Will Taylor Expose Bill and Brooke’s Secret on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) warned Katie (Heather Tom) not to let Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) get too close to Bill (Don Diamont), and now that warning is coming back to haunt Mrs. Spencer. This week, Taylor overhears Bill and Brooke conspiring to keep their lip-lock secret. Will Taylor spill the beans to Katie? Watch this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful promo after the jump!


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6 December 2009
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I love it! Brad is firing up the rivalry between Brooke & Taylor and couldn't be happier. It makes good TV and now no Stephanie.

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13 April 2010
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Love I love Brook and Bill it puts some excitment back in the show because, he and Katie are so boring.

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10 August 2010
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I can't wait until Katie goes for Brooke. It will be epic...