DC’s 10 Worst Soap Opera Couples of 2012

No. 10: Neil and Harmony, The Young and the Restless

We're sure the brass at The Young and the Restless hoped pairing uptight, buppie Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) with another sassy, sistah from the streets would generate the same kind of heat Neil's relationship with street urchin-turned-fashionista Drucilla Barber (Victoria Rowell) accomplished in the 90's. It didn't.

Man, was it painful to watch two popular, talented soap stars like St. John as Debbi Morgan—as promiscuous, recovering crackhead Harmony— attempt to manufacture chemistry where there obviously wasn't any to be found. 


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    It was painful watching Debbie Morgan, who was so great on AMC, in that awful role of Harmony. Her and Neil had zero chemistry. Again, the writing was awful. Also Sharon and Victor, they were nauseating to watch together!

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    ICAM with the selections on this list. Y&R deservedly outnumbered the rest of the soaps on this list. At least under Josh Griffith’s writing Y&R is on it’s way to having the largest number of actual couples on soaps in 2013.

    I find Y&R’s Kevin & Chloe to be particularly boring and chemistry-free. Cane & Lily would make the list for me as well GH’s Alexis & Shawn and DAYS’ Will & Sonny.

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    For the first time, I have to agree with this website list of best.
    Liam/Hope and Victor/Sharon is just god awful.
    And no matter what Brad Bell is still planning to rehash this awful story on the audience again. Apparently the end of the world isn’t coming fast enough.

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    Totally disagree with the inclusion of GH’s Connie on this list! Kelly Sullivan’s fearless comedic performance crackles in every scene with any sparring partner, even boring Molly. (Sidenote: what is Alexis doing to make her daughters so dull?). Connie’s constant torment of Johnny and her cuckolding of Sonny are both cases of just desserts freshly served for all the women those two mobsters have walked all over.

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    Liam and Steffy should be added – actually anyone with the tedious Liam is the worst. Jack and Nikki, Nikki and Victor, Phyllis with anyone – the list could go on and on. One of the absolute worst in my eyes was Sam and that older cop with the stringy long hair. UGH.

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    DAYS Jen and Daniel, in my opinion, should be number 1. Contrived and NO chemistry. It’s clear that these actors are as bored and unhappy with this pairing as most of the viewers are. Their faces just seem to SCREAM: “Gotta pay these bills, let’s just try to stay awake” while they are reciting this cliched dialogue, which really does seem like it was written by a 1st year creative writing student.

    My feelings about Reeves aside, I think she’d have more chemistry with a Chick-Fil-A sandwich than she ever has with Shawn Christian. And Christian can be a capable and somewhat exciting actor when he’s given decent writing and a fiery partner to act alongside. Where’s Maura West when you need her? Maybe if they recast the role, I might care………but then again, probably not. Crap writing is still crap writing.

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    Most of the pairings listed here were pretty bad, but the one that made my hair stand on end like Don King’s and outraged every fiber of my gym-trained body was:


    That woman, that Maria Arena Bell, took a relationship that had been established over two decades and violated its very core. And for no good reason other than shock value.

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    I agree, GH’s Konnie is the absolute worst. Both pairings I have to FF through. I truly can’t stand this character. I wish the show would get rid of this character. Just horrible.

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    2012 isn’t over yet. If Y&R shows Jill and Tucker in bed together you may have to re-do your list.

    Poor Jill, there’s no way she would take up with Tucker again given the nasty way he treated her. Where’s William Russ? Can’t they sub him in for this story? LOL I’d make it a bit more believable, at least Jill looked like she really was into that Tucker.

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    GH should just get of Konnie already, she’s dragging the enetire show down!

    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Most of the pairings listed here were pretty bad, but the one that made my hair stand on end like Don King’s and outraged every fiber of my gym-trained body was:


    That woman, that Maria Arena Bell, took a relationship that had been established over two decades and violated its very core. And for no good reason other than shock value.[/quote]

    Exactly. MAB destroyed a 20 years long father/daughter relationship for nothing. Victor/Sharon relationship was one the things that made Dictator appear human, because he loved her without having the super high expectations for her that he had/has for his kids, so he never bullied her like he did them. And Sharon for her part was extremly loyal to the only “father” in her life, they understood and respected each other because they both grew up really poor. I still don’t understand why she went there, that woman is nuts.

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    I agree with this list. Hope and Liam just don’t have it – they have not had a good relationship in the year and half I’ve been watching. Sorry but KM is just a bore of an actress. She doesn’t hold a candle to JMW. Sex problem story boring, pill popping boring, her and liam total bore. JMW has chemistry with everybody that is why her and Liam are not on the list – they communicate, have fun, dram free (except for HOpe).

    I love Chloe, but I hate her with Kevin. Poor Neil he can never find love. Sonny and Connie are too campy. Connie and Johnnie just don’t work. Victor and Sharon were just gross. I would add Bill and Brooke to this list.

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    Liam and Hope are the worst. Now it appears Bell is bringing that terrible triangle back so I took BB off my dvr effective today. It’s just awful, repetitive, and boring. I thought the Hope actress was weak but the Caroline actress is even more horrid. Initially I wasn’t a huge fan of Steffy but will give JMW some credit because she’s improved alot and has actually become a very solid actress.

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    I don’t think you are in the minority Secrets and Lies. My friend and fellow soap watcher like Kellie Sullivan and she is great as Kate/Connie. She brings lots of talent in all her scenes. I could mention others who seem to deliver the dialog in a way that seems like we are watching the same scene over and over.
    We all know who they are.

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    [quote=NathanHastingsSr.]Honorable mention= Billy and Victoria[/quote]
    Thank you, Jamey always forgets that the couple he loves are one of the worse too lol! The Irony lol! MAB and Jamey are twin sisters separated at birth

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    Villy isn’t the “worse” couple on Y&R by far…Tucker & HoYolanda was the worse. They might not be my fav but I don’t hate Villy. They are charming, plenty of chemistry, and cozy kind of couple.

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    I’m surprised that Michael and Starr from GH aren’t on this list. I’m not a fan of Sonny or Connie’s, but I would rather watch Connie with Sonny or Johnny any day over Michael & Starr. They aren’t hot. There is no chemistry and the acting is bad. Send Starr back to Llanview and bring Drew Garrett back as Michael.

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    Rafe and Sammi need to be on this list. Those two have zero chemistry and Rafe sucks the life right out of Sammi. Also I’d add Brady and Madison, any couple shown riding segues through horton town square should earn an automatic spot on this list. Honestly you could put 80% of the Days couples on this list, there is so little that works on that show right now. I’m counting the days till Tomlin and Whitesell get fired.

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    Daniel and Jennifer are the #1 worst IMHO. I don’t understand why the show is constantly pimping Shawn Christian. He has never had a successful pairing on the show. The actor is not necessarily the problem, I guess, I enjoyed him on ATWT and this cheezy Lifetime holiday movie I watched last night! But DAYS can’t seem to write Daniel so that I care about him or root for him in any way.

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    I don’t believe that Liam and hope are worst couple.i fell inlove right away the first I saw Liam and hope in aspen. Till now we love hope but of course Liam is kinda jerk sometimes with feelings with 2 girls. Must Liam and steffy are worst no chemistry and irritating steffy acting. I think the worst is the writers.

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    Totally agree with your #1 choice and most of the others! Liam & Steffy are a lot worse than Liam & Hope. Can’t help but wonder if Megan Ward would have made the Sonny/Connie/Kate thing more plausible – atrocious storyline and all. She and Maurice had a lot more chemistry and there wasn’t the age difference either. Also did not care for Luke & Anna as a couple. Yuck! Anna/Robert/Duke will make a better triangle if they go there again.

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    Liam and Hope were cute at the beginning but this year, they were on screen too darn much. Liam and Steffy are just awful right now. They are boring and obnoxious. They main problem is how they are written, especially Liam.

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    These two actors would have had chemistry had the writers made Debbie into a sophisticated professional. Debbie is a wonderfully intelligent actress and they dumbed her down. It was the writing that did not click. Neil doesn’t have chemistry with Leslie either. She looks more like his daughter than a love interest. Very arrogant character.

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    How could I have forgotten GH’s Anna & Luke? I thank whoever mentioned them up-thread. That pairing was repulsive. Although I can see the logic on paper, the realization was gross. In the words of Larry Flick, “Mortimer!” ‘Nuff said.

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    DC, I with you on this list. Yoharmony and Neil, no bueno, I think bad writing for them was the start of it and MAB didn’t do Debbie Morgan any favors. Daniel and Jen, hell no, they are boring and Jen, Jack is the love of your life, not Dan. Daisy and Daniel, Next. Kevin and Chloe are more friends than lovers, liam and Hope are dullsville. Kate/Connie needs to disappear and return as Megan Ward or just get rid of the character. Victor and Sharon, that was hot. j/k. We all know that Victor wants some of her na na and since both his sons taste it, he wanted some too, lol. but it was out of left field with them, lol.

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    To really get Liam and Steffy relationship, you have to watch the bonus clips. They are great. They show their relationship a whole lot better than the show. Liam and Hope might have been good at first, but for a year and half nothing. I started with knowing nothing about B&B and they were terrible for the last year and half.

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    Hate this story. Didn’t like boring Kate and like less Cartoon Connie. I can’t wait till this story comes to a conclusion. Pair Kate/Connie with anyone else other than Sonny or Johnny for that matter. Just get rid of her entirely.

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    Who has a copy/link to Doug Marland’s list of how to write for a soap…I would like to make a copy for the current writing team of Days. I love my soap. I do not want it to end.

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    >>Neil & Harmony – should have worked, but never had a chance with MAB at the helm.
    >>Trey & Kristina – “Kristina” was the problem in this duo. Ms. Morgan can’t act, plain and simple.
    >>Daniel & Daisy – Were they really considered a “couple?” She’s horrible; he’s not much better. Glad they’re both gone.
    >>Rick & Caroline – Almost as awful and Liam & Hope.
    >>Sonny & Connie – Can’t believe I’m saying this, but the trouble here is with Connie…TOO over-the-top!
    >>Kevin & Chloe – Kevin is NOT a romantic character and should NEVER be paired with a woman. Poor Chloe!
    >>Daniel & Jennifer – Two of the most boring and annoying characters. They deserve each other…OFF screen.
    >>Liam & Hope – They make my eyes bleed! And my ears!!
    >>Johnny & Connie – How is this woman in two worst couples? It’s gotta be her! She has ruined Johnny for me.
    >>Victor & Sharon – Disgusting! Victor with anyone, other than Nikki, is DISGUSTING!

    The top three worst are interchangeable…but I guess I have to agree that Vic & Sharon edge the other two out by an Eww.

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    I totally agree on that Victor and Sharon are the most horrible #1 couple of the DECADE!

    VERY close to them are indeed Daniel & Jennifer, Connie & everyone, Kristina & anyone, Daniel & Daisy and Kevin & Chloe.

    When are the writers just going to admit that Kevin SHOULD be gay?! Can you just imagine the storyline potentials on that one? Can you imagine a twist where a bisexual Carmine realizes that Kevin is really gay, and just hasn’t admitted it to himself. Then Carmine would start showing up without his shirt on and getting close to Kevin, who would be flustered and appalled that that towering hunk of man was hitting on him, and finally after some time Kevin would realize he just can’t help himself but has to admit to Carmine he would worship the ground he walks on. And by that time, Carmine is starting to really fall for little Kevvie. Can you imagine what a great couple they would be! And can you imagine Gloria hovering over the couple as the mother hen? oh Lord that would be the most interesting thing on Y&R in a long time! Not to mention it would put the show on the map for FINALLY showcasing a gay storyline. PLUS I predict it would do almost the same for Greg Rikaart as it did for Chandler Massey on Days. It would totally increase Kevin’s root-worthiness and maybe even earn him an Emmy nod! That would be the first time since 2003 then Kevin would genuinely be interesting.

    Honorable mentions on this list would also include Heather & Daniel (just a weird pairing), Daniel & Nicole (omg, horrible), Paul & Nina (just friends), Luke & Anna (friends only), Liam & Steffy (no better than Liam & Hope), Hope & Thomas (what? are you kidding me?), Nikki & Jack (just friends this time around).

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    RealityCheck 33

    Victor & Sharon were vomit inducing at the very least. Their coupling was nothing more than thinly veiled incest by MAB. The stupid bitch crossed the line and she deserved to get her ass fired by Sony and CBS. Now Y&R is doing its best to recover from the damage this moron and her staff of crap writers did to the show.

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    Sorry, but what has Carmine done to receive the punishment of Kevin? I use to think Kevin should be gay, but, I think, Rikaart is in the wrong medium and needs to leave. A good soap star is a bit of ham and, relatively speaking, he’s way too boring. He should try getting a job at CW. Kevin doesn’t have chemistry with his male co-stars either. For example, Kevin had no chemistry with Billy and I found their scenes forced. He’s only had sexual chemistry with Ryder.

    Overall, I agree with the list. Chloe needs to get out of that relationship with Kevin. Its bringing her down.

    I would rank Sophia and Neil as the worst couple when compared to Sophia/Harmony. Neil’s love scene with Sophia was awkward.

    I would add any of Starr’s pairings. The girl needs to leave Pine Valley, like, yesterday.

    While I don’t care for Hope/Liam, Steffy/Liam is worse and cheesier.

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    So very pleased to see NuKate/Connie whoever the hell she is this week, appearing on this list of worst couples not once but TWICE. And I’m not a hater of the actress and I’m not resentful of the recast. It’s simply the worst written story going on daytime and that’s saying a lot.

    But GH is filled with couples who are either achingly boring or who have the appeal of listening to feral cats mating while getting a tabasco sauce enema. Todd + Carly: yuk. Todd’s spawn with Sonny’s spawn: disgusting. Stevia: thank God this is ending. And the list goes on and on. The only coupling this regime as improved is Lante, for some reason I no longer finding them so annoying. But I certainly am not on the edge of my seat excited about them. For a show that created the word super couple and basically lived off of actors’ chemistry during its ratings heyday, it’s amazing how this show can’t create a single new coupling that resonates at all with viewers. Love in the afternoon is certainly dead and buried.

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