DC #701: Best and Worst of 2012

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast, Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe, Regan Cellura and Melodie Aikels hand out their Best and Worst of 2012 in soaps.

Who did the DC gang choose as Most Improved Male and Female Characters in soaps? Who was the Biggest Waste of Talent? Fashion, hair and clothing have always been a hot topic on the Daytime Confidential podcast, so which soap character is Most in Need of a Makeover?

Find out which couple, triangle and quad the DC crew unveiled as their Best and Worst picks. Who was soap’s Most Tortured Couple? Which soap citizen is Most in Need of a Love Interest or Most in Need of a Roll in the Hay?

The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless each experienced high points and low points, but who earned spots in Daytime Confidential’s Hall of Shame categories: The Charity Ramer Award For Babies Who Don’t Know Where They Are and The Megan McTavish Award for Special Achievement in Serial Drama Dismantling?

The Daytime Confidential podcast hosts wraps up 2012 by unveiling Worst Daytime Drama and Best Daytime Drama. Which soap or soaps will end up with the dishonor of Worst Daytime Drama and Best Daytime Drama?

All these and more Best and Worst categories on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast.


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28 Responses

  1. Profile photo of stoney07

    I would have to say DAYS was the worse, and there WAS no best for me this year. If we were going to do the BEST of the WORST, it would be no surprise for me that I’d pick Y&R. And while it was absolutely HORRIBLE at times, it still had more “moments” than the other soaps for me.

    B&B is really good right now, but for the most of the year it was all Liam/Hope/Steffy, which is tiresome and old now.

    Y&R is really good right now, but like B&B, for the most of the year it was pretty bad.

    GH to me is still as bad now as it’s been all year. NO amount of returns, vets, and supervillains is going to cover up the over-the-top campiness that is RC and FV…sorry but I’m not drinking the kool-aid.


    which is why I’d say its the worst.

  2. Profile photo of liason4real

    Liz is a rape survivor, there is no way that I would want her paired romantically with Johnny, Todd, etc.

    Bring Jake home and let AJ put the moves on Liz.

    Natalie! Yeah, but no, I do not to see her on GH. RC needs to write story for Liz and the other GH vets.

  3. Profile photo of pferrando

    Since I currently only watch Y and R, I have to say it had some GREAT moments, yes, even under MAB, and some bad moments as well. I still enjoy Y and R knowing that the characters that have carried the show since the 80’s continue to be front and center. One of the best moments for me was Ricky and Daisy pairing up against Phylis and him being written as the show’s best pyscho in years. This allowed Paul’s best work in some time, kept Nina around, and also brought back Chris. This story had a lot working for it until, yes, the writing starting sucking. So best and worst.

  4. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I love the fact that the stock came up, and again, I am with Luke about that being intriguing. However even if Jason is declared dead after the fact, Sam will still inherit them from Jason as the next of kin. They were still legally married.

  5. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    Glittery Hoo Hoo – Anna Devane; she had Luke in early 2012, then it looked like she and McBain were having EYE-Sex whenever they were in scenes together, then you had Fake Duke aka Faison, Robert Scorpio, and now you’ve got real Duke on his way!!!! LMAO Anna Devane had most of the men, if not all the men in Port Charles after her, as it should be!!!! Honorary mention: Alexis Davis

    Biggest Hoe Hoe Hoe – Carly Corinthos Jacks; she had Shawn Butler drooling from January to February until she broke his heart; she got Johnny, now she’s got Todd… and she almost slept with Sonny (again)!!!!

    Magical P&N*S/Man whose nuts I want roasted over an open fire – Daniel Jonas… Honorable mentioned for roasted over an open fire: Rafe Hernandez

    BEST SOAP – General Hospital

    WORST SOAP – Bold and the Beautiful; it was so bad with the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle that when I finally stopped watching I couldn’t bring myself to go back to watching for Stephanie’s goodbye. Honorable mention, is Days, and the ONLY saving grace for me is the DiMera family, especially Casey Deidrick as Chad DiMera.

    Biggest waste of talent – Sean Blakemore as Shawn Butler; I love the actor and the character, and I don’t like that his storyline is depending on Alexis; try something else with him. Honorable mention, Greg Vaughan as Eric Brady… Why the hell would they handicap this iconic character by making him a priest.

    Most Improved Male/Female: Michael Corinthos/Chelsea Lawson-Newman

    Dumbest character – I hate to say this, but Sonny Corinthos; he should’ve known that Kate had turned back into Connie. And Carly Corinthos Jacks, she kicked Shawn to curb for Johnny, who she let lie to her for months, and now she’s falling for Todd who is also lying to her; now she’s all smart with a 6th sense again when AJ returns. Dumb trick… Honorable mention: Kristina Davis

    Best Couple: I love Michael and Starr (yeah I know, I’m in the minority)

    Einstein Award – Heather Webber…. ENOUGH SAID

    Scenery chewer of the year – Anders Hove, Robin Mattson, in the good way…

    Charity Rahmer for Babies who Don’t know where they are – Lindsay Morgan, though she’s smoking hot, she’s just bad…. I nominate Francia Raisa for the new Kristina; she’s both hot and an amazing actress.

    Most In Need of a Storyline – Devon Hamilton needs a love interest that is on for longer then two days out of the year; I think Bryton James would be really impresive in a story where Roxy dies, and he becomes a raging, horny alcoholic, LoL Like his Grandmother and bio dad… then enter a newly returned Abby who tries to comfort him and falls for him.

  6. Profile photo of liason4real

    Liz was an afterthought in the Jason/John/Sam story, because RC gave an interview either at ABC.Com or one of the magazines where he stated adding Liz to the mix would be too much. Of course, we (Liason fans) kept pointing out that Liz had history with Jason and Sam, and it made absolutely no sense at all to leave her out of the quad.

  7. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Dream Come True Return of Anna/Resurgence of the Qs and JaSam vs. McBam

    I wish that had gotten a chance to play out but damn that was a good triangle. Liz WAS an after thought but it was three leads and a supporting player. She SHOULD have been in story with patrick and now with robin inching closer back to being found, I think it might be to late. It would have been great soap to have robin come home only to find patrick with the one woman she actually gave him permission to take up with. britt and sabrina – neither are believable people for patrick to even THINK about moving on with.

    Biggest waste of talent – Nancy Lee Grahn HANDS DOWN and though she did have a roll in the hay recently she has had such a long drought, she needs wayyyy more

    Most underused JOHNNY. No to johnny/starr, johnny/liz, johnny kate/connie etc. johnny and maxie would be FIYAH.

    and I agree Connie/kate needs a makeover and laura needs to return for the reunion – not Natalie.

    Please bring on Lorenzo. That can be my favorite story for NEXT year and no i dont even need to see any of it for me to declare it officially AWE-SOME. (okay Im fibbing, if anna picks robert THAT will be my choice but still i love the idea of lo/blair/todd/carly with a dose of jax and skye to flesh it out.

    I would call it short term casting and not stunt casting. to me I think of liz taylor as helena as STUNT casting or rosanne barr as jennifer smith – a big name not intended to be around. ANders Hove has been amazing and he will always be a part of the rich GH history.

    On a B and B note, why one earth would ANYONE pick hope. The character is as dull as dishwater. I stuck it out to see the departure of the wonderful Susan Flannery but with her gone, im not interested in seeing another round of that triangle and the logan kids triumphing AGAIN. (on paper, this new competition should be a no brainer – you have steffy who orchestrated getting the company back, can sketch, and rocks pr and thomas who has had two popular lines vs. rick the designer who cant draw and hope the poster child for virginity that sleeps with a married man but you KNOW that brookes kids cant be made to lose. )

  8. Profile photo of luverica

    I can’t recall all the categories but I have to say my favorite show of the year is definitely GENERAL HOSPITAL. It’s the first show I’m watching every day since Lorraine Broderick’s short return to ALL MY CHILDREN. Granted, I tend to fast forward through Spinelli and that Lindsey Lohan sounding child, and I tolerate the Connie/Kate stuff just for the pure campiness of it, but I’m really enjoying GH.

    The main reasons I’m hooked on the show now is the resurgence of the Quartermains and my beloved Anna ‘Emma Peel’ Devane. I love the absolutely ageless and very talented Finola Hughes almost as much as I love Genie Francis (please Frank and Ron her back soon) and Queen Susan Lucci, and Ron writes her character very well. The whole Faison thing is very compelling but the main draw for me has been A.J. and Michael. I’m so happy to see Frank and Ron right this decade long wrong and give A.J. a chance to be a father to Michael. I just pray that Frank and Ron don’t drop the ball and it ends up that A.J. is playing Michael. That would be extremely disappointing. Plus, I really believe that Chad Duell has far better son/father chemistry with Sean Kanan than he does with Maurice Bernard. Quite frankly, between Anna, Heather, and all things Quartermains, totally justifies, in my opinion, this show being considered by DC to be the best soap on TV now.

  9. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    @ EET “Biggest waste of talent – Nancy Lee Grahn HANDS DOWN and though she did have a roll in the hay recently she has had such a long drought, she needs wayyyy more”

    LMAO! Good point.

  10. Profile photo of dellygrim

    this podcast inspired a wishful casting. if gh can bring wally kurth on long term i’d like to see judi evans brought on as jenny eckert. she’s ned’s ex-wife, tracy’s former rival, a cousin to luke and the mother of dylan’s brother/sister. i think judi as jenny would fit in great with the revived quatermaine family.

  11. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I just finished listening to your amazing podcast and I just want to thank you all so much for all the enjoyment you give me throughout the year! :)
    P.S. Luke, your storyline for Johnny and Starr ia *exactly* what I wanted to see happen!

  12. Profile photo of Dariclone

    [quote=dellygrim]this podcast inspired a wishful casting. if gh can bring wally kurth on long term i’d like to see judi evans brought on as jenny eckert. she’s ned’s ex-wife, tracy’s former rival, a cousin to luke and the mother of dylan’s brother/sister. i think judi as jenny would fit in great with the revived quatermaine family.[/quote]

    Dellygrim, I *love* that idea!

  13. Profile photo of LilaAngel88

    I think that “Ugly Betty” as you dubbed her will be a Lucy Coe makeover project. Remember when Lucy first came onscreen as a mousy woman and was transformed into the Lucy Coe the diva…I think that is what we are going to see and then Patrick will fall for her and not Dr. Bitch!

  14. Profile photo of Lboogie12

    Love Love Love Hope and Liam.. emplifies a true love story. Liam and Steffy relationship seem forced and not real… it pain me to watch so I just fastforward. Love Katie and Bill. Bradley Bell do something with Katie she is a great actress. Katie is with Bill the man that is strong and tell it as it is.. Katie is protrayed has soft, please put some fire in Katie.

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