NBC Chairman: “I Think DAYS is Going to Stick Around”

Days of Our Lives fans can rest a bit easier tonight. Per TVLine, NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt told reporters at the TCA winter press tour:

I think Days is going to stick around. I don’t know that I’m at liberty to say that officially yet, but it's not going anywhere.

This vote of confidence in NBC's sole daytime sudser comes months before DAYS' current contract is set to expire in September.

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    Yay? Other than Davidson’s brilliant work this show is terrible. And I include Wilson in that judgment. They’re not entertaining anymore. Get rid of Tomlin and get new writers.

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    Thank God Eileen is back as Kristen, she is the only thing interesting about Days right now. It was Will’s story for a while but then when he and Sonny got mixed up with Gabi that was over, nothing can bring down a story faster than Gabi that’s for sure!!!

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    ABC has ruined any faith in execs. NBC saying it’s pretty much staying worries me more than the sad state of the show. But here’s hoping NBC execs are more honest.

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    My take on Days and NBC/Ken Corday is that it’s akin to a parent who sends the kids in the back yard to play while mom does other things. Days is the ‘kid’ playing in the backyard getting into all sorts of trouble while mommy is inside on Oprah.com unaware of everything.

    I don’t think NBC (Or Ken Corday)care about the show anymore, it’s just that NBC sees ABC’s folly, and don’t have anything to replace the show with.

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    i have just joined this site and no matter where you go eceryone want these terrible writer GONE ! i am adding my voice to that. i loved the wilson story as well until gabi and will slept together , but i don’t watch much anymore because anything these writer touch the ruin. i love wilson and want then to continue with good story but they won’t get it from then writers and its so sad. eileen is just a glimmer of hope but how much brighter would her light me under a new writing team. nbc may extend dool life by a year but i am surprised cause in the ratings section every single area thet are at the bottom. advertisers that buy air time on this show will soon have to weigh there option about there advertising buck being spent on a show whos ratings and dropping like a brick. sooooooo
    sad to see what days as become, but i hope for a glimmer of hope.

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    He THINKS? Well, I am sure that’s gonna put all the hard-working folks over at DAYS with mortgages to pay, kids to feed and clothe and food to put on the table at ease……..

    (heavy sarcasm!) |( |( |( |(

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    I am under the impression that Ken Corday is not at the helm and hasn’t been for well over a year. Sony made him step aside while they try to reboot the show (twice now).

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    TV Gord

    I wonder if the way fans have turned on Matt Lauer has soured their plans to spin off The Professionals segment from Today into its own show. Hope so, for the sake of Days fans. Score one for the soaps (for a change)!

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    Secrets and Lies

    @Sward81333 I agree. The impression I got from Greg Meng’s statements upon the latest HW change was that NBC and Sony work pretty actively with Tomlin on the story (with Meng as facilitator between the parties) and DeCazotte keeps the operation on budget. Tomlin was picked because he’s okay working from outside input and within the budget constraints (and he knows the show). Corday gave up some say-so to keep the show going.

    Hope someone at one of these entities realizes that they have to move the stories along faster if they want their ratings to build like GH’s. Fast stories keep people watching every day and not just a couple times a week. Someone at Days needs to start watching GH and taking a few notes.

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    Come on guys, let’s put this into perspective; Is DOOL at its best? Hell no, but it is a trillion times better than B&B right now, that has been (with the exception of Stephanie’s death) a pile of crap for over a year now. In comparison to B&B, DAYS is a masterpeice!

    GH is the best soap, no contest!

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    NBC really doesn’t have a Daytime lineup and has performed horribly for years as a network, maybe with the exception of Today and its nightly news. They’d be stupid to get rid of Days when they see what’s happened at ABC.

    The soap genre has changed over the years, but I can’t image one of the big three without at least one. Nothing else maintains the loyalty and unless Days falls consistently below its current 1.8 rating, I think they’ll give it some more time.

    I haven’t watched it since the late 70’s/early 80’s and tuned out when the craziness started (possessions anyone?). I would think that Days and GH fans would tune into both, but I’m not familiar enough with either. I think that’s why both Y and R and B and B are still number 1 and 2 in total viewers…they compliment each other at least and maintain most of the audience from one to the other.

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