DC's Top 5 Soap Opera Newcomers of 2012

No 3: Blake Hood, The Young and the Restless

There's always a certain amount of pressure that goes along with casting a legacy character. If the casting peeps at The Young and the Restless had picked the wrong actor to play the role of cosmetics heir Kyle Abbott, they would have quickly gone from TPTB (The Powers That Be) to TIIC (The Idiots In Charge).

While Y&R made plenty of mistakes in 2012, hiring Blake Hood wasn't one of them. Gorgeous, ripped to forever, and actually talented, Hood is the perfect young actor to represent the next generation of Abbotts. We just hope Y&R gives him plenty to do in 2013, since primetime shows like Vampire Diaries have also realized this kid is money in the bank — and we aren't taking about the Genoa City sperm bank either!


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Bring back Lindsay as Summer. And put her in short shorts.

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26 July 2011
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Pls don't bring that other chick as Summer back! She was like nails on a chalkboard with her acting. This new actress I like her in the role and like the chemistry with Red (The Staff)...

Robert Adamson who plays Noah I just thought he was a little too old for the role. He can act seeing his work on Lincoln Heights on ABC Family.

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Robert Adamson is fucking yummy. And he can really act. Fantastic recast. I agree with many here, RA should definitely be on top...of this list Wink

Overall, great list. Agree with it, except the order.

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Can Trey please stay on GH? Critics and fans love him and the character. His story line and romantic pairing were the problem not EV. He just needs a better story is all.

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Keep Trey and send Krissy back to school. A Trey/Starr/Michael triangle would have been nice.

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Agree with all except number 1, can't stand her!