Stephen Nichols OUT at The Young and the Restless!

Daytime television's answer to Richard Branson is no more. According to Soap Opera Uncensored, suds veteran Stephen Nichols has taped his last episode as Tucker McCall on The Young and the Restless.  In other Y&R casting news, the online magazine is reporting Jessica Heap is out as Eden Baldwin.

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    Good choices.

    And please send Stephen Nichols back to GH. DAYS doesn’t deserve him. Besides that there already was a rumor that another Cassadine is coming back to the scene.

    I never really cared for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Eden. It’s kind of a pointless character.

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    Hopefully Stephen Nichols will be able to reprise his role on GH or Days. I hate to see anyone lose their job but he never worked as Tucker. Tucker needed to be able to drive the drama between Kay/Jill and be a love interest to Jill….even MAB knew he wasn’t the right person to do that. Maybe his exit story will give us back the Katherine and Jill we knew and loved.

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    [quote=soapjunkie88][quote=Smitty]This firing should have been the first when the new team came! Tucker should have been gone![/quote]I guess his contract run out. That’s why they waited. ;)[/quote]

    That’s exactly what they did. Cuz he started around Jan./Feb. when he took over for the FIRED William Russ, who in my opinion was a better Tucker, and probably a lot CHEAPER than Stephen Nichols.

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    And they say CBS or Sony don’t listen to fans….guess again because they are listening to their fans now and we are getting our wish and my gut is Sony was ready but CBS was giving the directive.

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    I’m one of the few people who didn’t mind Tucker, but i can’t say that i’m heartbroken about this departure. Jessica who? I couldn’t care less about Eden.

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    After Harmony left, I had no use for Tucker. Kill him and make the winters major players in that town by Devon getting it all. Then let him catch the eye of that gold digger chloe and watch Lily’s head explode. But they would never do you this…

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    Tucker; I was so-so about him, because if the story was right yes. If the story wasn’t right eh no! I did like this Eden, and like the first one… Didn’t like the last one.. My thing is why is Lane (Lily & Cane) still around… Those are two I want to see gone-

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    IT”S ABOUT TIME!!!!! They NEVER introduced and developed this character in a well-thought-out manner as was always done under the Bill Bell regime. This was Katherine’s long lost son and they never even gave us a meaty story with those two. His character always felt forced onto the canvas. I love Stephen Nichols but not in this role. We want STEFAN! :-)

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    I never really cared for Tucker. I wish they would have made the character more like a Dan Scott ( one tree hill ). And they should get Paul johansson to play him just because I miss seeing him on my screen each week :) Y&R could have used a powerful, confident, sexy, younger ( 40’s ) new business mogul rather than the dull, boring, bad haired Tucker we were given. Even someone similar to Bill Spencer would have been a good idea.

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    I’m guessing that it would be next to impossible now to re-write previous storylines and make him turn out not to be Katherine’s son afterall. But that’s what I would like. Either that or for him to meet his heavenly maker.

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    SoapArmageddon …I was wondering the same thing that Tucker will die and possibly Katherine hadn’t made peace with him which could cause Katherine to start drinking again opening up new story for Jill at the same time. I’m not sure if they would do a murder story after all the disastrous stories MAB put the audience through during her nightmare. They could but not sure.

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    Well, this is no surprise. I waited these two firings to come sooner. Can’t imagine why Eden was still on the payroll whe she was never even seen.

    Stephen Nichols is welcomed back to GH as far as I’m concerned :)

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    Stephen was wonderful as Tucker and I’ve loved him with his tv mom Katherine. He and Genie Francis had a wonderful chemistry and a backstory,a history that I for one was waiting to see come to fusion until Genie was fired. What a waste of two great talents. I would love,love,love it if he returned to GH and bring Genie with him they could be a force to reckon with as Tony Geary has recently stated the L&L thing for him is boring and doesn’t add to his character,he wants to continue playing a dark Luke – please!!! Laura should of never gone back to Luke and let Stefan go,this opens the door to put them back together as it should be!

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    I actually didn’t mind either actor. Tucker was a d-bag of the highest order, but I thought Nichols was one of the few–maybe the only–big names that MAB brought on that didn’t completely choke under the weight of piss poor writing(unlike Genie Francis and Debbi Morgan). As for Eden, I never thought she was that bad and the actress was a helluva lot less irritating than April Nardini from Gilmore Girls. Maybe with those two off the payroll we can give Marcy Rylan back her contract?

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    Where are all the callouts for this show hiring all NEW faces, changing direction on story at the drop of the hat… I mean NOW Chelsea and Adam are over?!… and still NO dynamic amazing new story to make me want to watch.

    Jack is now wanting to fold JABOT into NEWMAN… a company he doesn’t OWN but just has enough stock and people voting to keep him in charge?!! It’s the same old dumb crap Maria was writing. Victor will come out on top.

    THen you have Nikki totally forgetting about Jack and his surgery and JUMPING on the TGVN bandwagon!

    THe retread of Billy and Victoria’s marriage is great but honestly, just have her stand up to her dad and go work for Jack.

    There is nothing exciting happening. I have a feeling that the age gap on this show will divert from generational to young kids and I will stop watching altogether.

    RATINGS are down as well.

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    Perhaps this firing (Stephen Nichols) was the firing that Nelson Branco (still can’t stand that idiot) was referring to a month or so back. Letting Jessica Heap go was a smart move. She was rarely used and really had chemistry what so ever with Blake Hood (Kyle). So, perhaps she’ll head back to the Ashram and perhaps find her deadbeat Dad.

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    This was a totally idiotic move and shows that the powers that be over at Y&R have absolutely NO clue about what they’re doing. SN is an outstanding actor and these fools wasted his immense talents so badly that it’s ridiculous. At least now I don’t have to waste my time watching.

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    Great news for Days fans (if they are smart and take him back). I think Darnell Williams will be next to go and then he can come back to AMC with Debbie Morgan when PP brings it online.

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    Thanks God!! Take your sunglasses and hit the road and don’t come back no more no more. I can’t stand the actor in any role. I hated Steve Johnson and was so pissed when he was hired on here. I thoroughly enjoyed Russo as Tucker and he and Jess had an amazing chemistry.

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    I always liked Stephen Nichols, a sexy older guy. Unfortunately, AGAIN, the writing for the character was just not good. They should have done more with him , and his mother issues. That whole story with him and Harmony and Devon was just awful. I have no interest in the younger set on the show, find them boring. They are adding too many new characters at once.

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    hey mon

    Good bye Tucker. Good bye Tucker. Good bye Tucker. Good bye Tucker, and dont come back no more.

    Somebody is listening to old HeyMon.

    Tucker took the incredibly interesting, historical Ashley Abbott, and turned her into the most boring legacy character in Daytime. Yes, that would be Snoozy Stephen Nichols as Tucker McCall.

    We will miss you Eden, as your body as it was being painted by Daniel. The only actress since Amber that Daniel really clicked with. You will be missed.

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    [quote=Coffee_Junkie][quote=soapjunkie88][quote=Smitty]This firing should have been the first when the new team came! Tucker should have been gone![/quote]I guess his contract run out. That’s why they waited. ;)[/quote]

    That’s exactly what they did. Cuz he started around Jan./Feb. when he took over for the FIRED William Russ, who in my opinion was a better Tucker, and probably a lot CHEAPER than Stephen Nichols.[/quote]

    I also believe that William Russ was a much better Tucker.

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    Jessica Heap was let go in order to bring Marcy back, which, I can’t say is an uneven trade. I didn’t understand how Marcy/Abby was written out, but Eden was still there.

    But…with all the new YOUNG guys they’ve brought on the show, they need some appropriately aged women to be paired with them (since they don’t seem to be prepared to go the same sex couple route). I’m over the May-December romances. That’s fine, but when EVERY couple on the show is of that nature, it’s tired.

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    Stephen Nichols is talented and both soaps would benefit for him. Too bad that Y&R put him in the worst storylines possible.
    There are plenty of others they could have fired rather than S.N.
    GH could do well to pit him against his mother and the writing is fabulous! But they do have a pretty full cast so he probably would not get much a lot of airtime. Would be nice to see him interact with Finola & Tristan as well.
    DAYS could bring him back and put him in a triangle with Kayla and Kristen. Or they could do a triangle with Kayla and Hope and Steve. They WOULD have to do something about Bo except mention that he was home. The writing on DAYS leaves a lot to be desired.

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    Tucker did not stand a chance, especially since EB as Victor the Cockroach decided to stay. Plus he also had that cold, unfeeling, selfish bitch of a demon Mother to contend with. Of course in this case it really did turn out to be something like … like Mother, like Son; which could have been dynamic.

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    Tucker was another one of those characters that was pulled in so many directions, and for the most part written as slime, that I never really liked the character. Have never been a huge fan of the actor either.

    I didn’t mind this Eden, but she wasn’t written for as of late, so it makes sense to see her go. Good actress though.

    I’m still thinking that now three months in we should be seeing a little something more from the new team that gets me excited. That hasn’t happened yet.

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