Dallas to Bury J.R. Ewing on March 11

Get ready for a Texas-sized funeral. According to TVLine, TNT’s Dallas has set a March 11 date for the funeral of J.R. Ewing. The soap villain's  portrayer Larry Hagman died in November. Reportedly,

producers quickly began crafting a proper sendoff — one that is rumored to feature a number of returning Dallas vets (including several that have not yet been seen on the TNT version.)



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    Coffee_Junkie, you know you’re wrong but that would be so absolutely FABULOUS if Sue Ellen does that. ROTFLMAO!!!

    Now normally when someone dies in these shows, the person we least expect to be there shows up and shocks the hell out of everybody so on that note:

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    I highly doubt a drunken Sue Ellen will throw herself on the coffin, although I did just mentally picture a 1980s drunken Sue Ellen doing that in my mind. Linda Gray has been very vocal in the past that during the original Dallas she was done with the drunken storyline, so I doubt we’ll see her play that storyline out.

    When they say “including several that have not yet been seen on the TNT version” I wonder if they are taking into consideration Afton, Gary and Valene…even though we all know they will be seen sometime in Season Two.

    I agree with luverica…it’s time Victoria Principle get over whatever beef she has against Dallas and come on back to the ranch! One person they need to find also is Sly, because Sly would be there. I wonder what other veterans they have up their sleeves in bringing home.

    A few things I could go for with JR’s death is:
    – Seeing a drunk John Ross hit the bottle hard, just like his Momma used to do.
    – Resurfacing of Callie Harper Ewing (if only for an episode) and let her son come to Southfork to lay claim to JR’s fortune, especially if we don’t see James again or Bobby’s MIA son with Jenna

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    The writing has been so fantastic, I am eager to see the episode. I will be a teary-eyed to say goodbye to J.R. and especially Larry Hagman. I hope Gary and Val (and how about Abby) attend. Audrey Landers who played Aften Cooper lives in my hometown. We have mutual friends. I’ll try to find out some scoop.

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    SoapArmageddon, it would be fabulous to see Jenna Wade again, but Anne Ewing ain’t nobodys pushover. That sister is vicious with a gun, besides Jenna would have to be recast since Priscilla Presley looks like her face might crack at any given moment.

    But I like the way you think ;D

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    sweetiepie, just like you, I love Brenda Strong as Anne. And it was Priscilla’s drastic alterations to her appearance that made me say for only “a couple of episodes.” More than that would be too much. :)

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    Did Linda Gray have surgery or did she just age gracefully? I think she was one of the prettiest if not “the” pretiest prime time soap star of the 80’s/90’s.

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    Dallas just won’t be the same without the great JR (Larry Hagman RIP). As for the women, Linda Grey has aged very well. If she’s had any plastic surgery done it’s not as obvious as Victoria Principal’s. What’s amusing to me is that she sells her own skin products and it is so obvious she had work done on her face. It is sometimes better to age gracefully, I can’t stand that mannequin look that so many of them have now. Just saw John Travolta in a new video with Olivia N John. His face looks weird and his hairline looks like it was painted on with black paint. Do they realize what they look like?????

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    Dallas sea.2 premier was the epitome of what a show about Texas rich should be. It did not disappoint from the intro to the ending. To Cynthia Cidre the production staff and the cast. Thankyou for My favorite show of all time being back on tv stronger than ever. It was bananas. The Preview for the season I am so looking forward to the next 13 episodes. The usage of Museum Tower was amazing. The attention to detail.

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    Those two hours were fun.

    But it’s hard to buy Judith Light playing the mother of a man who’s only three years younger than she is in real life. Couldn’t they have thought of a more believable role for her?

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