Ratings, Rants and Raves: The Young and the Restless Ties Lows Among W18-49 and W18-34!


CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless may have been holding the No.1 spot since 1988, but it was struggling in key demos the week of Dec. 3-7. (Source: Soap Opera Network) Y&R hit a new low among women viewers 18-49. In both the W18-49 and W18-34 demos, the sudser tied its all-time low. Y&R also fell 197,000 among total viewers, during a week that saw all four soaps dip in that category.

In story, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), Adam (Michael Muhney), Avery (Jessica Collins) and Kyle (Blake Hood) were worried about Jack's (Peter Bergman) dopey antics at Newman. Chadam came to blows over Sharon (Sharon Case). Nick (Joshua Morrow) warned Adam not to use Sharon being cray-cray to get back into her knickers. Villy's marriage continued to suffer. Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Michael (Christian LeBlanc) were worried about Fen's (Max Ehrich) crush on Summer (Hunter King) and Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) gave a memorable cocktail party at their new crib. 

I enjoyed Y&R the week in question, most notably the Newman's cocktail party from hell. As much as I bitched about the Ranch being burned down, I am loving the new, sleek, modern Newman base. Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) is quickly becoming a favorite. Seeing her whisper commands for Adam not to move, as Sharon was having her meltdown, was fun. It was a treat all around to see so many Newmans, dressed to the nines, dysfunction at the ready. Whoever did MTS's hair should win the Nobel Peace Prize in Hair Artistry. Oh and Carmine (Marco Dapper) is always a nice touch! 

Billy Abbott (Billy Miller) is never better than when he's trying to win Victoria Newman's (Amelia Heinle) heart. Watching him re-woo the woman of his dreams had me falling in love with this couple all over again. I'm also digging the Kyle/Phyllis chem-testing. Jack banged Jill (then-Brenda Dickson) when she belonged to his father. Maybe it's time for history to repeat itself? Max Ehrich is growing on me as an increasingly-creepy Fen. I just hope they don't take him down Ricky (Peter Porte) boulevard.


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    Where is Liz? I just can’t do this with GH anymore. I can’t.

    I actually watch DOOL just for Kristen. I like her and Brady together. I wonder if they are going to do a Kristen/Brady/Nicole triangle. I just can’t stand to see Eric in a priest outfit.

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    AMAZING!! Jill Phelps/Josh Griffith have been there maybe 4 months and they manage to put YR in the ratings toilet, and way over budget. Jill’s brilliant!!!! Josh is too! Who hires these idiots?

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    [quote=em1960]AMAZING!! Jill Phelps/Josh Griffith have been there maybe 4 months and they manage to put YR in the ratings toilet, and way over budget. Jill’s brilliant!!!! Josh is too! Who hires these idiots?[/quote]

    October 12, ’12 and today is December 18 which their material has been airing, announced yes 4 months. Good try!

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    hey mon

    No sex, cancel Y&R now. Josh G is the MOST boring Daytime writer ever.

    Seeing Nikki prance around like the Town Frau is getting pretty old. Seeing all of the Newmans wonder if they can figure out who burned their Ranch down is a hilarious joke. Sharon basically has the empty absinthe bottle in her hand, and all of the evidence points to her, but Victor can’t do a damn thing about it.

    If Jack passed out in his car, or Billy pining over Vicky is the future of Y&R, please let ol HeyMon turn off the lights on the Show.

    1st, I am really counting on The New Studs to save the Show. Hopefully the Detective, Mason, Tyler, and Carmine can keep the gays and women interested for another year. If 2 of the above are involved in a real organized crime story-line, I’ll continue watching, as well. Please let’s have Tyler sniffing after someone other than Lily, cause she’s about as much fun as watching paint dry.

    2nd, that had better be a strip club that Nick is thinking of opening, or at least an interesting a rock-a-billy music club. Maybe Josh could resurrect Ryan, and he and Nick could sing some country duets.

    3rd, people have stopped having sex on Y&R. There is no one happy to get it on. So we definitely some that back in the mix.

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    As usual, it’s a story that only paints Y and R in a negative light, when ALL the shows shed over a hundred thousand viewers each except for Days. And B and B and the darling of this website, GH actually lost more.

    DC is starting to remind me of Fox news they way things get spun on here.

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