Will Johnny’s Terrible Secret Get Out on General Hospital?

Johnny (Brandon Barash) has been hiding the fact that he was responsible for the deaths of Starr’s (Kristen Alderson) family on General Hospital. Connie (Kelly Sullivan) and Todd (Roger Howarth) have used the secret against him repeatedly, but now that Johnny wants to come clean, what will his enemies do to stop him?

Meanwhile, Michael (Chad Duell) makes love to Starr, as the feud between his two dads heats up. Watch this week’s GH promo after the jump!

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    Meh. Any momentum this story could have had has long been lost. On a recent DC podcast, Luke stated that Johnny and Starr should have been paired romantically to give this reveal a gravity and I wholeheartedly agree. With Todd knowing the truth and Carly not in the picture, where’s the emotional payoff of this reveal? No one wants to see Starr mourn her dead family again (Kristen Alderson’s acting was unbearable the first time.) as much as I like Brandon Barash, Johnny Zacharra is a pointless character and shod exit Port Charles.

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    Okay. This promo has good production values, but the storyline in it – wth?

    Has it not been a YEAR since Cole and Hope were killed? And we are still hashing this out? I was sure this mystery would just end up in the forgotten storylines pile. Good Grief, just end it already.

    And Johnny – sorry honey but you have been ruined so far down with all the killings and the Konnie crap, that I don’t care anymore. I like BB but as far as I’m concerned Johnny can go anytime.

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    Michael and Starr…zzzzzzz.

    Todd…I’m over his jokes and general lameness. He is not the same edgy character he was on OLTL.

    Connie…should just die, or get committed, or she and Sonny can run off to his island OFFSCREEN forever.

    Johnny…is still the only one of these fools feeling any kind of remorse for this played out story. Todd doesn’t care as long as Starr doesn’t hate him and he can rub up against Carly. Connie just wants to hump any male around and not get sent to Shadybrooke. Carly is a nonentity, just someone for Todd and Johnny to fight over. And Starr barely remembers she had a kid most days. Since Johnny is the only younger male I feel any sort of interest in on this show (other than Patrick), I’d like this secret to come out and see how they keep him onscreen.

    Here’s hoping that the actual Christmas Eve episode will have families and kids, and not these dull stories.

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    I have always liked Johnny/BB, but it’s time for the truth to come out about killing Cole and Hope. Here’s hoping Cole disappeared with Hope in fear of going back to prison and thinking that Starr died in the accident. This would be a great way to redeem Johnny, except for the Connie/Kate nonsense.

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    Secrets and Lies

    I started watching the week of the accident and I love how this story has taken so long to play out – Ron does a great job of mixing up the lengths of the stories and staggering the payoffs ensuring that there is always something exciting going on.

    If you want to talk about truly dragged out stories, think about Passions where a story would be “front burner” for years with no payoffs at all – just the same scenes over and over and near-misses on a reveal.

    This story was really not dragged out – the Johnny reveal aspect of it was just back- burnered for a while the other aspects and repercussions played out over the course of the last year or so.

    Love Johnny and glad to see him taking steps to resolve this situation. Hope he stays on the show for a long time.

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    I must agree that this story has gone on way too long … and while Starr is a much more sympathetic character than she was when she first arrived, I just don’t care about her dead kid and her dead boyfriend, who were never, ever even on this show. Why do I care if Johnny killed them rather than Connie? They’re still dead … and everyone will still hate Johnny. And everyone will still hate Connie. What changes???

    Please get to Christmas in Port Charles asap. The Q mansion should be decorated and AJ and Michael should be there along with Starr and Sam and little Danny. Maybe Monica can take Starr under her wing since all her daughter’s are dead.

    And why no mention of Robin, Anna or Robert in this promo? I was really hoping for a Christmas reunion for Robin and her entire family. As much as I love Robin and think she’s the heart of this show, the idea that she is not going to be revealed until the 50th anniversary seems painful and stupid.

    I didn’t know I had such strong opinions … but I guess I do!

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