Could Will Cause Trouble For Gabi and Nick on Days of Our Lives?

Will (Chandler Massey) may be the biological father of Gabi’s (Camila Banus) baby, but the moment she and Nick (Blake Berris) convinced him to let Nick raise the child as his own, Will became the odd-man-out. The happy couple are moving on with their wedding plans, but might Will have second thoughts and cause problems for them? Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    What a GARBAGE and disgusting storyline. Gay guys impregnating ex-girlfriends who they couldn’t even sleep with BEFORE they came out. This show sunk to a new low with this one. And why have the written Nick into an unlikable ass clown?

    And don’t even get me started on how they’re already wasting Eileen Davidson.


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    Such a dumb story and the pure fact that NICK is the one being menacing in the commercial means that the screw is still lose and Nick will be going down a bad road. GUARANTEE.

    While on the topic.. I have to agree with BRANDO628… it’s a WHOLE LOTTA SMELLY CRAPPY GARBAGE going on over at days!!!


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    I have been watching soaps for 35 years now, started with AMC and Guiding Light in 82. I have had issues
    with Days from the beginning (Sonny and Will brought me to the table). It took a while to get used to its style..the sets seemed cheap and the S/Ls were pretty cheesy. But Will, Marlena, Sonny, Sammy, E.J. and now Kristen are, by far, the most entertaining actors in daytime. And the last month has been really incredible, IMO.

    Watching some of the Fan’s YouTube Wilson compilations will give you a new perspective, you can see how character driven most of the show is. The Gay S/L seems to have lifted most (not all) of the other boats in the water and the writing and acting is as good as it ever was in the 80’s, just with more bad shortcuts to fit the faster pace of today’s soaps.

    I am a gay man and have no problem with Will getting Gabi pregnant and find it amusing that so many people feel that it is contrived or unrealistic. Really? Most kids today are even much more open to experimenting sexually with either sex, why wouldn’t Will turn to Gabi? She was a warm body and available! NOT EVERY GAY MAN is a 6 on the Kinsey Scale nor is EVERY STRAIGHT MAN a 0, the vast majority of us are somewhere in between. Don’t most people get that now in 2013?

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    I’ve gotten over the fact that Will was somehow able to have sex with Gabi despite the fact that for months he was physically unable to consummate their relationship when they were officially a couple.

    What I find unforgivable are the halfbaked motivations for Will’s:
    1. allowing Gabi and her po-faced boyfriend to treat him as an afterthought when it comes to the baby.

    2. lying to his boyfriend and his family who he should realize would be nothing but supportive.

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    Will knowing and having patroned the local gay bar makes his sleeping with Gabi ridiculous. Why is it in soaps gay characters contemplate, actually consent or are coerced into heterosexual sex (see Reese on AMC, Fish on OLTL for examples.)? Heterosexual characters never accidentally have unprotected sex with someone of the same sex! What if Bo Brady was upset and in a moment of weakness had unprotected sex with a widowed Abe Carver?!

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