The View Ladies Blast Instagram Over Attempted Policy Change!

The View co-hosts are fighting mad over Instagram's attempt to change their policy to allow the picture sharing application to sell users' personal photos. While the social networking company has since dropped their plans—due to fierce backlash—it's still fun to watch Whoopi Goldberg and Co. get all fired up on this past Wednesday's show over the thought of someone profiting over their snapshots. Watch the ruckus after the jump!


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    Lord, have mercy. Don’t we have enough REAL problems in this world right now? Why are people having miniature strokes over Instagram? I don’t use it because I feel that posting a million pictures of yourself a day is both self-serving and ridiculous, but I’ve said it once and I will say it every day until the day I die: If you don’t want someone else to know your business, don’t put it out there! Therefore, no need for you to worry about people you DON’T know getting access to crap you don’t want them to get access to. Once you put it out there in the social media marketplace, it’s out there for good. Simple.

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