New York Post Ranks General Hospital as a Top 5 Show to Watch in 2013!

Daytime Confidential's been saying it, TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan has said it. Now The New York Post is chiming in. The newspaper has named General Hospital as one of the Top 5 Shows to watch in 2013. According to the paper:

General Hospital” (Weekdays, 2 p.m., ABC) There isn’t a lot to be celebrating in the soap world, with the demise of so many stalwarts in the past five years. But those that remain — “The Young and the Restless,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Days of Our Lives” and “General Hospital” — are all making concerted efforts to keep the remaining viewers tuning in.

The leader among them was “GH,” which pulled out every star from its swashbuckling 1980s lineup. They were right to do so: We saw the return of Finola Hughes’ former super-spy Anna Devane, proving that women over 40 are still leading lady material and re-affirming that the ridiculous plots that made soaps fun in the ’80s can still make daytime drama worthwhile.

To see the other shows that made the cut, click here!

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    I think they are correct. GH is going to be the show to watch. Lot of action. Veterans from when the show was hot is back on. More than one story is going on at one time. Love the show and love the Qs.

    If you look at the other shows, Y&R is too depressing and B&B is the same old stories. B&B also has too many characters that are related. It is like incest. I’m sick of the triangles. Plus the acting is not too great. Any GH actress is better than any B&B actress (maybe not Steffy). Example Ellie (GH) low tone voice but she can get the point across, kicking spin to the curb – she is not going to have any part of a triangle, smart char (it is almost like she is a nurse in real life). Hope low tone voice, but when she fights with Steffy, it’s laughable. Wants back in the triangle – plus 2 clothing lines that have fail.

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    Glad to hear that soaps especially GH (with the new regime) are finally get some good press! Let’s hope this makes ABC brass take notice and keep our show going!!!

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    Wheww – we dodged a bullet on that one, didnt we. Great news. Happy for all at GH. Happy New Year Guys. Hears hoping there’s alot of new conversations this year. Jillian, best to you and keep the scoop coming.

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    Even though I’ve never watched GH, good for them and also good buzz for the remaining soaps in “general”. ;-)

    The only one who seems to be in a state of flux ratings wise is Days, so we’ll see what happens this next year.

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    I like that the article mentioned that the plots in the 80’s were ridiculous; however, fun to watch. I think that’s what I’m loving about GH currently, its fun to watch. The Duke’s return plot is an example. Of course it was outlandish but that’s what I want as a soap fan. I want an escape from reality. I don’t need soaps always addressing every social issue. Its cool here and there but I watch soaps for the escape which GH has been consistently providing since Cartini took over.

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    TV Gord

    This is exactly the sort of publicity GH needs to stay alive. You can’t underestimate the value of getting the word out to the mainstream (especially those who stopped watching soaps long ago but still have fond and nostalgic memories of when they were hooked on their shows)! If only a fraction of those reading that blurb tune in and get involved again, that will be great news for GH and GH fans!

    Happy New Year, everyone. I hope we’re still discussing the latest GH storylines one year from now! :-)

    I’m also THHHHHHRRRRRILLED to see Treme on the Post’s list! It’s the best show that nobody’s watching on cable!

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    I will co-sign with them, and as a long time staunch Y&R viewer GH is on fiya! It sooooooo much better than my beloved Y&R and this is my own ranking for the final 4-

    1.) GH- It on fiya!
    tie) Y&R/B&B [for me it depends on the day (1) day Y&R could be better than B&B and B&B could be better than Y&R….to me each day is different.
    4.) Days- wow what happened, it totally different from 1997 when I started watching Days :(

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    “But those that remain — “The Young and the Restless,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Days of Our Lives” and “General Hospital” — are all making concerted efforts to keep the remaining viewers tuning in”

    I agree with this regarding GH but there is no way by any stretch of the imagination that Bell is making a concerted effort with B&B; what a pile of crap that show was in 2012!

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    YES! For the NY Post to say GH is one of the top 5 drama series to watch in 2013 is VERY impressive! Frank V and Ron C should get a big hands up for all the hard work they’ve done to revive GH. Also, Finola, Ian, Tristian Rogers, Jane Elliot, Jason T., Robin Mattson,Leslie C., Skye and Ned, Roger Howarth and Michael Easton for all they contributed to bringing back the show to it’s glory. And, with Lucy Coe and the eventually Nurses Ball!

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    I still support GH although I took it off my DVR. After that whole scene with Robert losing to that middle aged woman, the show has not been as good. Also I don’t see Liz anymore which is a huge reason why I stayed loyal. I need to see Liz and not as a Sabrina cheerleader.

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