Jack Abbott on Today’s Young and Restless: “What is Going on With My Company?!”

Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) and Co. have literally been jazzing things up at Jabot since taking the helm. The changes they've made won't sit too well with majority shareholder Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) today on The Young and the Restless. Sneak a peek at Ol' Frownin' Jack's reaction to the new and improved Jabot Cosmetics after the jump!


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    hey mon

    Since all of The Winters Clan is there because of Neil, let’s hope Neil doesn’t quit tomorrow. That would be a quick good-bye for Tyler, Lily, and maybe Cane.

    Anything, though, that gets the focus off of boo-hoo Sharon is a good thing.

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    Hmmm. Says Jack-“What is going on with my company?” I might add what is going on with Y&R? I am sincerely happy for those who have seen improvement in the show. And yes, there have been some definite visual and musical differences that have enhanced areas that seemed to be falling by the wayside. I’m glad to see some new faces but there are still too many cast members and as for stories, I’m just not finding much to latch on to. I really want this show to suceed, but I’m not sure this pair heading up the new regime are the ones to do it. And yes, full disclosure, I am not a fan of JFP. After her time on GH, there was so much damage. I’m still squeamish as to where she’s headed with Y&R. But that’s me… 0:)

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    hey mon

    And yes…

    The show is somewhat boring. Who wants only character development? Not me. I want some action to happen. A stalker, a dopple-ganger, a murder mystery. An organized crime family would be a big plus, too.

    For example, how is Sharon developing exactly? That she is bi-polar, and now everything is all nicey. No, she is still ‘needy’ Sharon, busting up Newman marriages.

    Or Avery and Nick? Nick wants that Sommers smell, just like Sharon likes that Newman ‘touch’. So, so much for character development.

    Jill sleeping with Tucker on a lark? This is character development?

    I know, Neil is not wearing a tie all of the time…

    I need Patty back on the scene ASAP.

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    [quote=hey mon]And yes… The show is somewhat boring.[/quote]

    Somewhat? The damn thing puts me to sleep! I feel like every storyline is trying to regroup the characters and get all their eggs in a row… yet nothing ever seems to happen. The flood of newbies is exhausting. I don’t care about a single one of them. And if I want to watch a cooking show, I’ll watch The Chew (which I NEVER would). I don’t need to see Avery cooking something every damn day like it makes for fascinating television. It’s does NOT!

    Maybe I’ve gotten too spoiled by GH’s fast, new, action-packed pace. Or maybe I got too used to MAB’s can’t-look-away-train-wreck story lines. Either way, I too cannot find a thing to latch onto here.

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    I noticed Leslie’s brother is sniffing round “that fine thang Lily”..

    and my God, did Tucker look like death warmed over today?

    Show is FAR From boring folks. I see and feel so much negativity here on the boards and it has been less than two months since MAB left the scene.

    Happy Holidays!!

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]and my God, did Tucker look like death warmed over today? Show is FAR From boring folks. I see and feel so much negativity here on the boards and it has been less than two months since MAB left the scene.
    Happy Holidays!![/quote]

    Damn–I haven’t seen the show yet but I can’t wait, LOL! Maybe one night with Jill was just too much for him.

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    I am enjoying the new Y&R. I like the character development and where the stories are going. I had to post because I’ve been reading this site for a while now and I mostly see comments of negativity and criticism on here. I don’t know what it takes to make viewers happy, but I feel some people will never be satisfied! I’ve watched Y&R since I was in my teens in the 80s and felt the last three years or so have been some of the weakest I can remember… But I kept watching.

    Perhaps I am in the minority here, but I prefer strong character development and interesting “fleshed out” stories over continuous fast moving, silly and annoying story lines with crazy people coming out of nowhere and doing nonsensical things. I feel we are finally getting to know some of the characters again. Please, people, give the new regime some time!

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    I feel as though the Newmans and the Abbotts are the only ones with the watchable storylines. I really like Sharon’s recovery (hopefully) from bi-polar and how that will play out with her exes. I’m also into Jack’s pill popping, although I think they made his descent into addiction too obvious and a bit too fast. And syPhyllis is on the back burner for a little bit – THANK GOD.

    As for the Fishers, Winters, and hell, even the Chancellors – I’m not sure what their point on the show is anymore. I love that Jill’s back, but aside from sleeping with Tucker (whose days are apparently numbered), what has she done? Get her back in Jabot, sparring (or sleeping) with Jack. Have her bicker with Katherine over CI. The point is, find a way to integrate them into the storylines.

    I agree that there needs to be some “story-driven” plots (maybe 1), but keep in mind that Vicki just got kidnapped. Okay, that storyline was poorly done. But we’ll get another one.

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    [quote=Thankulord13]The show is gotten tired and General Hospital is good again time to switch shows again because JFP will destroy this show like she did GH.[/quote]

    Sorry not switching to GH but thanks anyway, if I want to watch Justice League fighting super villains I have cartoon network I turn on and watch. :)

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    I thought it was a great show. Matter of fact, I am liking the show much better now. Neil Winters was on 4 days out of the week. And it wasn’t just fluff or filler either. I felt like something was happening. I am in shock.

    I enjoyed Jack’s story and the far reaching consequences on the entire canvas. They are tied together niceley. I think that JG is weaving a nice story.

    Side Note: I loved seeing Neil go toe to toe with jack. He hasn’t done that in…ever I don’t think.

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    Sorry not switching to GH but thanks anyway, if I want to watch Justice League fighting super villains I have cartoon network I turn on and watch. :)[/quote]

    Did I ask you if you were going to change stations? GH right now is light years ahead of this travesty they call a show. This is the reason why soaps are getting canceled.

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    hey mon

    We did. We did. We got used to MAB’s outlandish story-lines. From Genevieve standing on top of her balcony almost letting go of Colin, to Patty putting a slug in Jack, it was good times.

    Now the highlight is watching ‘paint dry’ Sharon and her angst about ‘burning down the house’. Or Avery trying to steal Phyllis’s life.

    And yes, the Show needs a Strip Club. A new Eden (although I like the one who is leaving) getting body painted on stage, the new Adrianna. And a lot of you would like to see Carmine take it all off, with a follow up dance by Tyler. This would blend easily with an organized crime story-line ( a serious one, not like Angelo and Angelina).

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    Frankly, after standing by the show through the MAB years, I was sooooooo hoping for something better with the New Powers that be. It ain’t happened. In fact, other than some new set, etc. the show is worse. This viewer is no longer interested. Period end.

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    [quote=bruceyboy]Frankly, after standing by the show through the MAB years, I was sooooooo hoping for something better with the New Powers that be. It ain’t happened. In fact, other than some new set, etc. the show is worse. This viewer is no longer interested. Period end.[/quote]

    Like you, I could hardly wait to see MAB gone, but I definitely do not see any improvement. Too much Avery cooking and just dull storylines otherwise. They need to have Victor get a life and move on to something bigger and better than Newman Enterprises. This is all DULLSVILLE, and JABOT is JACK’S company and do any of the Winters clan have any business sense, besides NEIL?

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    Me too! Just alot of different stories going no where. Don’t think I like these new writers. Gave them a chance but now, have not watched for nearly 6 weeks. or more..go to spoilers and they will give me the info I want and nothing is going at all for me. Find out about Sharon/Adam/Chelsea from there. Too many new charactors.

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    Still so much negativity. Most of you weren’t happy with Maria’s storytelling, and now you are already complaining about Josh’s writing. What do you want exactly?

    My biggest complaint is the rapid transition from the old sets and music, to almost exclusively the new ones. Can we eat somewhere else besides BLVD? Where that wonderful Y and R score?

    But as for the character development, it was sorely needed. People aren’t jumping in bed, getting shot, wearing those damn orange jail suits, such a relief to see real people with real issues. And no, we don’t have poisoned water in Genoa City. Keep in that Port.

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    My main complaint with the new regime is the unhealthy focus on certain characters (I don’t need to see Avery EVERY SINGLE DAY, and COOKING? They are coddling the ACTRESS, who is a food blogger and COOK). Why does that aspect of her life have to be brought into Y&R??

    Jamie/Fen/Summer–don’t care about any of them. They can’t carry story.

    Winters are now getting too MUCH airtime (yeah, I said it). Lily and Devon at Jabot? A complete JOKE.

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    hey mon

    The only s/l’s that are interesting are Crazy Fen. Hopefully this kid will turn out to be like dear-old Dad, or Uncle Kevin.

    Tyler at Jabot. At least there is some new blood floating around. Make him a stripper ASAP! Let the ratings fly upward for the ladies and the gay men. Or how about this, Jabot’s new Men’s line, and Tyler is new model! He gets his picture taken daily with his shirt off in his underwear. (I’m being serious)

    I am hoping against hope that Nick is going to open a strip club. Somehow Nick doesn’t realize that his new ‘disguised’ stripper is REALLY, Summer!

    As far as ratings go, the Show is going to be showing WAY DOWN compared to January 2013 to January 2013. Y&R was scoring 3.5s and 3.6 during January of last year, focusing on Patty Williams and her craziness.

    Now all we got is endless debating about Sharon & The Fire.

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    How’s the cocktail hey mon (gin? mentioned on full posts). If you are so unhappy stop moan & bitching quit watching Y&R! |( It’s that simple. You’re constant ranting about a strip club, wanting more psychos and MAB is getting tedious. Y&R hasn’t been this good in 7 years. Everyone was saying the same thing when Ron took over at GH and GH actually dipped in the ratings for months and yes GH has rebounded.

    Paraphrasing as Jamey stated on Y&R “slower pace, sexually driven psychological drama” is Y&R!! It’s not GH, Passions, or even DOOL.

    Things are starting to gel more now with characters being fleshed out, couples abound, triangles are being built, new blood(s)being infused in story nicely, characters acting as they were, families being written deliciously dysfunctional, old fashion friendships are developing between characters. The novel thing I have been seeing so much more…ROMANCE is everywhere on the canvas…imagine that ROMANCE on a soap so novel! :love: There hasn’t been the silliness and goofiness of past years but now it’s more of true to core of Y&R. JFP & Josh are doing right by Y&R and Bill Bell’s legendary stories and how Y&R truly works. The kicker is JFP is proving she knows Y&R isn’t GH showing a completely different side of her abilities. She made 2 bad errs with GL granted but she also showed the same side with GL at the time with some amazing storytelling. There are many sites and posters seem happy with Y&R right now but the same old gripes are coming from the usual suspects and they will NEVER give Y&R a chance. They just want Y&R to fail miserably and it’s not. ;) The last two days of episodes were EXCELLENT!

    Merry Christmas ;)

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    hey mon

    harlee — I was the LAST one to jump on the ‘Hate MAB’ band-wagon, and that’s only when MAB forced me on the wagon, with a shotgun. The last straws were the no-good stinkin ethnic-stereotypes of the Venezianos (Angelo and Angelina), the killing of Ricky, and the not-sharing Eileen D with DAYS. Other than that, I liked 2008-2012, and thought MAB did a fairly good job. That is a known to everyone who has watched me post over the last 5-6 years.

    MAB created/allowed the romance of Shadam. Though kooky, weird, and almost down-right evil, it was believable. It is not uncommon for a woman to do ‘anything’ for a man who will be faithful to her. That’s what Sharon is when she is around Adam. She doesn’t have to worry about her husband having a bulge in his pants every time a skirt goes by, like she has to with Nick. She’s not a passing thing to make Nikki jealous, like when Victor was after her. Not a casual fling, like her one night with Billy back in 2008. She is Mrs Adam Newman, his one obsession and desire. Didn’t say it was totally healthy, just believable.

    Expanded Ashley to a main role as Abby hit Tucker, and showed Ashley battling Katherine. Diane’s Murder Mystery was good, except for the resolution. Patty shooting Jack was very good. Patty shooting Colleen was novel, although I hate to see a young core character die. My point is, things happened. Stalkers, dopple-gangers, volcanos, good stuff. Action, faster-paced.

    Not the slow dialog of so-called ‘character development’. The hand-wringing over whether or not Frau Nicole is going to corner and confront Sharon, like she has the last 20 years. Or whether or not Billy is going to dog-tail after Victoria, being her lap dog for another year. Or can Avery cook Nick another meal. And the droning that is the relationship of Kevin and Chloe.

    And you know I’ve watched Y&R since 82, on and off since 79. Bill Bell had plenty of crazies — Sven, Sheila, Leanna, Cassandra, David Kimble, Veronica Landers, Tricia, on and on. But now there are none. How is that honoring Bill Bell?

    And he also had a strip club in the 80s. LML had one in 2004-2005.

    But there is some hope. Fen is very interesting, so is Summer. I’m liking Red right now. And I cant stop watching now, been watching for over 30 years — have to watch till the Show goes off the air, whenever that may be.

    Order up a Gin and Sprite Zero!

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    hey mon….Yes MAB did bring Shadam together but she also turned alot of fans off on how she wrote Adam in the beginning being so vile and baby killer. I admit Shadam does have chemistry and she did bring Chelsea on as Adam’s redeemer which did work. She did give Ashley story but all kinds of wrong story for Ashley. Her constant bloating of the canvas and changing what fans knew of the characters.

    ITA 100% Bill had his crazies but it was balanced. He didn’t have multiple crazies running amok at once. Bill did character development even on his crazies! My personal fave crazy was one you didn’t mention in the mid to late ’70s was Vanessa Prentiss and her vail! Played by the fab KT Stevens…she was delicious and you would probably liked her! :) I also enjoyed Vernoica Landers story! :) Bill constantly had romance and wicked triangles along with corporate stories going on the canvas. I think they will eventually do a character that is whacked again but fans got sooooooo tired of that type of story during MAB years. Even LML didn’t have that many crazies at once. Even when Patti shot Jack (TL) the first time Bill didn’t make Patti super psycho but played as a troubled young woman. He might thought he wanted to one day bring back Patti. If MAB was smart which is wasn’t would bring Patti back and yes she had problems in the past but normal for Jack in a story…what if Patti years ago when sent away had a Jack’s baby…hmmmm. That could have been fun.

    The strip club of the ’80s wasn’t permanent but used as tool because Nikki and Victor setup of the start of the romance.

    Fans had their fill of doppelgangers, psychos, L&O stories, etc the bad stuff. I’m liking Fen but don’t want him all super crazy because he’s tied to a popular couple especially to Lauren. Yes let him have the angst teen problems and show Lauren & Michael as parents struggling because of both past deeds. I to enjoying Summer and now she knows Noah secret, a little of Phyllis in her would be fun and she used it to her advantage >)

    I love character driven stories because of the beats being played always sets the mood and viewers then understand what is happening in the stories. Bill must have drove you to distraction with his slow pace (even me at times) but BOY he had explosive payoffs and that was always used for the next story and the ramifications. Where plot driven stories after the story comes to the end it’s on to next plot nothing in between. Little things lately which has been totally ignored the last 5-6 years of past stories of characters now lately they are addressed again prime examples:

    Neil’s addiction talking to Jack, yesterday episode when Chole was talking to Chelsea and telling Chelsea she found the backing and Chelsea snapped back “Did you borrow Kevin’s chipmunk head” ;) I howled! It was nod and wink on Josh’s part…LOVING Y&R once again. :love: The other day when Victor and Nikki was looking at the photo album Nikki mentioned Douglas Austin…PHEW! now that is going back! A tip of the hat to history.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…enjoy your gin juice! ;)

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    [quote=harlee490]How’s the cocktail hey mon (gin? mentioned on full posts). If you are so unhappy stop moan & bitching quit watching Y&R! |( It’s that simple. You’re constant ranting about a strip club, wanting more psychos and MAB is getting tedious. Y&R hasn’t been this good in 7 years. Everyone was saying the same thing when Ron took over at GH and GH actually dipped in the ratings for months and yes GH has rebounded.[/quote]

    Harlem dear, I can always count on you to speak my mind for me! Thank you & Merry Christmas! Mon, I’m sure you got coal in your stockings this year with you griping about Y&R!

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    @harlee490–pretty much agree with almost everything you said in your last 2 posts. The show’s infinitely more watchable than it was under MAB; she may have done a scant few things right–Patty shooting Jack was probably the only decent storyline she did in her last year or so on the show, and that momentum was lost within 2 weeks–but that was outweighed by all the shit she did wrong, including assasinating long-term characters(Sharon, Ashley, Kevin) while allowing others to completely swallow the show whole(Phyllis, Victor). Granted, I’m not loving everything about it–for one, Lily and Cane aren’t compelling enough to make me care about any storyline they’re involved in, even if Leslie’s fine ass brother is involved–but it’s a helluva lot more balanced, storywise and castwise, than it was when it was called The Victor and Phyllis Show. Also a plus for me was rescuing two MAB characters from one-dimensional oblivion(Chelsea and Avery)and making them integral to the canvas; I love Avery with Nick and am still squarely behind Chelsea and Adam(and also loving the Chelsea/Chloe dynamic a.k.a. the only worthwhile relationship Chloe is in right now). Not to mention some good to great recasts; Hunter King and Max Ehrich continue to grow on me as Summer and Fen and Robert Adamson as Noah is the find of the year in my book(for various reasons of course ;)). So yeah, I’d say it’s a sight better than it’s been in a very long while.

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    @ChrisGa…you said it MAB reign was a big pile of cow dung! Posters had every right to be screaming about the state of Y&R…including me when I turned off Y&R for about 9 months. I was including in the “bitching the blue streak” but had to return and suffer just because it’s Y&R. Which the last 6-8 months of this past year either Sony & CBS or both finally put the hammer down because she did mellow out the characters but the writing was on the wall for MAB and thank the soaps gods she was history.

    I like Navery very much and Chelsea is fast becoming a fave of mine…see what better writing does for a character! Adam is by far more likable now and you watch he will save Jabot from being swallow into NE. Yes Victor will get NE back but everything will be in structure. Abbotts at Jabot, Newman at NE, and with Tucker leaving maybe that is where Neil comes and actually becomes CEO McCall Limited? Not sure. Jill at Chancellor as CEO. I’m loving Y&R right now and Feburary sweeps will be so good compared to November being the new team just arriving, I can’t wait! :bigsmile:

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    hey mon

    harlee – You know I loved me my Vanessa Prentiss. That’s what got me started watching Y&R in the first place. Her hatred for Lorie Brooks was unsurpassed.

    In high school at the time on the football team, and I bought a $800 VCR to tape Y&R. That took a lot of ‘splaining in the still rigid 70s, especially in an old-fashioned Latino house-hold. But I held on.

    Too bad that KT Stevens wanted out so bad in the early 80s. Her faking her death at the ‘hands of Lorie’ was the ultimate at the time. Nikki was great at that time, Lauren, Paul…

    And of course, I am starting to like some of the new things of Y&R and Josh G. Phack, Kyle being a major player, Lane being shaken up, Victor getting some troubles for his past sins, and Jack still holding onto Newman Enterprises!

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