Erik Valdez and Angell Conwell Among NAACP Image Award Nominees!

General Hospital newcomer Erik Valdez (Trey) and The Young and the Restless scene stealer Angell Conwell (Leslie) are among the newer faces nominated for NAACP Image Awards this year. Check out all of the nominees for the daytime drama categories below!

Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series

Aaron D. SpearsThe Bold and the Beautiful
Erik ValdezGeneral Hospital
James ReynoldsDays of Our Lives
Kristoff St. JohnThe Young and the Restless
Rodney SaulsberryThe Bold and the Beautiful

Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series

Angell Conwell - The Young and the Restless
Julia Pace MitchellThe Young and the Restless
Kristolyn LloydThe Bold and the Beautiful
Shenell Edmonds - One Life to Live
Tatyana AliThe Young and the Restless

The 44th Annual NAACP Image Awards  air Feb. 1 at 8 pm EST on NBC.

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  1. Profile photo of david46208

    No Renee Jones? She was the only sistah that had story worthy of a nomination and a win in 2012. What does it take to get a nomination from the NACCP? Does yo’ ass gotta go to a Al Sharpton fundraiser? Do you have to appear on the Tavis Smiley Show? Do you have to appease Cornel West? Did you have to be friends with Monique “oh baba baba baba”? What?

    All of the Y&R nominees are just a whose who list of black Hollywood. No attention paid to actual work on the screen.

    On the other hand i’m glad that damn C “don’t care about the advancement of colored people” K (I said it and I stand by that) and more so glad Debbie “miss Phyllis, why did I take this role” Morgan were not nominated. Love Debbie but this was not it.

    When it comes to the actors We all know James Reynolds should win. But that will never happen since Kristoff (like the guy) St. John makes sure to make all the rounds to the black Hollywood. Most of the nominees in this category were like day players.

    Heck, i’m surprised “Down home Celeste” Beverly Todd was not nominated or her onscreen spawn with Jay Leno.

    And heck Darnell Williams deserves some nod for starring and yelling at ‘Ol’ Massah Jack’s’ feet once a month!

    Sarge…WTF was Maria Arena Bell thinking! I’m gonna cast a 2 time daytime Emmy winning actor who is one half one of the most popular historic super couples and reunite him with a former co-star to have him slaving away at his feet!

    Sarge: Come on Massah Jack you can do it!

    Jack: I can’t! I’m sick!

    Sarge: We’s sick massah! We’s sick!

    Meanwhile Renee Jones were over there turning out stellar performances and she can’t even get a postcard at Christmas, more or less a nod. There have been many-of-years where her work out-shined everyone (even Victoria Rowell) and they just would not let her get on the ballot.

    I give up. No matter what they say Renee Jones was the best in 2012. That is a check you can take to the bank and cash!

  2. Profile photo of planetgoddess

    I have to agree with u david46208 Renee did her thing over days! I would sit here a rant but it wont change the ballots so if I had to chose I would go with Shenell Edmonds oltl she actually had more screen time and better writing than anyone on that list and that was for only two weeks total in 2012 so lets just think about this lmao.

    They using Tatyana footage from Fresh Prince because she wasn’t even on y&r in 2012 so y she’s on there I have no idea.

    ????? how did erik even get on this list oh someone please answer that for me?????

  3. Profile photo of david46208

    The real Nominee list again should have been:

    Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series

    Texas Battle – The Bold and The Beautiful (bad acting but he had the Text message storyline)
    Erik Valdez – General Hospital
    James Reynolds – Days of Our Lives
    Kristoff St. John – The Young and the Restless
    Bryton James – The Young and The Restless (He got more work then he has had in years, even if it was off base)

    Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series

    Angell Conwell – The Young and the Restless
    Julia Pace Mitchell – The Young and the Restless
    Kristolyn Lloyd – The Bold and the Beautiful
    Shenell Edmonds – One Life to Live
    Florencia Lozano – General Hospital/One Life to Live (Come on now she was a shoe-in for a latina)

  4. Profile photo of david46208

    @SoapArmageddon: You got that right. You gotta smooze with all the right people! We all know that Denzel Washington will win Best Actor. So see it is not even a real competition. And you know since they got Tyler Perry on the nomination list for his dreadful performance as Alex Cross what this is all about. He got the Baptist nomination!

  5. Profile photo of david46208

    @SoapArmageddon: Oh yes there is not enough. It seems they didn’t know how to write for Asians more than just as the Vietnam baby’s momma storyline. But don’t let me get started on what they did to Blair. How can you change the race of a character! How on earth could they do that! I never like Blair since she went from Asian to blonde and blue eyed. I felt offended.

  6. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Sadly, these awards have never been about screentime or quality of performances.[/quote]

    This is so true. The fact that the indie film Middle of Nowhere wasn’t nominated speaks volumes about where the Image Awards are about and what it is not. It doesn’t seem to be about quality of content. I know politics loom large over all these awards shows but the NAACP Image Awards has become one of the worst offenders in recent years.

  7. Profile photo of david46208

    @MsAgentProvocateur1: It’s just a popularity contest. Like they send a bottle of Alize to the people who select the nominees and say, “don’t forget me!”

    Is the Black Reel Awards better at least? I would say so.

  8. Profile photo of david46208

    @NathanHastingsSr: Yes the awards honor people of color. Ugly Better star America Ferria has been nominated along with Sandra Oh, Roselyn Sanchez, Rita Moreno, Penélope Cruz and Ziyi Zhang to name a few. So it is not a stretch.

    But also the actor had the screentime to warrant a name submission.

  9. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    The NAACP Image Awards lost their LAST shred of credibility the year that Tatyana Ali BEAT Debbi Morgan as “Best Actress.”

    And the NAACP Awards are not just for African Americans, they are for all minorities, which CLEARLY Erik Valdez is. What he is NOT, however, is worthy of any acting award. I keep thinking back to those HORRID “dramatic” scenes where his character mourns his dead father in what had to be the most DISMAL dramatic performance I have seen from an actor on a soap since Andrew Trischitta. This guy makes Yvonne Zima look like Meryl Streep!!

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