First Impressions: Lynn Herring Returns as Lucy Coe on General Hospital

What are your First Impressions of Lynn Herring’s return to General Hospital as Lucy Coe?

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    Felt like seeing an old friend that I have not seen in a while. I am really excited. Just from the few words she uttered, she was able to convey who she is and the confidence she has always had.

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    I don’t think it’s fair to judge her after Monday’s short scene with her, so I will officially judge on Tuesday.

    I will agree that it was like seeing an old friend. So many memories came back, mostly from “Port Charles”, so it was very nice to see her again. I love her character history so much and the actress is so beautiful and great in the role. Can’t wait to see her in full action for the Nurse’s Ball. This is one of the those roles that should never, ever be recast!

    I will say that she said her line like a question instead of a statement and that kind of bothered me, but I won’t really judge until I watch today’s episode.

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    LOVE IT!

    She looked way better than in the promo video. Also loved how her return was The most important thing on that episode and it ended with her. It was completed with the Duck reference and Meredith Vieira as Bree.

    Wonderful, wonderful work CarTini!!!

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    Love Lucy and Lynn Herring and my thoughts are just that I want her back full time with a contract (or full time with no contract). Just keep Lucy and her witty banter on GH and back in Port Charles.

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    Lucy Coe has always been a favorite GH character of mine. Lynn Herring is perfect in the role and looks amazing! I love that the writers have her involved with new characters…that is how you make those characters “stick”! I am looking forward to this story arc!

    By the way, on a complete side note, I love how GH has continued to keep Robin part of the show, even though Kimberly is unable to sign a long term contract due to her other projects!

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    I don’t think anyone can save how dull this soap has gotten lately. I want Robin gone for good. Tired of the dippy Sabrina and the stupid nurse’s ball routine. Guess it is time for a long break from GH for this viewer.

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    Maybe it was because of all the anticipation of finally seeing Lucy Coe again … and then the delay because of the pre-emption on Friday … but honestly, I was very underwhelmed by Lucy’s initial appearance. I wanted to love it, but I didn’t. Tuesday’s episode made me smile more.

    I was moved by Lucy’s seeming connection to Robin and her bravery back in the early days of HIV. I liked how she said she didn’t need to talk to Robin’s husband to know how important the Nurse’s Ball was.

    Get Lucy on the phone to Monica, stat. I know they have a rough history, but they could turn this situation around. The idea that Tracy turned down Sabrina and is getting away with it is ridiculous.

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    Lets DUMP Connie/Kate and bring back Lucy. From her days on Port Charles the character has greatly matured and she would make such a better FOUL to Carrie than Kate or even Alexis would.

    Would she hook up with Sonny since that is a requirement of all new ladies in town to be bedded by the local mobster? SURE. The character and the actress are HOT!!!

    GH, its great to bring back all these old characters for short stints but all it proves is that your young cast doesnt have the chops to carry the show alone. Bring back Lucy Coe and let her run wild in town. She has a daughter so let her come to town. It would be fun. A WHOLE LOT more fun than watching kate.

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