Finola Hughes and Michelle Stafford Dazzle at Zero Dark Thirty Premiere

General Hospital’s Finola Hughes and The Young and the RestlessMichelle Stafford were among the current and former daytime stars who attended the premiere of Zero Dark Thirty on December 10 at The Dolby Theatre. Wendy Moniz (One Life to Live, Guiding Light), her hubby and former GL leading man Frank Grillo and E.J. Bonilla were also among the soap grads at the event. See more photos after the jump!

Wendy Moniz and Frank Grillo

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    Love Wendy as Dinah…pure hellcat! :love: Already 2 actresses had played Dinah and no impression on the character until the presence of Wendy. She made it hers and owned it! >) My favorite Hart was Leonard Staub he rocked the part especially with Bridget. If it wasn’t for his accident he potential of becoming a young Roger. ;) and a leading man of GL.

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    Usually I always find something nice about what any one is wearing at a premier even if I don’t agree with the finished result. I’m sorry but just about every photo I’ve ever seen of MS has her appearing slip shod and unkept. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of thought that goes into presenting herself in public. And that’s too bad because she is a handsome, statuesque woman. On the other hand, Wendy Moniz (LOVED her as GL’s Dinah-none better! And I’m one who really likes Gina Tognoni),and FH were both sleek and polished in their attire. FH does “dressed up casual” like nobody’s business. Frank Grillo is so good looking but his suit just didn’t seem to fit properly. But that’s me… 0:)

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    Regarding Finola Hughes and Michelle Stafford.

    The pic and poses are not that great for either lady so the outfits probably looked better in person, more likely Ms. Hughes who I think looks quite fine.

    But I do have to agree with the MS comments. She usually dresses in an odd fashion on Y&R and in this photo she simply looks unfinished and cold. She really is a woman who could be so stunning if she dressed with more and better.

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    Wendy Moniz, why doesn’t Jill Farren Phelps hire you to play Victoria Newman on Y&R? And if Frank Grillo didn’t have such a promising film career, I would recommend casting him as Billy Abbott……

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    alstonboy4315 … are you thinking of the Frank Grillo who was in THE GREY? He’s 47 (or 49 depending on where you look), so wouldn’t that make Billy quite a bit older than he is now?

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    alstonboy4315… you have good intuition so you are probably correct.

    Speaking of Jill and her son. I’ll keep saying it, but it continues to gall me that Katherine continues her seemingly sacred friendship with Victor considering his continue vitriol against Billy and the way he so often treats her supposed best friend Nikki.

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