Wishful Casting: Scott Reeves as Zach Hamilton on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Popular soap hunk Scott Reeves is once again looking for work, and I say why not return to the family that employed him for well over a decade during the 90's and early 00's — the Bells? I'm not suggesting the soon-to-be exiting General Hospital star reprise the role of slain, perennial cheater Ryan McNeil on The Young and the Restless. Instead, I'd love to see Reeves recreate the role of Dr. Taylor Hayes' (Hunter Tylo) long-missing, bad seed brother Zach Hamilton on The Bold and the Beautiful!

When we last saw Zach, he was running off to start a life with Felicia Forrester (then-Colleen Dion). What if he returns to L.A. to help Taylor and her tykes battle the Logans for control of Forrester Creations? In true Romeo and Juliet fashion, Zach might catch the eye of youngest Logan sister Katie, played by Reeves' former Y&R leading lady Heather Tom.

With Katie's hubby Bill (Don Diamont) busy smooching Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), she could use a man like Zach to lean on. Plus, Taylor is Heather's shrink, so she'd likely have plenty to say about her recovering postpartum depression patient falling for her brother! Whaddya guys think? Sound off in the comments! 

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    Oke, I agree with you Jamey that SR had so much chemistry with HT back in the days. ANd it where, as far as I know, the better years at Y&R.

    But, I dont see any point in bringing back more characters to B&B right now.
    I dont think Brad really thinks out of the box like that, he just isnt able to do that anymore.

    What a mess that storyline was with Zack Hamilton all those years ago. They dropped him in less then a year. He bored the hell out of us. The whole Hamilton family didnt worked very well. The father was boring and so was his son. I think they brought him on with the Sylvester Stallone look a like back then…was it that time? I cant even remember, but I do know it was a mess.

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    hey mon

    Would definitely be good for viewers. Those 2 were ratings gold in the 90s, with Tricia, Meghan, Tony, Vicky, Ryan. They carried a great deal of the Show on their backs.

    But I think that B&B has enough on its canvas right now, and its only a 30 minute show.

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    B&B is already more bloated than Rush Limbaugh after a quadruple serving of chili-cheese fries, so I don’t think that adding another character would vibe well, unless they got rid of all the extra unneeded and underutilized characters that they already have………..

    Even though I would like to see Scott Reeves play a “bad boy” and to see him back onscreen with Heather Tom after over a decade.

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    I just posted this!! I think its a great idea, and I don’t think B&B is too bloated. I mean almost a decade ago we had the Spectras, Forresters, Marones, Hector and Caitlin (or whatever her name was), Deacon, Amber, etc…and Brad Bell somehow had the juice to write for almost every character. WE saw them all and the show wasn’t unbalanced. Now, however, he only knows how to write one vapid unimaginative shallow story at a time. And the characters he chooses to write for have absolutely no depth.

    As much as I liked Rick in the past, he is completely shallow now and I feel nothing but disgust for him. It’s not Jacob Young’s fault, it’s just the writing. Rick was kind of a naive sympathetic character, and then Kyle Lowder came on and Rick became an asshole, and now he’s just weird and slimey. IDK…..

    But this is definitely a great idea.

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    This would be a great story … so it’s most likely never to happen on B&B. Isn’t Brad Bell known for passing on every great opportunity that comes by?

    He let Adrienne Frantz and with her she let Rick/Amber go, which was a big mistake. Not to mention that he passed on having Deacon returning full time even though so many brilliant stories could be told. He can’t write a decent storyline for Lesli Kay … how is his brain going to figure out that one?

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    Here’s my thoughts:

    HELL TO THE NO! It’s bad enough that I have to deal with controversial Chik-Fil-A supporter, Melissa Reeves on Days, I don’t want her hubby on another one of my shows! No frickin’ thank you!

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    Jamey, you are bad…and good at the same time!

    I knew when I read this announcement elsewhere on the web that I could head over to DC and Jamey would know exactly what soap Reeves could find a place next.
    It might be interesting to see whether the chemistry is still there with Heather Tom. I haven’t watched B&B in a long while but from what I’ve heard, Katie could probably use some attention as her husband’s attention seems to be diverted to that other Logan.

    But others know better than me about budgets and writing/storyline limitations on today’s B&B.

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    his wife’s haters would be furious if he gets cast on b&b! all the hatred that missy got was ridiculous. chick-fil-a should be able to share their political opinions even if lgbt community disagrees w/ them. chick-fil-a’s religious beliefs are not “hateful” bec lgbts disagree w/ them. the chick-fil-a boycott was an epic failure bec they made record sales on chick-fil-a appreciation day and they even gave water to the clueless people harassing chick-fil-a customers. how hateful of the chick-fil-a employees!

    and of course the biased mainstream manhattan media complex did not report on a group of gay guys and their allies harassing a homeless black man right outside a chicago chick-fil-a during the failed boycott all bec he was reading a bible. it’s bec the media has to control the narrative and can’t portray those who are against chick-fil-a’s stance as the people who are really hateful and have no tolerance for disagreements w/ their beliefs.

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    Oh shit. Zach Hamilton…haven’t thought of that character in years. I still remember when he put himself in front of Felicia’s car so she would hit him. I think Scott and Leslie would have good chemistry as the new Zach and Felicia

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    Bring Scott on as DJ, Sally & “Bucky’s” son ;) It helps restore the Spectras and then Brad could expand with Mark, DJ’s brother. Then you could have Daniel M. as Clark. I could be heaven if then Brad goes for it and figures out a way to resurrect Macy. This could open up a great story for Thorne and Alexandra hates Macy. ;)

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    Unfortunately Brad Bell probably has no intentions of bring up Alexandra. She hated Taylor, and he was DATING Taylor. That was a story waiting to happen, until the other day when Taylor casually mentioned that they’d broken up. SMH.

    As for Scott Reeves and his wife….that entire drama surrounding MR has nothing to do with Scott Reeves professionally, or even HER for that matter. And I think it’s ridiculous that this man has to suffer because of his wife’s beliefs or even HIS beliefs. The same way some may argue that the LGBT community shouldn’t be able to get acting jobs. It works both ways and the whole Chick-Fil-A thing is soooo old now. Good lord…

    As I just posted on facebook a day or so ago, stop crying over spilled milk and just pour yourself another glass. It happened, she said what she said, she took the backlash, she lost some fans, and that’s that…

    I think Scott Reeves would be great on B&B if they had an unbiased writer…that could balance the show..

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    [quote=jthawk]I think he would also make a good Deacon recast if Bradley were interested in bringing back that character.[/quote]

    Scott Reeves is a foot shorter than Sean Kanan. Of course GH recasted the vertically challenged Billy Warlock as AJ so anything is possible.

    With that said I highly doubt Bell has any interest in adding any middle age actors on contract unless it’s a Ridge recast. Personally I would be ok with them bringing on SR to pair with Katie and then putting Bill with Brooke. Unfortunately Bell’s overly obsessed with the younger generation these days: Liam/Hope/Steffy/Caroline, etc. They finally added 2 young AA actors to interact with Dayzee and Marcus. What Bell really needs to do is end that ridic Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle and bring in another youngish male to pair with Hope or Steffy.

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    Who says he’s looking for work? Maybe he plans to stay at home and bore his neighbors the way he’s bored viewers for years. Good luck to them, I say, good luck.

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