Clarence Hilariously Recaps Bold and Beautiful’s Holiday Episodes!


"Half drunk and all pissed, that's a lethal combo on The Bold and the Beautiful." — Clarence

Santa came twice this Christmas. First on December 25, and again on the 28th day of December, when The Bold and the Beautiful's PR team uploaded Clarence's latest update. Watch the C-man recap B&B's holiday eppys after the jump!

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    [quote=J Bernard Jones]I’m always bothered that Clarence dresses as if he bought the Steve Harvey Collection by way of Ross Dress for Less.[/quote]

    LOL. I’m never really focused on what he’s wearing, but I guess you could be right on that one. I guess it’s part of his charm, though. Oh, who am I kidding? The man is hilarious and I’m willing to overlook whatever style that he’s wearing.

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