Could Jeff Zucker Land Ann Curry For CNN?

Is Jeff Zucker already trying to bring some of his old Today magic to ratings-impaired CNN? According to the New York Post, Zucker wants to bring Ann Curry to CNN’s 8 p.m. hour, as a lead-in for Christiane Amanpour. Reportedly,

“Jeff wants a headliner like Rachel Maddow or Bill O’Reilly in prime time,” a source says. “He cannot allow the low ratings at CNN to continue . . . so he can’t hire a nobody. Curry fits that CNN-smarty-pants-foreign-affairs type.”


Today unceremoniously axed Curry this summer, after its ratings began to slip, and replaced her with Savannah Guthrie. Though NBC executives weren’t happy with Curry’s time opposite Matt Lauer, she does remain under contract with the Peacock network.

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    Katie Couric should have went to CNN. At least it would have been a more respectable career move from the nightly news at CBS. She could have anchored a show similar to what Piers Morgan has.

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    Piers there days I like him, and there days I could careless about him. There reports that he will place Erin Burnett on the morning show. I still think Anderson Cooper is the franchise for the network. I would welcome Ann Curry to CNN, but CNN has to step their game up and do something out of the box.

    FOX NEWS caters to the right; while MSNBC caters to the left and CNN is in the middle, but the original cable news network has to change their business model and do something different. There alot they can do-

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    [quote=1titanman] I still think Anderson Cooper is the franchise for the network.


    anderson cooper needs to be fired. he is not a ratings draw and his failed foray to his trashy daytime talk show has damaged his “brand” and whatever’s left of the tarnished cnn brand. if cnn is ever going to be taken seriously then cooper should be axed. how can people take him and cnn seriously when anderson is a typical bitchy gay guy that likes trashy reality tv shows like the real housewives of ny and is friendly w/ airheads like kelly ripa and andy cohen who is the epitome of petty.

    anderson doesn’t exude dignity and stage presence that’s required from real newscasters. he’s a typical elitist from old money who loves the sycophantic attention from liberal media circles. cooper’s ego must love that he’s called a “fox” and that’s only bec majority of the newscasters are populated by a majority of old and ugly white dudes and that the “liberal” media and “progressive” hollywood of course has to preserve being white as the physical “ideal” and therefore anderson gets all the press and is called a “fox” while other racial minority anchors are ignored by fawning hollywood and the manhattan media.

    anderson can’t be taken seriously and neither can cnn bec he’s the “face” of that flopping network. majority if not all of cnn’s anchors are far left leaning liberals that pretend to be unbiased when they editorialize their news to benefit their political beliefs. they should drop the facade of being “unbiased” bec no one believes them but then they’d get crushed by msnbc and the former allies would become enemies competing for the same lefty audience.

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    [quote=1titanman]I would welcome Ann Curry to CNN[/quote]

    It would be a great move to hire Ann Curry. The public feels for her especially after she was bullied and humiliated by nbc when they fired her. They bullied and humiliated bec the media and hollywood like to propagate harmful stereotypes abt Asian american women being docile and therefore she could be bullied and humiliated for ratings. How sexist and racist! They pressured her to look younger while lauer can look ancient. how ageist.

    Curry would be great on CNN and she would represent the educated audience than CNN is courting back to their network after being dumped for better news networks. Pew research and LA Times reported that 6% of the us population is Asian american. cnn recently reported that only 3% of the us population identifies as lgbt and yet there are definitely more white lgbt representations among the media and hollywood bec of the influential and old white gay men that run the media and hollywood. the old media and hollywood keep proclaiming that they’re for “diversity” yet they clearly lack Asian american representation and their fictional portrayals of Asian americans are very racist.

    LA Times reported that Asian americans graduate at the highest rate compared to all other group and that there are more Asian americans that are part of professional and managerial roles compared to all other groups. And Asian americans spend the most among all groups. Ann Curry would appeal to this educated demographic that is not stingy.

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    [Quote]I approve any changes at CNN that would get Piers Morgan off the schedule.[/Quote]
    Agreed. He’s terrible. I don’t know what it is.

    [Quote]I’d rather see Erin Burnett go first.[/Quote]
    I like Burnett. She is one of the few on that network that I will watch. She’s a bit boring, but she’s the only decent financial expert on the network (Veshi sucks).

    [Quote]Piers there days I like him, and there days I could careless about him. There reports that he will place Erin Burnett on the morning show. [/Quote]
    Do you mean Soledad? I cannot stand her. They need to stop giving her specials.

    -I use to like Anderson, but over the years he has become very preachy and condescending. I hate his ridiculous list.

    -I can’t see Ann Curry helping the ratings. CNN already has the serious non-partisan angle down. They need some dynamic personalities (e.g. O’Reilly and Maddow).

    This move would not help a struggling CNN.

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