DC's 10 Worst Soap Opera Couples of 2012

No. 8: Daniel and Daisy, The Young and the Restless

What did Michael Graziadei do to deserve having Daniel Romalotti stuck in scenes with Daisy, the vapid, girl rapist played to lackluster depths by Yyonne Zima on The Young and the Restless? In 2012, Daniel agreed to marry and live with this boring sociopath in order to keep custody of their daughter Lucy.

This scenario resulted in countless hours of footage, featuring Graz doing his best to create a genuine moment with a screen partner who had checked out during her first 13-week arc on this soap opera. Is there any wonder why he didn't re-up with Y&R


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These two actors would have had chemistry had the writers made Debbie into a sophisticated professional. Debbie is a wonderfully intelligent actress and they dumbed her down. It was the writing that did not click. Neil doesn't have chemistry with Leslie either. She looks more like his daughter than a love interest. Very arrogant character.

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How could I have forgotten GH's Anna & Luke? I thank whoever mentioned them up-thread. That pairing was repulsive. Although I can see the logic on paper, the realization was gross. In the words of Larry Flick, "Mortimer!" 'Nuff said.

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Right now for me, no one has a good storyline. The show is at it's worst since the Chipmunk saga.

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DC, I with you on this list. Yoharmony and Neil, no bueno, I think bad writing for them was the start of it and MAB didn't do Debbie Morgan any favors. Daniel and Jen, hell no, they are boring and Jen, Jack is the love of your life, not Dan. Daisy and Daniel, Next. Kevin and Chloe are more friends than lovers, liam and Hope are dullsville. Kate/Connie needs to disappear and return as Megan Ward or just get rid of the character. Victor and Sharon, that was hot. j/k. We all know that Victor wants some of her na na and since both his sons taste it, he wanted some too, lol. but it was out of left field with them, lol.

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To really get Liam and Steffy relationship, you have to watch the bonus clips. They are great. They show their relationship a whole lot better than the show. Liam and Hope might have been good at first, but for a year and half nothing. I started with knowing nothing about B&B and they were terrible for the last year and half.

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Hate this story. Didn't like boring Kate and like less Cartoon Connie. I can't wait till this story comes to a conclusion. Pair Kate/Connie with anyone else other than Sonny or Johnny for that matter. Just get rid of her entirely.

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Love Connie & Johnny! Go figure..........

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Who has a copy/link to Doug Marland's list of how to write for a soap...I would like to make a copy for the current writing team of Days. I love my soap. I do not want it to end.

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>>Neil & Harmony – should have worked, but never had a chance with MAB at the helm.
>>Trey & Kristina – “Kristina” was the problem in this duo. Ms. Morgan can’t act, plain and simple.
>>Daniel & Daisy – Were they really considered a “couple?” She’s horrible; he’s not much better. Glad they’re both gone.
>>Rick & Caroline – Almost as awful and Liam & Hope.
>>Sonny & Connie – Can’t believe I’m saying this, but the trouble here is with Connie…TOO over-the-top!
>>Kevin & Chloe – Kevin is NOT a romantic character and should NEVER be paired with a woman. Poor Chloe!
>>Daniel & Jennifer – Two of the most boring and annoying characters. They deserve each other…OFF screen.
>>Liam & Hope – They make my eyes bleed! And my ears!!
>>Johnny & Connie – How is this woman in two worst couples? It’s gotta be her! She has ruined Johnny for me.
>>Victor & Sharon – Disgusting! Victor with anyone, other than Nikki, is DISGUSTING!

The top three worst are interchangeable…but I guess I have to agree that Vic & Sharon edge the other two out by an Eww.

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I totally agree on that Victor and Sharon are the most horrible #1 couple of the DECADE!

VERY close to them are indeed Daniel & Jennifer, Connie & everyone, Kristina & anyone, Daniel & Daisy and Kevin & Chloe.

When are the writers just going to admit that Kevin SHOULD be gay?! Can you just imagine the storyline potentials on that one? Can you imagine a twist where a bisexual Carmine realizes that Kevin is really gay, and just hasn't admitted it to himself. Then Carmine would start showing up without his shirt on and getting close to Kevin, who would be flustered and appalled that that towering hunk of man was hitting on him, and finally after some time Kevin would realize he just can't help himself but has to admit to Carmine he would worship the ground he walks on. And by that time, Carmine is starting to really fall for little Kevvie. Can you imagine what a great couple they would be! And can you imagine Gloria hovering over the couple as the mother hen? oh Lord that would be the most interesting thing on Y&R in a long time! Not to mention it would put the show on the map for FINALLY showcasing a gay storyline. PLUS I predict it would do almost the same for Greg Rikaart as it did for Chandler Massey on Days. It would totally increase Kevin's root-worthiness and maybe even earn him an Emmy nod! That would be the first time since 2003 then Kevin would genuinely be interesting.

Honorable mentions on this list would also include Heather & Daniel (just a weird pairing), Daniel & Nicole (omg, horrible), Paul & Nina (just friends), Luke & Anna (friends only), Liam & Steffy (no better than Liam & Hope), Hope & Thomas (what? are you kidding me?), Nikki & Jack (just friends this time around).

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Victor & Sharon were vomit inducing at the very least. Their coupling was nothing more than thinly veiled incest by MAB. The stupid bitch crossed the line and she deserved to get her ass fired by Sony and CBS. Now Y&R is doing its best to recover from the damage this moron and her staff of crap writers did to the show.

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Bring back MAB!

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Sorry, but what has Carmine done to receive the punishment of Kevin? I use to think Kevin should be gay, but, I think, Rikaart is in the wrong medium and needs to leave. A good soap star is a bit of ham and, relatively speaking, he's way too boring. He should try getting a job at CW. Kevin doesn't have chemistry with his male co-stars either. For example, Kevin had no chemistry with Billy and I found their scenes forced. He's only had sexual chemistry with Ryder.

Overall, I agree with the list. Chloe needs to get out of that relationship with Kevin. Its bringing her down.

I would rank Sophia and Neil as the worst couple when compared to Sophia/Harmony. Neil's love scene with Sophia was awkward.

I would add any of Starr's pairings. The girl needs to leave Pine Valley, like, yesterday.

While I don't care for Hope/Liam, Steffy/Liam is worse and cheesier.

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So very pleased to see NuKate/Connie whoever the hell she is this week, appearing on this list of worst couples not once but TWICE. And I'm not a hater of the actress and I'm not resentful of the recast. It's simply the worst written story going on daytime and that's saying a lot.

But GH is filled with couples who are either achingly boring or who have the appeal of listening to feral cats mating while getting a tabasco sauce enema. Todd + Carly: yuk. Todd's spawn with Sonny's spawn: disgusting. Stevia: thank God this is ending. And the list goes on and on. The only coupling this regime as improved is Lante, for some reason I no longer finding them so annoying. But I certainly am not on the edge of my seat excited about them. For a show that created the word super couple and basically lived off of actors' chemistry during its ratings heyday, it's amazing how this show can't create a single new coupling that resonates at all with viewers. Love in the afternoon is certainly dead and buried.