General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Anna finds Robert lying on the floor with the syringe in his chest.  She pulls it out, while Duke runs to find a doctor.  Robert repeatedly says to Anna “find her” and “she had her”, before he passes out.  When the doctor arrives, they realize Dr. Obrecht gave Robert a large dose of a sedative. The doctor fears he may not be able to help him.  Anna yells at a comatose Robert to come back, because she can’t do this alone. Anna begs the doctor to help Robert. 

Sabrina explains to Lucy she needs her help to fund The Nurses' Ball. She thought Lucy would be interested, since she was the driving force of all the previous balls. Right now, there is no funding and they must rely on private donations. Lucy mentions the Quartermaines, Todd and Sonny, but Sabrina admits they all turned her down. Lucy would love to help, but her money all is tied up. Sabrina brings up Robin's death being the main focus of the ball. Lucy remembers Robin and all her good deeds. Finally, Ms. Coe confesses she can’t fund the ball because the government has frozen all her assets. Later on, Lucy has flashbacks of herself at previous balls. 
Patrick opens the gift from Robin, which is a CD. After some thinking, he works up the courage to play it. The CD contains a message from Robin, taped on last Christmas. She informed Patrick that she was having serious issues with her HIV, and probably wouldn't be around for this Christmas.  She tells him to find someone to make a family with again.  Robin says she truly loves Patrick and always will, but he needs to move on. 
Britt asks Liz out for a drink, but Liz is less than receptive. Britt wonders why Liz is giving her the cold shoulder, and mentions Sabrina. Liz says she and Sabrina are friends.  Britt accuses Sabrina of making a move on Patrick, and Liz feels Sabrina is better for Patrick than Britt will ever be. 
Britt doesn't like Liz's comment, and thinks Sabrina is in over her head with Patrick.  Liz accuses Britt of being mean to Sabrina, and attacking people who are vulnerable.  She calls Britt transparent, and believes Patrick will see right through her.  
Maxie wants to see the embryos, but Ellie refuses to allow her access to the lab. Maxie runs off, and Spin finds her.  She confides in him that the lab reminds her of Robin, and the family she’s lost.  Maxie worries she won’t be in control for the pregnancy, and admits to Spin she almost told Lulu she couldn’t do it.  There's a part of Maxie that thinks she’s only doing this because of Spinelli.
Maxie wonders if the real reason she’s helping Lante is to forget about Spin's rejection. Ellie overhears, as Spin admits he was thrilled to hear Maxie say she loved him. Ellie walks away, before Spin reiterates he's moved on with Elle and sees a future with her. However, he will always care for Maxie. Maxie realizes she wants to go through with the surrogacy for Lulu, and leaves.  Spin discovers Ellie crying, but she storms off before telling him why. 
Patrick calls Britt to come over for a drink.  When she gets there, she gives him the DVD she stole from Liz.  Patrick is thrilled, since it’s the best movie to watch at Christmas.  Patrick apologizes for taking things slow, and Britt claims to know he’s not ready for anything serious yet. 
Liz notices her DVD is missing from her bag.  Sabrina returns from her trip, and informs Liz The Nurses' Ball is off. She wants to break the news to Patrick now, but Liz stops her. Liz tells Sabrina about Patrick's company.
Dr. Obrecht appears with Robin in a new location. Soon, someone arrives and the doctor admits she didn’t know what else to do.  The mystery person turns out to be none other than Jerry Jacks!

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    I thought today’s was actively annoying. Liz was used to prop the ridiculous Mousy Nurse v. Bitchy Doctor; Maxie & Spinelli having the same conversation again; that doctor’s ridiculous reaction to seeing an incapacitated Robert on the floor. Argh. I loved seeing Lucy Coe and the flashbacks but Sabrina is annoying, one-dimensional and self-serving, so I so cannot root for her. Britt is completely one-dimensional and self-serving as well. I like both actresses but both characters are unnecessary since has been fleshed out in the months onscreen. Also, why wouldn’t Liz just tell Patrick what she thinks about Britt? There’s no attention the Liz/Patrick frienship to just sell Mousy Nurse v. Bitchy Doctor. I am a disgruntled fan of Rebecca Herbst and can’t understand why she is receiving this treatment by these writers. Jason Thompson is excellent but I am becoming fatigued by the lack of movement in Patrick’s story and that his proposed options seem to only be Mousy Nurse v. Bitchy Doctor.

    The Robert scenes did not feel epic the way they should have. I feel the same for the Anna/Duke reunion yesterday. I anticipated some epic moments and felt kind of flat. I think the scenes in Switzerland should have received more time and better dialogue.

    I do adore Ellie and I felt sad for her today. She is my favorite new character in forever. Spinelli will never be as likable as he is with her! Maxie & Spinelli are tiresome.

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    I can not say how much I loved the Robin/Patrick scenes and my Lucy Coe. She was just fabulous and I loved when she was talking about Robin..

    I have to say watching Robins video reminded me of something I would do for my husband. I have very much wanted to see Liz and Patrick rather than this Sabrina/Brit thing going on.. However that changed when it was clear to me that what I saw today was very much a very in love Scrubs with Robin still alive. Eventually it would make a good triangle.. But I would much rather see Liz involved with either a returning Jax or new fella..

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    Yeah, kind of a bust episode for me with a few exceptions here and there. Let’s start with the things I’m annoyed with:

    —The way this whole Robert/Robin/Anna thing is playing out. I knew that Robin wasn’t going to be in there, but what’s gonna happen with Robert? Coma or memory loss…guaranteed. And Jerry will take Robin and flee forever. For what reason? I am not sure since it seems Jerry was a toy in Faison’s plan. Oy! Kind of gives me a headache.
    —Why isn’t Liz playing out Sabrina’s storyline? Hello? Couldn’t Liz have been the one wanting to revive the Nurses Ball in honor of Robin and get close to Patrick (just like Robin said on the afterthought that was the video Patrick found)? I don’t mind Sabrina, but LIZ HAS NOTHING TO DO! Her story is finished! She should be the one falling for Patrick and battling it out with Britt for his affections and planning the Nurses Ball and making gay best friends. What is Liz gonna do? Seriously.
    —Spinelli and Maxie having the same conversation again…blah, blah, blah…they are done! Keep Spinelli with Ellie and give them a baby or something, but enough with Spinelli and Maxie, PLEASE!?

    What I Liked
    —My Lucy Coe! Oh how I’ve missed you! She jumped right back into it today! Perfect!
    —Christina Comes Home for Christmas reference from OLTL. I just love it when they make nods to things like that.
    —I also thought (and God I hope I’m right) that Christina Comes Home is a tie in with Dr. Britt Westborne actually being Lucy Coe’s adopted daughter Christina Scanlon….am I reaching for the stars here? Not that it would be a huge reveal or anything, but it would ground Lucy to PC for awhile.

    Overall I am still loving the show, just hate how some of the twists and turns end up going into even more, ridiculous twists and turns. Twists and turns are good every now and then, but after too much I get dizzy :)

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    Successful story should be character driven and not plot driven. The convenient devices of hiding Robin are making Robert & Anna look stupid and make no sense. Faison having Robin worked based on who Faison was in the past and his obsession with Anna and Robin. Why would Jerry want Robin to weigh him down? Just let her go.

    Now with Jerry back we have another back from the dead character within a 3 month period….Jerry, Faison, AJ, Duke, Robin and Heather who cartoonishly survived her fall from a building. This device of people returning from the dead is played out. Add Luke, Carly, Michael, Anna, Robert & Todd to the list and there are so many people walking around PC who were presumed dead at one time. The show is GH and not THE WALKING DEAD.

    We also know Jason, Cole & Hope aren’t dead either. If you don’t want to truly kill characters then come up with story that simply has them leave town.

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    So over Sabrina. Today the propping was just out of hand. First having Liz, the 15 year veteran, sing her praises was just ridiculous. Then as Patrick is watching the DVD that Robin left for him, Sabrina calls just as Robin says that he needs someone in his life. Lucy’s return was wasted since that girl was in it. Why bring on the character of Britt just to have her play the wicked witch to Fair Sabrina?

    If they want to redo the nurse’s ball for Robin, why isn’t Robin’s Uncle or Felicia involved? They were there for all the Nurse’s Balls and they are close to Robin. Heck even Maxie was there for the nurse’s balls (well RR version). Let Maxie help with the nurse’s ball so we don’t have to hear her have the same conversations every single freakin day about Spinelli and having this dog baby.

    Why waste Ellie on Spinelli? I really like this character. She has such a positive attitude, she’s eccentric without acting childish and she is a grown woman. Get her with Johnny stat! Johnny has been so dark lately, he will need someone like Ellie to brighten his day. I can see her turning Johnny’s world around.

    Don’t even want to discuss the whole Robert situation. That doctor didn’t know how to help him? And Jerry Jacks again:(. Even Robin looked bored when she saw him.

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    [quote=logan_echolls]Don’t even want to discuss the whole Robert situation. That doctor didn’t know how to help him? And Jerry Jacks again:(. Even Robin looked bored when she saw him.[/quote]

    LOL, I was thinking the exact same thing. Robin looked like she was thinking, “Oh no, here we go again!” And so was I!

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    I would rather see Liz and Epiphany running the nurses ball, but we’re stuck with two newbies with no history on the show. Sabrina is only interested in the nurses ball in order to get close to Patrick and is really no different than a scheming Britt.

    Geez. Britt stole Cam and Aiden’s holiday movie!

    I have long thought Jerry’s hatred of Robin has more to do with her telling Nik that Spencer was his son and not Jax’s.

    Okay, it’s time for KMc to either come back full time and wrap up the Robin is alive story or just let Patrick move on.

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    Guess I wasn’t the only one not feeling today’s episode. I thought maybe I was just distracted or something today as I watched, but something was just not right, and reading everybody’s comments confirms it.

    The #1 problem for me … Jerry Jacks. Really, again? Since we’ve moved our way up the villain ladder the last few months, wouldn’t he be considered a rather small fish in a large pond by now? I thought maybe it would Helena since she had contacted Faison about Robert being on Faison/Duke’s trail … so the Jerry Jacks things just makes no sense.

    #2. I am not a huge fan of Liz, but she is a veteran and I respect her history … so what the hell is she doing fighting battles for Sabrina with that nasty doctor? There is nothing better to do??? I do not get it. And Robin bringing up the idea of Liz being a possible wife/mother for Patrick and Emma in that DVD just seemed completely foreign to what we are being fed every day … which is that Liz is not important. And as soon as Patrick hears Robin’s suggestion about Liz, he returns a call to Westnile/Westborn???

    #3. So Anna is going to be forced to play stupid AGAIN? She has spent the last week or so saying she won’t be duped again. Who the hell does she think Robert was talking about? This immediately following her telling Duke she thinks Robin might be there. Idiocy … and I love Anna, don’t get me wrong. I agree with an above writer, these Switzerland scenes do not have the knock out power that the ones from last week did.

    Something I really liked though about today’s episode … I loved how Lucy commented about how Sonny had become really “dark” and in recent years it had just become clear he was a mobster. I thought it was kind of nod to the audience that the character of Sonny has really been ruined since the late 90’s.

    I also really thought Patrick was great when watching that video … very moving.

    I love GH, so I just get really frustrated when I feel like all the improvements (in my opinion) of the last few months start slipping away.

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    Unlike most of the previous posters, I really liked today’s episode.

    Jason Thompson hit it out of the park yet again.

    Loved watching Elizabeth tell Dr. Westnile off.

    Sabrina, Felix and Lucy’s scenes were great fun to watch.

    I cheered the return of Jerry Jacks. Now, if they would just team him up with Alexis again. In my opinion, Jerry is the only person Alexis has any chemistry with, except for Diane.

    And the references to “Christina Comes Home For Christmas” made me smile out loud. (If you get a minute, click the link and read the DC rave review of OLTL’s “Christina” episode from 2008.)

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    I should tweet that to Ron C about Ellie and Johnny. I can just imagine Ellie doing her crazy stuff and Johnny trying to resist but he gives in to her charms. I just want to see Johnny smiling again.

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    I have to say that I loved today’s epi.! I even love the show when I am yelling at the tv “If they kill off Robert, I am going to go nuclear on someone’s butt!!!!!”. I loved the scene with Spin and Maxie. They were both totally honest with themselves and each other for the first time(in my opinion) and cleared the way for Spinelli and Ellie to be together.
    I loved the scene with Patrick watching Robin and cried a bit too. However, I wanted to kill him when he phoned Britt(who I hate with a passion). I am also very upset how the writers are treating Elizabeth. She is way too important to GH to be written like a walk-on part.
    Lucy was a delight and I couldn’t be happier to have her back.(I also love Felix:)
    The way the writers are building suspense is so awesome. Haven’t seen this on GH in way too long. If they brought Robin back too soon it would rob us of nail-biting and yelling at the tv and I have to say I love doing that;)

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    Good episode.

    Lucy was wonderful! It’s unbelievable how quickly and with ease LH just slided into Lucy mode again after 8 years. She was like no time had passed. And I loved her reminiscing the different Balls! Can’t wait to see her in Port Charles.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the Jerry Jacks thing. I mean, it is of course plausible for him to show up since Faison is in custody. Jerry is probably ‘second in command’ or something like that. But I don’t know. I want the screen time to go to someone I care about more. Jerry Jacks doesn’t represent the time I thought was best on GH.

    I am not comfortable with Anna, Duke & Robert being in that hell-hole clinic. I want Anna to get Robert out of there to a real hospital and quick.

    God how I loved Liz bitchfacing Britt – haha! Can’t believe Britt still believes she can just “make” people her friends.

    After a load of wonderful episodes: The preview for tomorrow?! Omg, awful!!

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    I too am a disgruntled Liz fan…I know that Cartini hear this over and over about Liz not having any story…I don’t get it…The only thing I can think of is that Ron gets money or residuals when he creates new characters for the show…. OR the character of Sabrina has a purpose with a back story or connection to someone on the canvas, that we are not aware of yet. With that said, I do think SBu’s leaving cut BH’s time and lack of story… As much as I like the chemistry between Liz and Patrick…knowing Robin is alive and that Patrick is still in love with her…I don’t want Liz used in this story line. I am tired of her always getting the wrong end of the stick in romance. I want a new romance for her, with nobody standing in the way. BUT she should be heading the preparations for the Nurses Ball as the senior nurse there on staff with Epiphany. On another note…she did look beautiful yesterday…she even managed to overshadow Britt in their scenes with just how pretty she is.

    I can’t believe Robert could not utter “Robin” before passing out. He said much more that just her name before passing out…This made no sense. My Robert is smarter than this.. and that was irritating dialogue. His first instinct would be to say her name so that Anna would know to look for her. LOL…I laughed at the above posts when someone said that they groaned to see Jerry Jacks again…Oh no here we go again LMAO…That was my exact reaction also.

    As for Patrick and Robin scenes…just beautiful…If JT does not take home a Emmy for this year, it will be a complete injustice.

    Same stuff over and over with Spixie…who I have never liked…but these scenes were excellently acted. Kudos to BA and KS.

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    I have been saying this since the new regime started their monthly GENERAL HOSPITAL guest starring (insert a character from the past name here) rotation. Now of the stories have much weight to them other than when they are on the air.

    When Jerry first came back in the “I poisoned the water” story like in those campy BATMAN tv show episodes of the 60s, not only did jerry come home but so did Jax and then BOTH quickly left town and NO offshoot of the story occurred. By the following Monday after the “we’re all cured” ender on Friday, SOnny was planning a wedding with Kate as if nothing happened.

    The only thing that did occur was Robin died and then Patrick had his “I can’t go on” follow-up story. But one could argue that Robin’s death HAD nothing to do with the poisoned water because she was trying to cure Jason when it happened and not find a cure for the poisoned water.

    Then Faison appeared as DUke after Duke appeared. Then Faison left and Duke appeared only to have ROBIN appear and then disappear as Jerry appeared again.

    Shall I even mention the return of Helena? Or Skye? Or Ned? Or any of the characters from OLTL?!

    I’m not a fan of the cross-overs from Llanview since I don’t really care about the discussion of how you dealt with discovering your son wasn’t your son when it all occured OFF CAMERA and you’re only in town to conclude a story THAT WASN’T EVEN taking place ON CAMERA – Tomas is Alcazar?!!

    WHERE ARE ALL THE CRITICS ON THIS SPECIFIC STORY?!! IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE TO AIR THE CLIMAX TO A STORY THAT WAS NOT TAKING PLACE IN THE FIRST PLACE ON THE SHOW AND THEN TO ONLY HAVE THE CHARACTERS MAINLY INVOLVED IN THE STORY… BLAIR AND TEA… LEAVE THE CANVAS AGAIN. (And why do I get the feeling that the GH regime if they had their way are angling for a lesbian storyline with Blair and Tea since they are constantly ‘touchy-feely’ and share the same distain for men they have loved.. Todd)

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    I think General Hospital can be great! THe new regime has the ability to do it but someone has to tell them that the stories are not going anywhere to KEEP viewers coming back. They have told 4 to 5 different “stand alone arcs” IN THE PAST 4 TO 5 MONTHS when they could have spread those stories out over 2 years and created plenty of additional stories to go in between them. Those stories could have been direct results of the story arc that would then eventually lead into the next arc.

    As it is now, we have Lulu and Dante with maxie in a silly and OUT OF THE BLUE “surrogate” story. We have Maxie and Spinelli in a “not worth the airtime” love triangle with either Sabrina or Brit (sadly I have not invested in which one is which on this show because I switch channels when they appear). The Duke is Faison is Duke story is nothing more than a DOUBLE dose of “Duke, you’re alive!” all within 2 months. Robert is back and then will quickly leave again AND all without revealing Robin is alive.

    One thing that the show has done is ruin the back from the dead reveal with main characters. Sure, it was great to reveal Robin was alive at the very beginning to calm fans down… but that is where they should have left it. If the actress doesn’t want to come back full time than stop bringing her back parttime. Patrick… no matter how many women he beds WILL NEVER BE allowed to fall in love while fans know Robin is ALWAYS out there. That little reveal with Robin in a bed months and months ago should have been a stand alone scene and UNTIL the actress or the role is recast SHOULD we have seen Robin again. All this does is reenforce the notion that Patrick has to remain a whiny man waiting around for his last girlfriend to come back.

    The same with Sam and Jason’s death. As long as Sam keeps saying Jason is alive, JASON IS ALIVE, any romance with John “I whisper a lot” McBain will not happen because it will seem selfish on Sam’s part since clearly, other than saying she’s searching for him… Sam isn’t searching if all the searching is occuring in upstate NY hamlet of Port Charles. Jason should have been shot and then the warehouse he was in blown up and a “body burned beyond recognition” is identified as his. This would allow Sam to be consoled by John and then later when the actor or THE ROLE is recast, Jason comes back from the dead.

    Those two things are sticking points for me for the STILL ALIVE characters to move forward. They were two great (according to the marketing department) love stories so if they are that GREAT than the alive characters would never move on if they felt the other was alive.


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    Oh and another thing…All along I have been saying this Sabrina character is not a rip off of the “Ugly Betty” character you are all saying…but she is a rip off of “Sabrina” from the same self titled movie, starring Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond and Greg Kinnear. Same hair, glasses, theme of falling in love with the older wealthy out of reach man…Awkward and shy…etc…In the movie she goes to Paris to become a photographer, and one of the fashion designers takes her under her wing, and gives her a make over…. When she finally goes home the transformation of course gets her all the attention she was lacking before..etc……It doesn’t take a genius to see that Lucy the “Make Up Queen” will eventually give Sabrina this same make over…RC is really ripping off the whole idea from this movie, with of course tweaks here and there for the differences between the two…but the main outline is the same.

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    I was reading everyone’s comments but what can the writers do when Kimberly doesn’t want to come back full-time? Unlike Phelps and Guza who killed off beloved characters (Alan) they want to try and keep Robin alive. As for Scorpio, I don’t want to see him die but obviously that he is the one who actually saw Robin alive, somehow he has to be in a coma or forget what he saw. A lot of us are forgetting what a tight budget the soaps are on now so we can’t have everything that we want. Having Jerry Jax, however boring, be Robin’s capture, is the only way they can explain her disappearance once again.
    I agree that Liz, instead of Sabrina, should be the head of trying to get the Nurses Ball back. BUT, I think it is cheaper to have the newbies, like Sabrina and Felix, on more often then the vets. It’s all money related. Even Y &R, the #1 Soap, got rid of a lot of the high paying actors and are bringing on A LOT of newbies. WHY? Money-saving!!! The ratings on all the soaps are at a stall, and I think Frank V and Ron C are trying their best to keep GH alive, with the budget they have to follow.

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    People, Robert Scorpio is the best thing on General Hospital right now.
    TOTALLY agree – either kill Robin/let Patrick find her/get us out of our misery of teasing….
    Sabrina/Brit – go away…..Elizabeth – go away…
    Felix – STAY because he is funny…..
    why isn’t Felicia on there more?
    get rid of Johnny and Connie – gosh, too annoying….
    Ellie is too cute—–she deserves better than Spinelli…..

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    Angie Lucy

    The actress playing Sabrina needs to amp down a bit. Britt needs to just slink away. Lucy doesn’t need a reason to be anchored to PC. She’s Lucy Coe; that’s reason enough. Otherwise, I enjoyed the episode. I agreed with the poster about the previews for the next show–BLAH!

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    The one thing I am interested in seeing is.Robert and Anna.Love to have a story with them looking for ROBIN. She can be found and in a coma.Show a scene of her in a bed in a sanitarium,they did that with Michael..She can be in bed until KMC decides she can come back. I certainly don’t want it to be Robert in that bed.
    I am looking forward to the nurses ball and Lucy Coe. .
    I think the reason things are going the way they are is MONEY. The less they have to pay an actor per scene the better for actors less money.
    maybe Jerry was filmed before the water connection,and him and Robin were in the room so less cost.
    Liz could use a story,but she is a vet,I do not care about the surragot story,I did like Maxie but lately she gets on my nerves also.Love Patrick and Emma. Britt not so much.Is cinderella on the way with the evil step mother?
    On the whole the show is a lot more watchable,if I never see Sonny,Carley or even Todd again.that would be fine with me.

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    Thrilled to have Lucy Coe back and the Qs front & center again. Why hasn’t Liz (or Patrick) thought of asking Jax to fund the Nurse’s ball? He and Robin were good friends and even though he gave $ to Jerry, he’s certainly not hurting financially.

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    What’s the status of Lucy and Kevin? I gave up on Port Charles about a year before it was cancelled so I don’t know how they ended up. No one ever seems to mention Kevin on these boards but his picture was on Lucy’s desk so I assume he’s still around.

  23. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    SavePortChuck-Nothing that is being spoiled here. There is a very strong confirmation on another board that Jon Lindstrom is indeed back on the GH set and is already taping… 0:)

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    I wanted Liz to bitch slap Britt the way she did Saint Jason when he was asking for Jake’s organs. It’s too bad Britt came away a winner in the confrontation because of Patrick’s call. My guess is Liz isn’t being written with Patrick for 2 reasons…. number one reason is that her fans were clammering for her to be with Saint Jason. SB messed that up for her when he left. The second reason is that Patrick is probably going to get written off with a happily ever after with Robin whenever her storyline concludes.

    The writers could’ve went a couple very fantastic ways for Patrick when Robin “died”, but they didn’t. He could’ve claimed revenge on Saint Jason after Robin died and could’ve taken Sam and her baby away from Jason, but they went with the Franco stuff instead. They also could’ve let him and Liz lean on one another and fall slowly in love, with Liz ending up pregnant with a baby girl and then having Robin come back and having a fantastic mess to sort through. Both Liz and Robin are beloved characters, and I know I would be heartbroken for the both of them, but they would’ve knocked the heck out of that storyline.

    I love SR, so I was pleasantly delighted when Jerry Jax popped up on the screen!

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    Mipeony,,,Just no to Liz being pregnant, again! Geez. I hated Guza writing in Becky’s last pregnancy, because the character has been carrying around babies since 2004! Liz needs a romance, her own story, but not another baby.

    Liz could have been paired with Ewen, but RC chose to kill the character off. Matt was sent to prison and SBu left the show.

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    LOL, I was thinking the exact same thing. Robin looked like she was thinking, “Oh no, here we go again!” And so was I!

    If Kimberly McCollough is so bored with the dragging winding story, she should make a decision on coming back already so they can wrap it up.

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