All My Children Alum and Kennedy Cousin Christopher Lawford Calls Fidel Castro "Amazing"


 All My Children alum Christopher Kennedy Lawford, nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy, called Cuba's longtime dictator Fidel Castro, " an a amazing guy" while speaking with The Huffington Post Live. Lawford detailed meeting Castro while screening Lawford's 2000 docudrama Thirteen Days.

The film centers on the way the Kennedy White House handled the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Watch the entire segment after the jump!


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I'm sure his uncle, JFK, is rolling over in his grave. Unbelievable BS. Mr Lawford should tell that to the thousands of politcal prisoners that Castro killed or tortured. Disgusting.

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For poor people aka the population, not the elites, if they have surgery scheduled, either they get anesthesia from relatives in the US or do without.