DAYS’ Judi Evans to Recur on The Mentalist Starting in January 2013!

Popular daytime soaper Judi Evans is doing a little moonlighting. The Days of Our Lives actress has booked a recurring role on The Mentalist. According to published reports, Evans will play State Senator Elaine Dawkins in at least three episodes of the hit CBS procedural, beginning in January.  

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    I think she’s my favorite of the older “Days” set (the ’80s crew). I am glad she’s working on a high-profile show, and wish that “Days” would figure out a way to expand her role.

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    Well, Wally Kurth is working on GH more now and Judi has landed this recurring role. I guess this means Tomlin & Whitesell are still giving a cold shoulder to Justin and Adrienne. Evans & Kurth are quality performers who have a long history of giving consistent and passionate performances in daytime. It is a shame that Days is unable to utilize their talent more.

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    Great news for Judi! She is such a wonderful actress (who can forget the hilarious, though annoying Bonnie Lockhart lol) and deserves all the chances she gets. Too bad DAYS haven’t used her, but hey, maybe soon she won’t need that show anymore.

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    Good for her! So happy she is getting Prime stuff! She was always a fave of mine, she will rock on The Mentalist!

    Shame on Days for not using her more! Part of me wants it to turn into a permanent gig for her so she can leave the (expletive)fest that is Days.

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    Secrets and Lies

    Good for Judi! The fact that Days cannot find anything to do with actors like Evans and Kurth proves what a lack of ambition those writers have. They have an amazing cast that doesn’t get used because Days bosses believe their audience can’t follow more than 2 or 3 storylines (if you can even call something like Sami, Rafe, and EJ constantly bumping into each other a “storyline”) at a time.

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