I CAN’T BREATHE: Watch Clarence’s Latest Bold and Beautiful Update!


Whatever the Bell family is paying Clarence for his updates, they need to triple it. I just literally screamed out with laughter after watching the funny man's latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.

Clarence: Taylor, for real? How you gone be a gossiping therapist?!

I cannot breathe! Watch the clip after the jump.

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    I love Clarence and he has been around for moon age for CBS. This was hilarious! Thanks Jamey! Calling Taylor nuts and then calling Rick & Tom bitches!! Tom but want what granny have me! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

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    Clarence always knows how to make it so comical. Jamey I know you are so #teambrooke but I’m for Taylor and as much as I love Taylor but how can she be talking about her patients with her daughter. Taylor does need to stop with that, but I like her helping Katie.

    However you know Brooke Logan can’t help herself. Her sister Katie looked at her like chick please. One day Dollar Bill dick going to accidentally go inside her…

    However I like it when these two vixens go toe-to-toe-

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    MsAgent, CBS does pay Clarence–this video is posted on B&B’s official YouTube account. The recaps are also on CBS.com. He used to be in their commercials, too!

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