SPOILERS: Will Jack Spill The Beans to Phyllis on The Young and the Restless?

Jack/Phyllis: The pair travels to the Abbott cabin in order to help Old Smilin' detox in private, under the care of Jack's doctor. Unfortunately, the good doctor can't make it to the cabin until the following day. Phyllis convinces Jack that they can undertake the detox process together, despite Jack's insistence to wait for the doctor to arrive.
Later, Jack's withdrawal symptoms begin to take a toll on him, and he starts to think Phyllis is Stephanie! Jack screams at "Stephanie", and asks why she died. A shocked Phyllis looks on in horror.

Once Jack's symptoms are under control, he quickly regains his sanity. However, Red starts to ask him about Stephanie and her unfortunate demise. Jack feigns his earlier comments about the deceased were due to the detox playing tricks on his mind. Phyllis buys Jack's excuse for a moment, but it all changes when he drifts off to sleep.
Jack talks in his sleep about Stephanie, and Phyllis overhears. A determined Phyllis grills Jack once he awakes, but he clams up. As the detox process intensifies for Jack, he begs Phyllis to leave. He doesn't want her to see him that way. Phyllis rejects Jack's pleas, and stays put. She is hell bent on helping Jack get clean.

Victor: Mr. Money Bags makes a deal with Billy.

Nick: Genoa City's elite, along with the Newman heir's family and friends, come out to support his new nightclub.

Phyllis: Red must make a tough decision regarding Jack and Summer. Meanwhile, Phyllis and Nick come to an agreement.

Noah/Adriana: The two start to get a bit steamy.

Lily: Calling all "Lane" fans! Mrs. Ashby has a nice romantic treat in store for Cane.


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    Thanks for the warning…. Lily in a nightie? no thanks.

    I still have to laugh over how “Stephanie’s” body was found after she died.

    Her feet together, her high heels pointing to the sky. It now seems that this was “staged” and perhaps someone helped her along on her journey?

    Our first JFP’s murder mystery. Wonder if the GCPD got any new officers as the brightest police dept in the world has lost a few…

    perhaps Detective Nikki Newman can join the force??

  2. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    today’s episode ( pros and cons ) :

    Noah and Nick’s conversation.
    Fenmore and Summer: perhaps Summer will become the new victim of bullying?
    We find out that Stephanie, the dead call girl, wasn’t just a “nobody” and her death will feature into a longer story arch. Of course Victor will be involved up to his moustache.
    Great to see Paul, in action, again.
    Scenes with Fenmore and Michael: the backstory of Michael’s past coming back, and how it will play into the future. Fenmore really seems to have rage built up inside him.
    Annual mention of “Cassie’s” death.

    Cons: the STUPID scenes with Chloe and the Chipmunk, at the coffee shop, and later at their house…. throwing money around and then having sex on it? At least we got to see Kevin’s massive, hairless chest :)

  3. Profile photo of miztee246

    Seeing those two idiots — Chloe & Kevin was sheer torture. That is why I will not even watch in real time. My DVR allows me to FF through such foolishness.

  4. Profile photo of tedew

    RealityCheck 33 … I don’t think Billy is actually that much of an idiot these days. Let’s just see exactly what transpires between Victor and his most esteemed favourite number one son-in-law.

  5. Profile photo of CtFireWitch

    OT: Hoping Victor finally goes down for this latest escapade. Since Stephanie was the daughter of a Congressman, wouldn’t TGVN get into trouble since he arranged for her to go after Jack? How many times has he brought people into town just to cause trouble? ARRGGGGG! I want him behind bars for a long time!

  6. Profile photo of tedew

    CtFireWitch … except that the daughter did seem to be estranged from her father.
    Even so, all of this business of witnessing Victor’s manipulation of people’s lives and quite often resorting to various forms of criminal activity to do it has to end. In addition … he always seems to do that manipulation when he knows his quarry is at his weakest or most vulnerable.
    He never gets punished, he always gets forgiven and then he does it all over again.
    Try looking up a description of insanity!

  7. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    tedew — When that SOB Victor finally gets what he deserves, I will toast with my Diet Sprite and Vodka, from Motown, and you will toast from wherever you are.

    Delia’s leukemia & Billy, Victoria’s miscarriage, Casting aside Ashley when he thought Ashley had just given birth. Abandoning the union dockworkers in September 2012, this latest hooker named Stephanie, the death of Walter Palin, the natural gas explosion at Clear Springs, and on and on and on….

  8. Profile photo of CtFireWitch

    [quote=tedew]He never gets punished, he always gets forgiven and then he does it all over again.
    Try looking up a description of insanity![/quote]

    tedew…..i so totally agree. just afraid things will never change until EB leaves or dies ;-)

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