General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Anna and Robert fight with Dr. Obrecht, until Anna breaks into the room to find the real Duke.  He’s thrilled Anna discovered him, but is worried about Faison. Robert tells him Faison has been neutralized, and then pinches Duke’s cheek just to be sure he’s the real deal. Duke informs Anna he tried to stop Faison by putting coded messages in his memories.  Anna wishes she’d realized everything sooner, and Duke thinks someone else was on to Faison. Duke explains Faison had become angry about memory mistakes recently. 

Dr. Obrecht runs into Robin’s room, even more determined to kill her before her parents find her.  Dr. Obrecht says Faison left her specific instructions to eliminate Robin.  Robin starts yelling for her parents, and Robert hears her calling and comes running.  At the last second, Robert bursts through the door to find Robin. A shocked Robert fights Dr. Obrecht for the syringe she attempted to use on Robin.

Sabrina and Felix are at Lucy Coe’s company.  Felix admits he’s never met Lucy in the flesh, but he's sure he can get them in to see her.  As they try to walk in Lucy's office, Lucy’s assistant, Bree, stops them.  Sabrina is determined to speak with Ms. Coe, and sits in protest.  Sabrina explains the history of The Nurses' Ball, and Bree agrees to let them in the office. 
Olivia thanks Maxie for being Lante’s surrogate.  She reassures everyone the vision of the puppy meant nothing.  Dante thanks Maxie for everything she’s doing for him and Lulu. Maxie is sure everything will be fine.
Patrick sees Robin in his living room, but she disappears when Mac and Emma arrive.  Patrick tells Mac that he just saw Robin, and hasn’t seen her since he was on drugs. He wonders why she’s appearing to him now, since he's clean. Patrick asks if he’s going crazy, but Mac assures him it's grief. Mac reminds Patrick it's his first Christmas without Robin. 

Olivia heads to the lab to make sure everything is going well with the procedure.  Ellie gives the all clear, but Olivia freaks out when Spinelli arrives with the puppy from her visions. Olivia takes the puppy, so he won't be anywhere near the fertilization process.  Lulu and Dante watch on, as Ellie does her work. 
Mac stops by the hospital to ask Maxie if she's made a decision.  Maxie had a moment of doubt, but feels she's doing the right thing. She knows Lulu and Dante will make great parents.
Patrick and Emma put up the Christmas stockings.  Patrick’s stocking falls, and he finds a present from Robin inside.
Anna tells Duke about Robin’s death, and Heather’s trail leading her to the clinic. She thinks it's Faison’s home base, and Duke feels it's not a coincidence Heather's clues led her there.  She wonders if Robin was actually brought to the clinic, and Duke assures her they’ll find Robin together. 
Robert and Dr. Obrecht struggle over the syringe, and she manages to stab him.  Robin begs the doctor to tell her what was in the syringe. 
Anna and Duke break down a door, and are shocked to see what’s inside the room. 

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    I was so excited to have MY Robert save MY Robin all for it to become a mess with Dr Olbright. Ugh. I swear, what Anna and Duke walked in on, had better be Dr O, tied to the bed, preferrably dead. I can live with Robin and Robert being in the wind if it means they’re together.

    Sabrina/Felix/Meredith Viera/Lucy: meh. Lucy was never really a favourite of mine and the entire conversation in her lobby was more tedious than anything.

    Loved, loved, loved the MAc/Patrick scenes. JT always manages to kill me with his grief.

    Loved Olivia’s wacky with the puppy, but enough with all the people who are allowed to traipsy around a lab. Eeesh.

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    Lucy D.

    I know it’s a soap, but I’ve been crying all weekend and if they kill Robert or truly harm Robin, it will break me.

    I agree with you Perkie, never a big Lucy Coe fan (despite the name) and seriously in an episode like this with Robert and Robin in jeopardy, why are you wasting my time with Meredith Viera?

    Emma and Patrick are amazing. And Mac also makes my heart beat faster.

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    I can’t believe they would kill off Robert! If that’s the case I couldn’t watch the show anymore. I think that crazy Dr.O already hid Robin somewhere so Anna and Duke won’t have any idea she’s alive yet, since it seems Kimberly doesn’t want to return full-time. But they better not kill off Scorpio. May-be he’ll be in a coma or something that he won’t be able to tell Anna that Robin is alive. He’s probably heading back to Y &R for awhile. Isn’t Tony Geary due back soon? May-be they can’t afford to pay both Tony and Tristian so one has to go off for awhile. I know Frank V is on a strict budget, which is why I guess it’s cheaper to pay the newbies. I’m sure Geary is the highest paid actor on all the soaps,and they just renewed Maurice’s contract.
    The scenes with the puppy are starting to get a little too silly now. No way could all those people be able to walk thru a lab. Sometimes Ron C’s writings gets a little over the top and becomes unbelievable.

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    There is no way in the world Cartini would kill off Robert Scorpio….no way… So the alternative would be to incapacitate him in some way so he is unable to tell Anna about Robin…Coma??? I dunno…sigh…. On a lighter note my daughter came home earlier than usual yesterday and she was amazed at my behavior….She said to me…”Mom do you always scream at the TV and carry on like you were doing watching GH?” It seems I got a bit excited as Robert found Robin, only to have the old woman doctor, (Obrecht) over power him. :-(

    Once again I loved the whole episode. That puppy was too cute and Olivia a riot with him. If Maxie ends up pregnant with Spinelli’s kid, I don’t think it will be because of a lab mix-up. Ellie is obviously not doing anything…Olivia is watching the procedure like a hawk…sooooooo that leads me to think it will have to happen the natural way.

    LOVED all things Scorpio/Drake/Devane yesterday….Little Emma is too cute. Mac and Patrick were awesome…Duke and Anna beyond touching…and Robert and Robin were epic until the end. I can’t wait to watch today.

    Not missing Sonny/Konnie at ALL…or Carly for that matter…and as a Jason fan…I can’t believe I am saying this…but I haven’t missed him on the show…I never thought I would say that….I do miss Liz however…She needs a story.

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    TV Gord

    Meredith Vieira was on yesterday’s show because they are cross-promoting that GH stars will do a week of Millionaire around the 50th anniversary in April. We may see her again around then.

    I enjoyed Bree saying she was the madam who took over from Renee, whom OLTL fans know as Asa Buchanan’s wife, but was known in her brothel days as Renee Divine. A nice little nod to fans of the whole ABC soap lineup, as it once was.

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    While watching the Robert/Olbrecht struggle I kept yelling, “Punch her in the face! Punch her in the face!” I don’t understand how Robert, who is a spy trained in hand-to-hand combat was overpowered by that chick. All he had to do was hold her arm with one hand and punch her in the face with the other hand. I normally wouldn’t want a man to punch a woman, but she was trying to kill him. He should have defended himself.

    I’m sick of this Robin is alive but can’t get home storyline. If KMc is not willing to come back full time, then the character should die or be recast. It’s not fair to the fans or to Patrick. He should be able to really move on (with Liz), but he can’t because the fans would go nuts as they know Robin is alive. What happened to the days when an actor wanted to leave and the character was written off? It made for better stories and character growth. And, there was always the possibilty of a shocking return years later after the fans had grown attached to a new couple. Those were really good triangles in which fans had a vested interest in all sides and could root for all sides. There isn’t much that was better in the 80’s than it is now (shoulder pads, anyone?), but soaps definitely were better back then.

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    Christine D- you are right! Dante did say his son would be called Rocco! Very smart! I just wonder where this whole dog storyline is going, but somehow I think Spinelli is involved.

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    LUCY COE is back! Whoever could have imagined this day would come. She looks amazing, and I loved all the build up outside her office. Loved Meredith Vieira’s cameo aswell. She came off very natural – great acting. IMO Sabrina looked great today, she looked a normal young woman.

    Felix was very smart in his suit aswell, and I have to say: The controversy over this character has been blown waaaaay out of proportion. He is NOT that feminine. By the way everyone was talking about him the first time, I was expecting someone like Boy George. He is peanuts in comparison to some characters. Newsflash: not all straight men are gruffing and puffing macho men these days. To me, Sabrina was more over the top than Felix.

    Loved the clinic scenes and all the action too. At least now someone (Robert) has seen Robin. That’s progress. However, I’m still not feeling at ease with how this is gonna go. I mean, they should at least have everyone know Robin’s alive, if not find her. Patrick & Robert could go look for her and be off the screen for awhile until KMc is ready to visit.

    It was funny seeing Duke now that he is the real thing. I get that in that situation they didn’t have much time, but it felt the legendary REAL reunion of Anna & Duke was rushed. It’s like: Anna: “Oh you are alive, well haven’t seen you in 20 years huh?”. I am glad they showed him sweating though, and Robert pinched his cheek, so they at least know it’s not a mask. But I want this to be done properly. They have to go back to PC and take it from the start, so to speak. And this time, please have a real Duke + Felicia scene!

    All in all this episode was fire! Especially loved the ending scenes with Patrick, Anna/Duke and Lucy.

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    Really liking the Dante/Lulu/Olivia/Maxie/Spinelli story…it seems different and the actors look like they are having fun playing it. All of them are very likable actors, although Maxie is a bitch. Don’t mess with my Ellie!

    Regarding Anna/Robin/Duke/Robert, I knew this was gonna happen. They won’t kill off Robert, he’s just gonna be hurt for awhile, probably a coma for months and months. And the doctor kidnapped Robin (for whatever reason–who knows?) Oh I know, to prolong the fact that Robin is still alive for as long as they can. And yes, Robert could have EASILY taken that woman. So Robin continues to be “dead”…blah, blah, blah…it was interesting for awhile, but I wish they would just wrap her story up or recast or something.

    YAY for Lucy Coe! Loved seeing the flashbacks of her as a librarian and in the red dress. SO very excited to see her in action and back in PC where she belongs! Felix and Sabrina have become very likable characters and I loved their interactions with each other. They make it very believable. And loved Bree’s mention of OLTL’s former madame, Renee Divine! I love it when they do that!

    Looking forward to more Lucy…including the eventual reveal that Britt is Christina Scanlon or Serena Baldwin…I’m banking on it :)

  10. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Christine D/ANGELWENDY15-Little correction. It was actually L who came up with the name of Rocco (outside the ob/gyn’s office), after she said she’d picked the name Juliet if the baby were to be a girl. She originally referred to the name as a joke but then found she was liking the name… 0:)

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    I have NO idea where things are going with the Rocco the puppy/Olivia’s visions/MaxiLante Surrogacy storyline…and I LOVE that. Unpredictable storylines, albeit quite campy, are a welcome breath of fresh air.

    I thought Meredith Viera did a decent job for a glorified dayplayer and given the crosspromotion, I became more accepting of her presence.

    LOVED the Sigmund reference at CoeCoe(although I would have thought “Coe Co.” was where they were going with the name) – referring to their sales levels as “Golden Ducks”. Looking forward to more easter eggs in Lucy’s office!

  12. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I felt the episode was kinda epic. I watched it twice. I was surprised Robert found Robin, so his being rendered by a syringe-wielding lunatic upped the drama for me. I hope that he survives (I’m not giving up yet) because I’m invested and that’s good drama. I get totally caught up when Robert, Robin, Anna or Duke are onscreen. I have a feeling Robin is kidnapped by Olbrecht and Robert will probably end up in a coma. I hope that Robert would be around but knew his run was short. Now, I absolutely will go back back to hating Luke in Anna/Duke’s story that much more after seeing Robert for past few weeks. Argh. I’d happily trade Luke Spencer for Robert Scorpio every day of the week.

    Jason Thompson proves he is the best actor on GH (and probably current soaps) by playing Patrick’s grief in scenes with Mac and then Emma on the first Christmas without Robin. Watching Patrick grieve Robin makes his relegation to the stupid story of Ugly Betty’s cousin, Sabrina, crushing on him that much more annoying.

    Speaking of Sabrina, I hate that her intentions for reviving The Nurses’ Ball is not altrusitic but rather self-serving, so her preaching to others makes me resent her that much more. Sabrina’s crush on Patrick is her defining character motivation so it hurts her character when the crush on Patrick should be secondary while we learn other things about her. I find Sabrina to be so tiresome but atleast she has revived The Nurses’ Ball. I thought the lighting made Meredith Viera look particularly harsh but I do like her and thought she did a fine acting job. Now, on to Lucy Coe! Can’t wait for her to return to Port Charles!

    That puppy is so darned cute, that he worked on Spinelli! I loved Olivia and the puppy-schtick (Lisa LoCicero probably didn’t want to let that pup go!) Dante wheeling Lulu to the lab was very touching.

  13. Profile photo of JasamForever

    Oh my gosh, I was screaming and jumping for joy when Robert found Robin!! But by the end of the episode I was very dissapointed. I am getting sick of this Robin storyline as well. If KMC can’t film a substantial amount of scenes, then don’t show Robin until she can. And I am a fan of KMc but this is dragging out too long. Why couldn’t Anna hear Robin screaming as well? Robert better not be hurt badly! I love Robert and Anna and Tristan Rogers. I wonder if he will even remember that he saw Robin? I just hope Anna figures it out.

    Loved seeing Lucy Coe again.

    The Dante/Lulu/Maxie/Spinelli storyline has me scratching my head, and all sorts of confused.

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    J Bernard Jones

    TV Gord wrote

    I enjoyed Bree saying she was the madam who took over from Renee, whom OLTL fans know as Asa Buchanan’s wife, but was known in her brothel days as Renee Divine. A nice little nod to fans of the whole ABC soap lineup, as it once was.

    I was delighted by this, too!

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    Angie Lucy

    Other than Olivia (who was funny, but unnecessary), I really enjoyed this episode. I screamed when Robert found Robin. And then Robin rolled her neck and said, “Let me introduce you to my father. His name is Robert Scorpio.” That’s right, girl!

    The references to Renee Buchanan, Melador (Blair and Dorian’s cosmetics company long ago on OLTL) and Fusion (Greenlee and Kendall’s cosmetics company on AMC) were fun.

    And of course, my Lucy finally showed up. Love it.

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