Ratings, Rants and Raves: GH Spikes Before Christmas; DAYS Ties Dangerous Lows Among W18-49


Twas the week before Christmas, and all throughout the set of General Hospital, visions of impressive demos and continuing well past the soap's 50th anniversary were dancing through everyone's head! GH was the only soap to see positive gains the week of Dec. 17–21. (Source: Soap Opera Network)

The ABC sudser went up 143,000 total viewers, and was up year-to-date by 472,000. In households GH held steady at No. 3 with a 2.0. However, it was up three-tenths of a point in that demo year-to-date. Among women 18-49, GH was up one-tenth of a point over the previous week (+ two-tenths of a point year-to-date). GH was only separated from The Young and the Restless by one-tenth of a point in this demo. The Mouse House's last (daytime) soap standing was No. 1 among W18-34, up one-tenth of a point over the previous week, and a whopping four-tenths of a point over this time last year.

Anna (Finola Hughes) and the real Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) discovered Robert (Tristan Rogers) writhing on the floor, unable to communicate clearly following his run-in with Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle. The fabulous Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) made her way home to Port Charles, with Quartermaines and the Nurses' Ball on the brain. Maxie's (Kirsten Storms) last minute jitters about carrying Lante's (Julie Marie Berman and Dominic Zamprogna) baby were pretty much occuring parallel to Olivia's (Lisa LoCicero) visions of Dante and Lulu ending up the parents of a dog. Both AJ (Sean Kanan) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) wanting to spend Christmas Eve with their son. Too bad, so sad. Michael (Chad Duell) celebrated the night before the Virgin Birth by banging teen mom Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson).

Lynn Herring hasn't lost any of Lucy Coe's trademark pizzazz. Whether gushing with Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) and Lucy's heir-in-fabulosity, Felix Dubois (Marc Anthony Samuel), or tangling with the Q's, Herring doesn't have to put a deposit down on her scenes, because she owns them outright!

I love all the twists and turns in the "Where In The World is Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake?" storyline. Just when we thought Robert was about to save his daughter, he was thwarted. Now lil Robin is in the clutches of Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roche), allowing Kimberly McCullough to keep working on becoming the next Nora Ephron or Kathryn Bigelow, while popping up on GH from time to time.

Maxie and Lante's surrogacy farce is growing on me, although Dante and Lulu are the least interesting players in their own storyline. Thank the Soap Gods for Olivia's crazy ass. It's also nice to see Maxie wearing BJ's heart of her designer sleeves re: Spinelli (Bradford Anderson).

I didn't know how much I was wanting a My Two Dads reboot until Cartini gave me one. Granted, Michael is no Nicole Bradford (Staci Keanan), but it's fun to watch Sonny actually have to fight for his previously-loyal adopted son's affections.

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    Imagine that…ratings go up when people are on our screen that we want to see! I’ll use Lucy as an example. Fans have been screaming for her to return for years. Bravo Frank and Ron for restoring balance to GH. I’m not saying they are perfect, but this duo is pretty close!

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    Glad to see days ratings tanking, hopefully this means Tomlin and Whitesell’s days at Days are numbered. Also I think it Ken Corday may need to do what the Ford Family at Ford with Allan Mullaly, give control of the family business to an outsider to the save the company.

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    Well done to Frank and Ron, GH is getting the recognition it now deserves. I agree with all you say about YR, and yes it has been a bit boring, though I do feel it’s improved this past week.

    DAYS, though not at its best is head and shoulders above BB and yet DAYS loses and BB gains!?!? I’m at a loss for words to describe how disappointed I feel by BB, what a pile of shit my former favorite TV show has become! DAYS is worth watching, even if only for Will and Sonny, there is nothing worth watching on BB.

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    I agree with you on many points, save Blake Berris’ “brilliance.” Also, as a fellow longtime viewer of DAYS, I mourn DAYS during the holidays the past few years. DAYS has no heart and soul.

    I couldn’t agree more with you on B&B. Hope/Liam/Steffy has to be the lowest-stakes triangles in all of soapdom. OMG. The story should have been that Liam believed Hope stood him up on their wedding day in Italy and had sex with Steffy. Steffy overhears Hope explain her delay to Liam and Steffy encourages Liam to marry Hope, which he does (and yes, marriage license filed.) Later, Hope and Liam live in marital bliss and Steffy learns she is pregnant! She decides she does not wish to bust-up Liam/Hope’s marriage with the news so she coerces Oliver to claim that he is the unborn baby’s father. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Brooke is the only person who could help Steffy give birth to her baby in a remote loacation. Steffy admits the truth of the baby’s paternity to Brooke and she agrees to maintain the secret to safeguard her daughter’s marriage. Of course, the truth of the paternity is revealed a year later at a fabulous social event, crushing Liam, Hope and Steffy! I’m no soap scribe but I’ve watched and loved soaps for years. I am not sure what goes on with the writers at B&B, when somethings like Stephanie’s death and Katie’s postpardem is so well-done and this Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle is so anemic.

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    Days continues to be the one that worries me out of the four that are left. You don’t see many increases, and a 1.8 share is not good.

    Pretty good assessment of Y and R. I’m fine with boring for now after the wild ride that was MAB (not always bad, no). There are always characters being left out of each other’s stories that we should see, however, it’s the development of the existing characters that I am enjoying. Slow is fine for now.

    The newbies are okay. LOVE the new Noah and the cop, so I am looking forward to that story continuing.

    But even though I like the idea of mixing up Cane and Lily a bit, this new guy, although attractive is being written as kinda slimy. On today’s episode he looked desperate waiting for Cane to leave, lerking in the shadows. Can we make him less creepy/stalky, and more of a dude Lily might actually want. So far, yuck.

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    I still watch Days daily and end up frustrated. Seriously, does ANYONE enjoy Daniel and Jennifer taking up 75 percent of Days weekly shows? Also, has anyone noticed that someone writing the scripts has obviously been using his/her “Word a Day” calendar? (Not a Christmas gift, obviously, since Days Christmas eps were no doubt taped in July. That same time lag makes things impossible to remedy quickly when they need to be, but I digress….) Several recent shows over the past several weeks have featured characters spouting S.A.T. vocabulary words that seem totally inappropriate to the conversation. Then, often, the word is repeated by their scene partner for no good reason. If they spent as much time trying to write riveting drama (or even comedy) as they do forcing in these words, Days might be someting.

    Some of the show is working. I LOVE Kristen and the snark. Have her take over where Stefano left off going after the whole town. Cut way back on Jen and Dan. Step up the drama. Show more Kayla, Kate, Lucas… Maybe instead of copying words out of the dictionary, copy some scripts from GH.

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    Why does it seem for all the viewers GH gets in one demo it loses them in another?!

    GH is a good show but I am been beating this horse with a broken stick since the new regime came on board… SLOW THE PACE OF THE STORIES, keep the visitors and get rid of all the newbie nurses that no one knows or care about already!! Have a beginning middle and end to all stories don’t just drop a story, run with it and end it in 2 weeks.

    GH case in point: Lulu and Dante want kids. Within weeks, the two are inpregnating Maxie, she gets pregnant right out of the gate and now has a miscarriage. I’m not invested SO I DON”T GIVE TWO FIGS!!! Sure I love Lulu and Maxie… Dante is dispensible in my book… but we needed to see them try more to have children and have them in other stories while it is going on. Then discover NO GOOD downstairs. Then look into adoption or artificial/surrogacy. Honestly, I missed a couple of weeks and it seems that in between they asked Maxie to do it, she bought a turkey baster and then tripped over a fox in her living room and lost it.

    GET RID OF ALL THE NEW NURSES and “kill off” Robin and Jason. None of the viewers or fans of either couple will ever route for the new love interests or pairings if we think the other pair is still alive that they should be with so it’s time that we believe Robin is truly dead and Jason is swimming with the fishes. If both stars opt to return, then BAM-MO quickie wedding with the PRESUMED dead spouse standing at the other end of the aisle!

    And for cryin’ out loud, TODD IS A BRUTAL RAPIST!!! Why is Carly falling for him with her history OR is any woman falling for him?!! For one thing, he will always be registered on a SEX OFFENDERS list so how the hell does anyone allow him in standing distance of their kids?!!! (Yes, so is Luke but with Luke he changed and became a hero whereas all that Todd did was go to prison and then come out and kidnap babies, attempt murder, lie to cops, steal, assualt, own a gun … in NY he can NEVER hhave a gun so the fact he held one at Sonny should have put him away!

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    I can’t wait until GH is number 2 and B&B is 3. GH is so good right now. I hate B&B. Between Brooke, Hope, Liam and Rick, they are the death of that show. Y&R is okay. I love Adam, Jack and Chelsea. I just wish Adam and Chelsea would stay together.

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    Daniel St. John

    I decided to give BB a chance again after having bailed on the show around the time Donna was pouring honey all ver Eric’s elderly body and all I got was every cast member being all anguished over Rick lying about Liam and Steffy making out. Aside from being totally taken aback by the use of the term “making out” by somany grown folk (what is this Happy Days?), I was bored senseless. The fact that this insipid, sexless, aimless, listless triangle is the main storyline on this show is just pathetic.

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    Hi Jamey, I think there was a math error for Y&R. Last week, 12/10-14 they were up 193,000 viewers for the week & down 93,000 year to date. This week 12/17-21 they are down 31,000 viewers for the week & down 586,000 year to date??? This does NOT add up. I think someone made a mathematical error somewhere. Do you agree? If not please explain how they come to these numbers. Thanks.

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    Jamey Giddens

    @acela the year-to-date numbers reflect where they were the same ratings cycle one year earlier. Soap Opera Network gets their numbers from Nielsen, and I basically just give my opinions on them, so if there’s an error in the math, it’s Nielsen’s error.

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    Days has lost it’s heart and soul. Christmas is about the HORTONS…PERIOD! Instead, Hope is on a bed with Ciara as “Bo” goes downstairs. Doug and Julie came back, but they were hardly utilized. And Tom and Alice, while their ornaments were showcased, DESERVE a flashback. The holidays are when we reflect on family and they ARE the foundation upon which Days was built. As sad as it is, it is just as important to showcase the family members who weren’t present. Jennifer should have been shown hanging JJ’s ornament along with Jack’s. Hope should be putting up Zack’s ornament as she wipes away a tear. Julie and Doug should be putting up Addie’s. And so on and so on. Instead, we get Daniel with his own ornament and Gabi getting one too? I’m sorry, maybe I’m old fashioned (I’m a Days viewer for almost 30 years and I’m 34) but you DON’T get an ornament until you marry into the family. I recall Chloe getting one while she was with Lucas but that never panned out. And then Daniel?!?!?!? Really? I mean we didn’t see Sarah or Melissa’s ornament, but Daniel who has NO blood relation to the Hortons gets an ornament? NO! I don’t care if he’s Maggie’s son. Maggie is a Horton via Mickey who has passed away. She’s a Kiriakis now. If anything, he’s more related to the Kiriakis family because Victor is his godfather. He shouldn’t have an ornament! It just dilutes the importance of this occasion that is such a favorite part of the holiday for me.

    Pushing the whole Daniel is Maggie’s son further makes it sick because in theory Maggie’s son is dating her niece. Yes, I completely understand that there is no blood relation (again, further reason why Daniel DOESN’T deserve an ornament), but it just blurs the lines into such a gross way. Like a few years back when Max was into Stephanie AND Chelsea who were for all intents and purposes his NIECES! Yuck! I liked Max, but I hated the pairings! Please! Stop making everyone related on this show because it dilutes everything and makes it preposterous and hard to really get anyone together romantically involved as there’s a 50% chance you’re somehow related to your partner.

    Like now, look at Brady and Kristen. Technically, John is a DiMera which would mean Kristen is his “niece” (via adoption) so Brady is sleeping with his “cousin”. It’s GROSS! It’s all right to not be related, in fact it makes the pairings more interesting. It just feels like the writers have pushed to put certain characters on to the canvas that it annoys me. Daniel is shoved down my throat as are Gabi and Rafe. Stop shoving square pegs into circular holes! Things should be organic! More scenes with multiple people instead of 2-3 people because you can never test chemistry with people that way. Focus on the people I care about. I love Adrienne and Justin and they got married OFF screen and hold up scenery and I’m given so many scenes of Nick and Gabi who bore me. Nick annoys me now. I’d rather have Nathan back if they need another Horton as Nathan is a doctor and he can bring the hospital back into focus. It’s just the writers aren’t thinking about anything, they just play things so dumb!

    Like Marlena and Kristen. Marlena has dealt with Kristen in the past. You would think she would be WISER since then. Yes, Kristen is the villain and is supposed to get the upper hand most of the time for entertainment but Marlena can’t lose every time either. She becomes such a moron and John fits that role to a “T”. Marlena should be able to thwart Kristen’s attempts from time to time to make the rivalry interesting. Make the “good” characters smart too. Otherwise it just gets old.

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    I have to say I’ve actually enjoyed DAYS alot more in the last few weeks, particularly the Christmas episodes. And while I’ll agree Blake Berris is fairly talented–though I’m not sure I would use the world brilliant–Nick has quickly become the most unlikable character on the canvas for me(yes, I like Daniel now better than Nick). I’m not overly fond of homophobic douchebags(the “gay boy” comment to Will was disgusting), not to mention ones that kill people. Slightly confusing “gay boy” or murdering douchebag homophobe? Hmmm, let me see………

    Still thoroughly enjoying Y&R–anyone notice this week that Tracey E.Bregman is FINALLY in the opening credits?’bout damn time!–with the exception of Cane/Lily/token hottie and any scene with Kevin in it. @pferrando–you and I are totally on the same page regarding NuNoah and the cop; give me these two–particularly Robert Adamson–over Leslie’s too-hot-his-sh!t-don’t-stink brother anytime and I’ll be more than happy.

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    I love LOVE Malcolm Jr. on Young and the Restless. Tyler is so freakin sexy and he makes Lily likable. I don’t understand why he would be attracted to her but it’s time for her to dip her nib in some caramel. Tyler reminds me of a young Shemar Moore. He is the next Malcolm.

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    You are absolutely right Jamey. Nikki should be folded into Jack’s story. I will never forget how he held her up all loaded and drunk to a handheld mirror saying: Look at yourself.
    Despite no longer being married, I think Nikki would do the same for him now.

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