to save her life, as Josh was writing in late 2007. Too much character, too much development.
    You’re right, though, people like me did like ‘Crazy’ DAYS more than Y&R for years, especially Marlena possessed; and Eileen D’s 5 personalities.[/quote]

    That’s exactly what I want. I like character driven stories. Not all that much action unless it is crime drama. Then we should have action. But for corporate SLs…no…I knew Y&R was lost to me when we went months without seeing the inside of Newman Enterprises.

  34. Profile photo of tedew

    Evil Chelsea as someone mentioned. I don’t think she’s evil at all.
    To my mind there is only one evil being in Genoa City and it’s not Adam because Adam doesn’t have a moustache.

    I could not stand any of those Newmans at that party of the season (without, as some mentioned, some who should have been there). The only Newman except for Adam who showed any concern was Nick who showed some compassion and Noah. Nikki in her blinding 70’s disco dress was in her typical I’m with Victor again haughty self mode. Victoria was … well she was being Victoria. Victor was the same old asshole he always is. (Don’t forget that Victor caused Sharon to be in jail for months on end and then inexplicably married her not just once, but twice.) Sharon was trying to apologize but no one would give her even an inch. The only amusing thing was seeing Carmine snickering in the background. Plus … just how are those people appearing at the Newman doorstep completely unannounced in what should be a very secure high priced hi-rise condo?

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    As usual, I also am on board with Stoney’s and Harlee’s comments. While the fans of the other shows at the time (12-13 soaps) claimed that Y and R was boring because of Bill’s story style, it rose in the ratings to #1 and remained there where it still is today.

    A majority of the current Y and R viewers have probably watched for years, and yes the newer ones since LML tuned in for a reason and may PREFER that style of show, but it is not what the show is about. 6 years or so DO NOT define a show that’s been around since ’73 and has (with the exception of those 6 years) remained true to its history for the other 33 or so.

    I don’t think Josh is Bill Bell, but he needs time to reset story and character. So far, as a viewer that has watched since the 70’s, I haven’t seen Josh write anything that’s “alarming” to me, so I am along for the ride.

    The show should be centered around its core families. That’s the Newmans and Abbotts. Sharon will be redeemed so be patient. I for one though would like to see them explore her with someone completely new and my suggestion is that hot new Latin detective. Since Noah is involved, it would make for some interesting dynamic.

  36. Profile photo of harlee490

    Pferrando…HUH I agree about Sharon needing someone fresh and the detective could be fun and with Noah involvement would make great soap! Yes I had read your other post about Victoria and ITA that is insane to kill off such a legacy character..I couldn’t listen to bash fest when other soaps had over half of the podcast. ;)

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    hey mon

    The jury is in on Josh G, and it is not as good as MAB’s best — which was about a year ago today.

    Nikki’s surprisingly marrying Deacon, being a drunk in Vegas. Victor in jail for Diane’s murder. Patty zeroing in on her precious Jack. Even Gen was tolerable as a school-ish crush on Jack. Billy and Victoria reuniting.

    Of course MAB followed up her best, with her worst — Feb 2012. Everyone pursuing Gen just because she owned ‘Beauty of Nature’.

    Hopefully the new detective and Adriana can light a fire under the boring Newmans — and their over-concern for their stupid burnt-down Ranch.

    And the Diva says, “Oh Sharon, you could get 60 years” for arson? C’mon Nicole, you clubbed a woman in the head in July 2011, and everyone looked the other way, get off of yourself.

    How many times is Sharon going to have a deer-in-the-headlights panic look. Tired of it. Much better was the Sharon of the Summer, trying to take over Newman Enterprises. The Twins should have tried to step in and help Sharon during that time, but they went on the usual “Twins Rampage” and ganged up on her.

    But oh well, been watching every day for 30 years, can’t stop now.

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    Harlee…yeah and I don’t mean let’s immediately pair her up. I need to see a productive, normal Sharon for about 6 months before that happens.

    Hey mon…same here. I am tired of seeing Sharon freaking out. I think the time has come to either have her pills kick in or she needs to get some supervised help. I really used to love the character. Please Josh let’s stop the road back and get her there already.

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