Wally Kurth Already Back at General Hospital!

Looks like TPTB were as thrilled with Wally Kurth's recent reprisal of Ned Ashton on General Hospital as fans were! Soap Opera Uncensored is reporting Kurth, who also recurs on Days of Our Lives, is back taping at GH.

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    YES! I love me some Wally and if Days isn’t using him like they should then I say bring him back to GH full time. He could be paired with Olivia since Steve is leaving or would love him back with Alexis.

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    What great news!! I Love Wally Kurth as Ned and his adorable dimples! He works so great with Jane Elliot’s Tracy. I’m sure there will be a big fight ahead with the Q’s over who will be in charge of the company. Looking forward to it. I am sure we will be seeing Skye too. If I can get to see all my favorite vets, even if it’s only a little at a time, (because I understand how GH has to follow a certain budget, money-wise),I’ll take it.

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    Angie Lucy

    [quote=shirls429]:love: I love Wally,I want a triangle between Wally,Shawn and Alexis:)[/quote]

    She never should have let Ned go. They were my brainy super couple. So I’d like a triangle, with Ned winning in the end. (But before he wins, we’d have to get a few more shots of Shawn shirtless. It’s only fair :-))

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