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Britt explains to Maxie that she lost the baby. Maxie is concerned about her fall, but Britt assures her the embryo simply wasn’t viable. 
Spinelli angrily leaves a voice message for Ellie, complaining that she didn’t show up for their New Year's Eve date.  Maxie arrives on the roof, having forgotten about their plans. She's surprised to hear Ellie never showed up and starts to cry, saying she’s messed up everything. Spin assures her everything will be fine and takes her home. 
Everyone in Michael’s car wakes up from the crash. Starr begs Michael to get Johnny out of Connie’s trunk. She later finds Connie dangling from the side of a cliff, barely holding on. No one sees or hears Ellie lying a little further out. Starr refuses to help Connie, blaming her for Cole and Hope’s deaths.  Michael manages to get Johnny out of the trunk, then goes back for Kristina. Trey revives an unconscious Kristina by performing CPR. 
Starr wants to let Connie fall, but Johnny begs her not to. He says Connie didn’t kill Cole and Hope — he did! Johnny helps Connie up, just before a furious Starr smacks Johnny in the face. 
Lulu wants to wish Maxie a happy New Year, but can't reach her by phone. She and Dante head over to Maxie's apartment, only to find no sign of Maxie, and the door ajar. When Lulu finds Maxie's phone she realizes something must be wrong.   
Britt calls Patrick, interrupting his almost kiss with Sabrina. She apologizes for standing him up and decides to head over. Patrick asks Sabrina not to leave yet, so she’s there when Britt arrives, naked under her coat. 

Britt forces Sabrina to leave. She wants Patrick all to herself. The two kiss and Britt tells him that she’s naked under the coat.  Patrick says Emma is a light sleeper and isn't ready to see Britt in the morning. He promises  the next time Britt gets a hotel room; he’ll be ready for her. 
Todd and Carly share a toast and Todd’s concerned about Starr.  Carly kisses him to distract him. The two head to his hotel room. She asks if he’s over Blair.Todd assures her he and his ex are done. He asks about Johnny. Carly claims they are over. She wants a new start. The new couple begins to make love. 
Maxie and Spinelli arrive at her apartment to find a concerned Lulu and Dante. Maxie explains about the dog, tripping and going to the hospital. Lulu asks if the baby is okay. When Maxie hesitates, Spin jumps in and claims everything is fine. Maxie doesn’t correct him.  Lulu is thrilled. Maxie secretly worries how she will tell them the truth about their baby. 
Spinelli sees Maxie crying and hugs her. The two begin to kiss.
Connie asks about the girl that she hit, just as Michael finds Ellie’s phone and then Ellie.  Trey collapses. 


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    Maybe it’s just me, but the Carly/Todd sex scenes were hot.

    HAte the Spixie story and the impact it will have on Lante.

    Ellie’s laying there dying and her last thoughts are of Spinelli? Really??

    Johnny/Connie/Starr: I sort of wanted something more for the reveal. HAving Connie hanging over the edge and Starr snarking which is not her best trait, just didn’t have the emotional impact for me. Starr’s smack however was a beauty. I’m hoping there’s more fallout between Starr and JOhnny in the next couple of days.

    Poor Trey. I so didn’t want him to die. Mostly because I liked him, but also because this Kristina can’t do grief to save her life. I really wish they would have let the two of them go off to California where they could bring them back every now and then like Ned, possibly even with a Kristina recast.

    Who shows up at a guy’s house, naked under her coat, when there is a six year old in the house and someone else, like his mother in law, could have just as easily opened the door to her flashing. Guh. Why is Britt so desperate to have Patrick anyway? Just because she knows Sabrina has a crush? Guh.

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    does anyone know if Ellie is being written off, therefore, dead? That poor girl. And is Maxie going to do Spinelli to try and get pregnant and give the baby over to Lulu?

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    Perkie, I have found the last couple episodes of GH to be dreadfully dull. All involved in the car-accident could have died and I probably would have cheered. Except Ellie, who I happen to adore and I was actually moved by her attempts to keep herself conscious. I wish she had mentioned her family in her thoughts, cuz’ Damian ain’t it!

    I, too, think Carly and Todd are hot and their scene sexy.

    I just can’t with the Patrick/Britt/Sabrina scenario. It makes Patrick look shallow and stupid, while Britt & Sabrina are beyond one-note and extremely annoying. No one wins with this drivel_ the biggest losers being the audience.

    Maxie had no excuse to not tell Lulu & Dante the truth. She left the hospital determined to tell Lante the truth. They should be a unit, the parents & surrogate, Spinelli (particularly drunken Spinelli) should not have factored into Maxie’s not telling the truth.

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    [quote=Perkie]Why is Britt so desperate to have Patrick anyway?[/quote]

    This has bugged me, too. Let’s be real here .. she’s gorgeous, intelligent and probably has a dollar or two stashed away.

    Mere insecurity doesn’t explain her ongoing interest (obsession?) in an emotionally unavailable guy, even one as good-looking as Patrick.

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    ^^I agree. I also think the actress seems very capable. It’s lazy, uninspired writing that’s the problem. There’s untapped potential here and with the actress that plays Sabrina but the characters are two-dimensional. The months spent with the two women embarrassing themselves over Patrick could have been spent developing the characters. I just don’t understand. If the writers ever bother to develop Britt and/or Sabrina as characters, it may be too late to care.

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    [quote=FoxyMegan][quote=Perkie]Why is Britt so desperate to have Patrick anyway?[/quote]

    This has bugged me, too. Let’s be real here .. she’s gorgeous, intelligent and probably has a dollar or two stashed away.

    Mere insecurity doesn’t explain her ongoing interest (obsession?) in an emotionally unavailable guy, even one as good-looking as Patrick.[/quote]

    The way this is starting to play out reminds me of Faison’s obsession with Anna, and his stated resentment of Robin’s existence and her being “…too smart for your own good.” Now (staying away from spoilers regarding Britt’s possible parentage), you have Patrick being the object of single-minded desire and Emma is already tapped as the equivalent of Robin being in the way of what Dr. WestNile wants. I’d like to see Emma foil Britt’s plans all by herself, but you know with Sabrina involved in this story, it’s gonna be a bit predictable when the student nurse rides to the rescue… 0:)

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    I was hoping Connie was dead on arrival. Hopefully, she will just seem all right and then fall over dead like Trey. Trey really grew on me, I hope he really isn’t gone.

    I love Todd and Carly’s new start. I almost felt bad for Carly that Todd hasn’t been truthful with her but then remembered all the lies she told Jax and felt better about the two of them. They really could be a super couple.

    So glad Patrick put the kabash on Britt. For me, she is middle of the road. I don’t hate her and I certainly don’t want her with Patrick. It’s almost like they don’t like writing for her character, it’s boring.

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    Kristina’s mini-medical crisis: What kind of injury causes you to stop breathing, but with two quick puffs of air (where Trey looked like he was kissing her rather than doing cpr)you are a-okay and healed? Bizarre.

    Trey: I like him so much better than Kristina. Why can’t she be the one dying? (not a spoiler – just a guess about Trey)

    Ellie: I get why she is talking about Spinelli and not anyone else. She was focused on getting to Spinelli when she was struck by the car. It makes sense that in her state of shock and injury she is not able to process anything beyond what was happening just before the accident.

    Spixie: Gross and dumb. I hate this story. The sad thing is that it isn’t even necessary. The story with Maxie as the surrogate was dramatic enough, especially when you factor in her heart issues. There is no need to throw in lies and a possible baby switch.

    Britt: pathetic

    Sabrina: pathetic in a different way

    Patrick: wasted on this drivel

    Liz: where are you?

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    I enjoyed the wreck scenes. I think they are very well done and forcing a lot of revelation to come out. Love Starr slapping Johnny. It’s going to be fantastic when Todd’s world comes crashing down on him with both Starr and Carly. However, I’m sure he’ll get a free pass and he and Starr will be back to the same relationship they’ve always had. Seriously, does this guy get forgiven for everything he does? Todd has done so many bad things that he should be serving consecutive life years in prison, but this is a soap so it’s different :)

    I hate that they are killing off Trey. I would have prefered to see he and Kristina move, but I think Kristina is there to stay (for some odd reason, the powers that be seem to like her). Killing off Trey causes a lot of drama for a lot of characters, but still…it would be nice to have the optinon of bringing him and Kristina back.

    Same goes for Ellie. I hate when they bring on an adorable, loving character only to drag her through the ringer to cause concflict. I haven’t heard about the actress being let go, so I don’t think she’ll die. In fact, it’ll probably be better if she stays which leads me to my next point….

    PLEASE do not tell me that Maxie and Spinelli have sex! Right after she just had a miscarriage? Really? Gross. I know she wan’t far along, but losing a child only to “get it on” a few hours later does not sound appealing. Sex would be the furthest thing from my mind. It sounds like they are going to have that happen and then Maxie will get pregnant with Spinelli’s baby and won’t tell anyone it’s his until she has it and tries to pass it off for Lulu and Dante’s. Predictable storyline.

    Britt is sexy and I like that she is vampy and uses seduction to get what she wants, but she is SO one dimensional and storyline dictated. The story tells her what to do and not the other way around like what should happen. She doesn’t seem particularly caring and seems selfish and vain and mean, but only to Sabrina and to Emma. Then she’s sweet as a peach to all of her patients including that child who threw up all over her? It just doesn’t make any sense. Let’s get some more depth to her, a backstory or something. Sabrina isn’t much better because she tells the audience to feel bad for sweet Sabrina, but her character is more tolerable than Britt. They just need to be written well, stat! They’ve been on the canvas far too long to not know more about their motivations. Why does Britt like Patrick so much? She could get any man she wanted.

    BTW, where the hell is Anna/Robert/Duke/Luke? Seriously, they haven’t been on our screens for 3 weeks now. They are still on the show right?

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    Secrets and Lies

    Great job on the cliff scenes with Connie – Valentini and Disney really know how to stretch a budget and get some realistic looking shots (compared to the other soaps at least). Laughed out loud when Sabrina opened the door to naked Britt. How can you not root for Sabrina at this point – that poor girl? Overall, great episode!

    Personally, I like how they more or less run with a big story arc for a few weeks then backnburner it for something else for a while til it comes up again. It makes the show more interesting to watch because you get more involved in the front burner story then when it is climaxing you get moved on to the next exciting build-up.

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    I;m hoping that Britt’s ‘dog with a bone’ attitude towards Patrick has more substance to it. Like, she’s working with Faison. He grabs Robin and Britt is hired to distract Patrick. That would explain her almost desperation to get him away from Sabrina and her uncaring/dislike for Emma.

    What exactly happened with that accident? Connie hit Ellie than crashed into a tree. She gets out and runs away and falls over the embankment. Michael said he swerved to miss hiting Connie’s car, but then what? Did his car hit something? Why didn’t his airbags deploy? Why were all four passengers momentarilly passed out but all came to within seconds of each other? Trey wasn’t belted in, because he undid his belt to reach for Kris’ phone just before the accident, so I guess he will have suffered some internal injuries which caused him to collapse, but what caused Kristina to momentarily lose vital signs and need CPR? The whole thing just seems badly written and executed.

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    I agree Perkie. The accident was poorly choreographed. If you look to see where Ellie’s body was thrown it made no sense. The headlights of Michael’s car were steps away from Ellie facing her, suggesting that Michael’s car hit Ellie.

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    I for one will not be surprised the day Sabrina shows up without the mousey hair and thick rimmed glasses and shows what a gorgeous woman she really is. It is the age old “ugly duckling” story. Will probably happen right when Robin comes back.

    Yes, Maxie will have sex with Spinelli and she will get pregnant and pass it off to Lulu and Dante. Don’t you know, no one ever has their own babay on soaps.

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    I think there’s more to Britt to be revealed. I would guess an involvement with Jerry Jacks or Helena Cassadine. I think she’s supposed to keep Patrick occupied.

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    Why do so many people read this site and make comments about how much they hate General Hospital? You know what I do when I hate a show? I stop watching it.

  16. Profile photo of soapbaby

    ^^ Because people are free to state what they do not like about EPISODES of a serialized television show just as people state what they do like. Many commenters here state over and over how much GH has improved from the previous headwriter but there are poorly written and acted story as well. It’s not “either/or” rather “and/both.”
    IMO, the characters and stories currently featured are not very interesting or well executed. Who knows? Next week may feature characters/stories I prefer. It’s a 49-year old serialized television show that airs 5 days/week, there’s always going to be a lot to praise/pan.

  17. Profile photo of mfarris70

    My point was why waste your time with something you don’t like. I love GH and think it’s never been better. If people are going to slam the characters and stories I need to hear a little more than “boring.” I thought the show was incredibly boring before Frank and Ron took over. Now it’s can’t miss (for me) and is giving characters and stories that you have to pay attention to rather than gloss over while reading a magazine.

    Would love to see more comments from people who like GH!

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    ^^ Well, I think most commenters here posit thoughtful opinions, that’s why I continue to post. I am always dismayed by people who state that other viewers should “just quit watching” because they don’t love every aspect of a soap opera. As a longtime viewer, I understand that some viewing habits are hard to break, especially after dedicating over a decade of viewership. If longtime viewers “just quit watching” because they did not enjoy every aspect of the show, the ratings would tank. GH and every other soap currently on the air survive because of longtime viewers as none of these shows attract large numbers of new viewers. Commenters on blogs may “complain” but at least we are watching the show.

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    I’m obviously not expressing my thoughts clearly enough here. I never suggested that anyone do as I say. I’m just dismayed at all the haters and the lack of thoughtful expression. I guess I’m looking in the wrong place for critical discussion of the show I love.

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    I actually see a lot of positive on here. However I think with us all we have characters we love and could care less about. I always am only interested in maybe two of the stories going on at a time. I don’t mind watching the rest to get to the part I do enjoy.. Just because a person is not loving what they are seeing that day doesn’t mean they don’t love the show.. I will say while I love the new writing I don’t like how we go so long with out seeing certain stories.. If you go weeks without continuing a story then I start to get frustrated..

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    Whatever happened to Maxie’s fashion career working for Kate/Connie? Now the character along with Lulu is on the baby rabies brigade.

    On the one hand it is nice seeing a male soap character having nasty sex without benefit of good basic hygiene (usually it’s the women that have multiple sex partners without a shower or washing the old hoo ha)for the usual WTD story lines. Spinelli just watched Lante walk out of the apartment knowing full well that Maxie was pregnant with their baby and he had sex with Maxie. Blech.

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