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Johnny wants to tell Starr something very important, but is unsure of how she'll react. Starr asks if he killed Anthony, and Johnny admits he did.  Starr says Anthony was a horrible man, and she’s not sorry he’s gone.  Johnny has more to confess, before she hears it elsewhere.  Starr asks if he killed someone else, and Johnny expresses his feelings of regret. 

Sonny explains to Carly how AJ set him up by goading him into violence, so Michael would see.  Carly wants to hunt down AJ, but Sonny knows AJ will eventually reveal his true self to Michael.  Carly claims Michael is a wonderful man thanks to Sonny and Jason.   Sonny thinks they should give Michael time, and believe he will make the right decision.
Michael wants the truth from AJ about the text message ordeal. AJ admits his guilt, and Michael hits the roof. He screams that AJ hasn't changed, and he was stupid to believe otherwise.  AJ asks for a chance to plead his case.  He says he fell back into old patterns, because he was scared of losing Michael.  AJ swears he went to the gym to ask Sonny for a truce, but things changed when he saw the text.
AJ knows Michael has been groomed to hate him, and he wants Michael to see his side of things. AJ professes that he just wants to be a dad to Michael.  Michael feels Sonny was never a bully, and has fought for everything he has.  He’s tired of being jerked around, and doesn’t want AJ to turn him against his parents.  AJ promises to make it up to Michael, and be a better man.  The two share a hug. 
Connie’s worried that if Johnny confesses, she'll be committed and disappear.  Todd calls his guy at the PCPD, and finds out Johnny hasn’t shown up there.  After, Todd phones calls Carly about Johnny, but she hasn’t seen Johnny either. Todd gives it one more try and calls Starr. When Starr admits Johnny is with her, Todd fakes a heart attack and begs Starr to help him. A panicked Starr runs out, without Johnny telling her the truth.  Todd tells Connie they need to do something permanent about Johnny. 
Spinelli finds Ellie at Kelly’s, and asks why she’s running from him.  Ellie tells him she overheard his conversation with Maxie at the hospital. She knows he would have been happy to accept her love.  Spin informs her she didn't stay long enough, because he told Maxie that he's ready for the long haul with Ellie.  He asks her to spend Christmas with him, and Ellie agrees.  Ellie asks if he wants to call Maxie to see how the procedure went, but Spin says Maxie doesn’t need him anymore. 
Maxie’s surprised when Lante want her to sign a legal document before the implantation procedure.  She thinks they don’t trust her, but Alexis and Dante assure her it’s in her best interest. Lulu chimes in that it’s just a formality, so Maxie signs on the dotted line.   
Mac is unsure Maxie is doing the right thing, but Alexis reassures him Maxie is a remarkable woman. She thinks he should be proud of her. 
Sonny shows up at the hospital to offer support to Dante.  Dante and Lulu announce the procedure went well, and they should know soon if it worked. 
Alexis runs into Carly, and asks if she’s okay.  Carly updates her on the AJ situation. Soon, Johnny calls and begs Carly to come over because he has something he needs to say to her face to face. Carly doesn’t commit to going over to his place.
Starr arrives Todd’s office before he does, and frantically looks for him. When Todd finally gets there, he throws himself on the floor and Starr finally finds him. She tries to do CPR on Todd, and quickly realizes he's faking.

After Johnny hangs up with Carly, Connie knocks him out with a vase.

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    Johnny, for the love of pete, SPIT. IT. OUT!!

    Is it just me, or did it seem as though Connie hit Johnny in the shoulder and not over the head?

    I don’t understand Sonny’s logic (I never do). The whole ‘you goaded me’ thing. Unless AJ grabbed Sonny’s fists and started punching himself in the face, it doesn’t matter what AJ said or did. AJ could have stood there and spewed out a bunch of ‘yo mama’ lines and Sonny still wouldn’t have been justified in punching the crap out of him. Granted, AJ could have stopped the pummeling with one good shot to Sonny’s face, and didn’t because he wanted the end result, but still.

    Todd is just so mental, and yet, he makes me laugh.

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    I hope they don’t kill off Johnny, even though his character has been pushed in the corner with the murder of 3 people against him. Brandon B is such a great actor,I hope somehow the character can be saved. If Todd could get away with the murder of his brother then I’m sure somehow Johnny could be redeemed.
    Speaking of Todd, the man just makes me laugh. When he and Connie were looking for Johnny and he goes “Where’s Johnny”? (like Jack Nicholson in The Shining), I cracked up so much. And his faking a heart attack and Star pulling him and knocking him back down. Roger Howarth does comedy so well, I love him! I actually can take Connie when she’s in scenes with him, They play off well from each other. I may be in the minority here but I think Kelly Sullivan has been doing a great job with the DID storyline. As a OLTL viewer both Vicki and Jessica played the DID characters over the top also. With Connie, she actually makes me laugh with her comments.
    I actually can take watching Sonny, now that he’s not on the screen everyday. Thought Maurice and Sean were great in their scenes today. Maurice seems to be revitalized in his acting since Frank V took over. At least he’s not mumbling and stumbling over his lines like he used to do un der Guza, but I guess he was bored with the same stories over and over also. I am just loving how GH is combining drama with comedy, though the dog storyline with Lulu and Dante is getting a bit silly.

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    Personally I can’t stand the character of Konnie. I think she is way too over the top. I actually dread days she is on. On the other hand I love Todd and find him EXTREMELY entertaining…I can see why you say that you can take Konnie when she shares scenes with Todd, AngelWendy15. They do play well off one another…and he is one of the few characters on the show that makes her bearable. Still can’t stand the character, and I wish she would leave the show.

    I am sick at how they have written Johnny. I hope you are right and they redeem this character. I don’t know how though. He will always have these past actions riding on his shoulders…Which is exactly where that bottle hit him Perkie…you are right. Konnie hit Johnny on this shoulder with the bottle.

    What I don’t get is why AJ and Sonny are fighting over Michael who is a grown man now. He is not a kid…To me this is ridiculous. Sonny already won the battle, and raised Michael as his son…So what if Michael as an adult, gets to finally know his biological dad. Sorry this is not really drama for me…I think THIS is silly. People aren’t property, and no one should be that immature or insecure, to resent their child forging relationships with other family members.

    The show the past two days was quite a let down from the proceeding days. Very little of interest… for me at least.

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    Yesterday bored me…where’s Lucy? I need a dose of Coe STAT before the holiday weekend is here.

    I can’t hate Johnny since we know Cole & Hope aren’t dead. We know what it means in soaps when bodies aren’t found. You know Cole and Hope floated down the river and Cole woke up with amnesia and has been rasising his daughter downstream. Months passed and Cole was out bu the river trying to get his memory back when he saw a body floating in the water. He jumped into pull the body ashore and discovered it was a comatose Jason. When Jason came to he remembered his past life of being good Jason and was so ashamed of the years he lived as Sonny’s henchman that he decides to stay with Cole and raise Hope.

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    AJ apologizing to Michael, why?

    Didn’t Sonny goad AJ into boxing in the first place? Didn’t him and shawn make fun of AJ calling him names so AJ could box Sonny? So how is this AJ’s fault?

    I just can’t

  6. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    Great episode!

    –Loved Ellie and Spinelli! Favorite new couple! Stay out of the way MaxieBitch!

    –I don’t see why everyone rags on Kelly Sullivan so much. I think she’s a great actress and I love her acting. The story isn’t the best story, but her acting is fine. She’s a loud, brash, over the top, obnoxious crazy person and she does it well. I especially love when Connie shows her vulnarable side, like in the scene where she told Sonny why she was so angry with him. Really great stuff. Interested to see where this story goes. I like Brandon Barash a whole lot and hope he continues with the show, however he eventually has to confess all of his crimes and it’s hard to logically keep murders running loose. I wish he would tell Starr.

    –Todd was very funny today. I just hope they don’t make him too cartoony, which is kind of already starting to happen.

    –Loved AJ confessing his bad deed to Michael. That is a rarity for soap characters-to own up and Michael forgives him. Good choice!

    –Carly and Sonny were fine, but hardly the victims they think they are. Enjoyed the small conversation between Carly and Alexis.

    Looks like my Lucy Coe will be showing up in Port Charles today! Looking forward to it!

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    TV Gord

    Is Lucy on today or the next episode? Remember, the show was preempted last Friday, so everything is pushed back a day. Also, since Monday is a scheduled rerun and Tuesday is a preemption, we may have to wait until Wednesday to see Lucy. I may be wrong, because I don’t know for sure.

    UPDATE: I just double-checked, and it appears the updates have been adjusted, so yes, today is Lucy day! :-)

  8. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    So sick of Kate/Connie/Kelly Sullivan and those stupid facial expressions that she INSISTS on making that I can barely stand it………

    I only watch this show lately for Skye, Carly, Lucy, Tracy, Monica and Luke.

  9. Profile photo of Yoryla

    That picture of Connie is just horrid, and it well pictures something that is very wrong with GH right now.

    GH is a truly wonderful show, the best of the remaining four and the most stellar show it has been in years. But this Connie crap is seriously starting to affect the quality. Up until now there has SO many wonderful improvements and surprises that the Connie mess has been minimal. But now it is serious, it is TIME to end it. This is not a joke anymore. The storyline involving this horrible excuse for a character is jeopardizing the show, because she eats up all the scenery, the storyline and the characters. And the “connieness” of her is only getting worse by the day. Now she has gotten her hooks into not only Sonny, Johnny and Todd but she is now affecting Molly, TJ, Alexis, Starr, Michael, Diane, the list goes on. Now she is apparently going to end up killing someone.

    She HAS to be delt with and controlled before she sucks more life into her black hole (and believe me, there is NO pun here). Please, do something. End it before it’s TOO LATE!

  10. Profile photo of DanielAvery

    “Spinelli finds Ellie at Kelly’s….”

    Paging Dr. Seuss! :)

    I’m still on the fence about the Sonny/AJ/Michael stuff. Are they intentionally writing Sonny and Carly to be so hypocritical and downright blind to their own flaws, or are the writers just not paying attention? Sonny admonishing AJ for “hurting his own son” with his selfish actions–hello, Sonny! You SHOT your son, so maybe you should quit casting stones. Carly going on about how Sonny and Jason made Michael such a great person–hello, Carly! Michael ended up in prison for bashing a woman’s head in, having been surrounded by murderers as “role models”. These sorts of odd bits of dialogue occur in virtually every scene they have, so I have to wonder what the writers are REALLY getting at. The whole issue of these people going to war over a grown-up Michael is also bizarre. If he does not have some sort of moment in the near future where he points out that he is old enough to write them ALL off if he wishes, I’ll have to assume he likes being treated like a child–or a trophy.

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