Vincent Irizarry Signs Back Up For All My Children Reboot!

Great news for Vincent Irizarry fans. The actor revealed he's signed on to reprise the role of despicable Dr. David Hayward for Prospect Park's continuation of All My Children! Irizarry wrote on Facebook:


Earlier this week, Irizarry's AMC leading lady Lindsay Hartley (Dr. Cara Castillo) was announced as the first actor to re-sign with Prospect Park.

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    “signed back up” uhm he never signed the first time around. Heck a certain person tried to blame him for it being stalled the first time, so much he had to call that person out about it.

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    i hope this means that Prospect Park finally got their $hit together, unlike last year and things won’t fall apart again at the 11th hour like they previously did, even tho they had announced castings, sets, funding, etc.


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    I’m so excited. This makes my year. I love him. I’m so glad I can give up B&B – that show is just awful. I can’t stand it. In fact, I love soaps and this is the only soap I have gave up on. The only fun thing is to go on the boards and comment on the same story.

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    The last time PP tried to do this, it was Oltl with a lot of actors signed on and very few AMC ones. It seems to be the opposite now. I really hope both soaps return.

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    Well, in terms of actors needed to make this work this one very big check on the list of must-haves. Now if they can get another 1/2 dozen or so of the heavy hitters(SL, MEK, DC, DM, DW, JL, etc), this reboot could really have some “legs” to it. Landing TK, AM, & RB would help too. JY would be helpful too, but idk if they can get him away from B&B atm. Should most of these happen, then I’ll be excited. While not must-haves, I liked JAmanda, Griffin & Frankie, so I’d like to see RPG, CS, JV & CS back too.

    I’m happy to see LH sign on as well. Cara & David definitely had a spark. (should this reboot work) I hope tptb pick up where they left off & let us enjoy them getting together.

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