REPORT: Prospect Park Contacts WGA

According to multiple sources, Prospect Park has entered preliminary talks with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) concerning their planned continuations of All My Children and One Life to Live.

"I wouldn't call them negotiations yet, but overtures were made," says one insider. "They [Prospect Park] are anxious to make a deal soon."

As previously reported, Disney-ABC extended the production company's deadline to relaunch AMC and OLTL. They now have until the end of February 2013 to finalize their plans.

"Once Prospect Park began to survey the pool of financial core writers available to them, they realized there were slim pickings," explains a source close to the situation.

 Considering it is the Winter Holiday season, don't expect a deal to be made until after the first of the year. Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as this story continues to develop!


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I just wish oltl was going to have the same writer/producer. Oh well, we will see.

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This, if true, is good news. Abandoning WGA writers would have been the first step to let viewers know PP doesn't know anything about producing soaps. Just b/c you stick with WGA doesn't mean you need to recycled failed writers. It simply opens up a lot of possibilities you would not have if you didn't use WGA. I still don't believe PP knows their a** from a whole in the ground when it comes to soaps but news like this is very welcomed.

If they hire a great writer, viewers will come. If they hire more hacks who recycle themselves and other low quality writers, this won't. Soaps are most dependent on believable quality writing. It's 2013 and soaps need to do away with the tired cliché just like they did away with organ music and other cliches 40 years ago. There must be great writers with great vision who can bring this genre kicking and screaming into the 21st century. No more DID, returns from the dead, faux-faces, rapists as heroes, regressed portrayals of women and other minorities, etc. Soaps can be world class entertainment and achieve respectability. But it all starts with the writing.