Chloe Returns With a (Fairly Predictable) Bombshell For Daniel on DAYS

SPOILER ALERT: Ghoul Girl-turned-glamazon Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) returns to Salem on today's episode of Days of Our Lives, and wowy-wow-wow does she have something to lay on ol' Dr. Hairy Crotch aka Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian). Apparently her son Parker really is the horny doc's offspring, not Philip's (Jay Kenneth Johnson)!

TVLine has an exclusive clip of Chloe's return, where you can see Daniel's constipated reaction to the news. Are you excited about this plot twist? Sound off in the comments! 

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    Windsor Heights

    I just don’t understand all of this craziness surrounding Daniel. Plus, I thought we were supposed to see the ORIGINAL Chloe back. This sounds like a continuing of Dena Higley’s ruination of our Swan Princess, Chloe Lane. My goodness. I guess I will not watch even if my favorite character is back. I hate this mess.

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    Well looks like I am not going to be watching Days in 2013 either. Sigh.
    Couldn’t Dr Death fall for someone with a communicable disease? And give it to Chloe too?

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    What? Are they going to blame Caroline’s Alzheimers for this? Are they going to say that she forgot that she first switched the results from Daniel to Phillip, but did remember going back and switching the results back to Daniel? Or did someone else do the first switch? Phillip?

    I don’t get all these chicks wanting Daniel, any way. He is not appealing in the least. Maybe this will liven things up, though. Watching Daniel and Jen is worse than watching paint dry.

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    Hey marksnpromo! Haven’t seen you in a while. Happy new year. I, too, am a lifelong DAYS viewer and cannot watch the show at all. It’s the worst it’s ever been (and that says a lot considering there was a time when The Lockhart family were driving story!)

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    I’m at my wits’ end with this show.

    Here’s what bugs me about Days:

    1. The sets. The show looks terrible. That hospital set looks like it’s about to collapse any day now. People are badly dressed. And why are mega-rich characters like EJ and Kristen sashaying around Horton square?

    2. The writing. I honestly feel that I could write a better show than the people they are paying to write it:
    a)Hope “Fancy Face” Brady has been reduced to a woman who talks to an offscreen husband.

    b)Daniel Jonas has been made into the new Jack Devereaux, Bo Brady, and Mike Horton all in one, without having any of their appeal.

    c) Nick Fallon the homophobic Horton. Grandpa Tom and Grandma Alice, the most tolerant and compassionate characters that ever existed on a soap, must be spinning in their graves.

    d)Eric Brady is a priest. Enough said.

    e)Diversity: two Latinos, two gays, and an Afro-American doctor. That’s all you get. We’ve checked off all the boxes.

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    ^^ Can’t forget Abe Carver!

    Nick Fallon being a homophobe rings false. If the writers cared at all, they could write that Nick was raped in prison and in response to that trauma he has transferred that event to hating same-sex pairings.

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    It is stuff like this that makes it so hard to defend soaps. A crazy stupid twist just to once again take a horrible character and try to make him a core character.

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    So now Daniel gets an ‘insta-family’ and legacy status on Days:

    -He has Jack’s wife,
    -Lexie Carver’s job,
    -He is now a ‘Horton’ thanks to being Maggie’s mutant egg baby,
    -Soon he will get Philip’s child!

    What’s next, will he manage to steal Sonny from Will? With Gary Tomlin trying to leave his mark on Days, with illustrious characters such as Gabi, Rafe, and Daniel, we might just see Sonny trying to protect Daniel soon!

    Still trying to convince us that Daniel Jonas is a legacy Days character? Sorry, this character is a reject extra from Baywatch who somehow became relevant on a soap that really can’t afford to have reject extras front and center. Or maybe it can?

    I’ve been skipping Days lately, and soon I won’t have to watch at all. I think Days will be the next show canceled.

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    love the soaps

    I just want to say that i have been following this site for a while and have decided to join. Love the anaysis of characters and plotlines.

    As a long time Days fan on and off since the glory days, i can only shake my head in amazement at what is unravelling on our tv screens. For the life of me, i cannot see the appeal of daniel Jonas. They can effectively ruin most of the female characters, he comes into contact with, while all of salem with the exception of Lucas see him as the bestest guy ever. No wonder why nadia took a look at the scripts and decided to make her time in Salem very short term

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    This story is stupid because we all know Nadia is already leaving. There is no poing in any of her scheming to get Daniel back when we know it will end nowhere. It´s as pointless as the triangle with Nicol. There will be a few months of fake manifactured angst for Dannifer, then Chloe leaves/dies and Dan/Jen will be once again left boring and conflictless until the show finds yet another Dan obsessed interloper to be sacrificed on their altar.

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    [quote=marknsprmo]Well looks like I am not going to be watching Days in 2013 either. Sigh.
    Couldn’t Dr Death fall for someone with a communicable disease? And give it to Chloe too?[/quote]
    ;) :bigsmile: :bigsmile: HEHE!

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    Nadia is only on for short term??? Really? I know I’m in the minority but I like Chloe. But maybe that’s because I didn’t watch her with the last regime.

    I agree that Daniel is a lame character for the show. I don’t get all the love for him either.

    And Eric Brady as a priest? Sigh. Lame

    And Nick as homophobic is silly also. He could just be jealous of Will as the father, that’s enough.

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    And why don’t the women have any well-developed work-related drama on this show?

    Hope is a police officer, Jennifer is a journalist, Kate is a business mogul, Marlena is a psychiatrist, Sami is…..(I’m never sure what Sami is. Apparently, she is the only non-college-educated woman in America that can go from candy-striper to company executive and back again.)

    My point is why don’t we see these women doing their jobs and having conflicts arise from that?

    Ken Corday, do you want the Women 18-49 year-old demo or not?

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