First Impressions: Nadia Bjorlin Returns as Chloe on Days of Lives

What are your First Impressions of Nadia Bjorlin’s return to Salem as Chloe on Days of Our Lives

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    That I would rather see her with Phillip, Brady, Lucas… Hell, bring back Carly and give that a go! The revision of Parker’s paternity is unnecessary and frustrating. Salem does not need any Jonas offspring flitting about. Dr. Dan must go! Shawn Christian is a sexy, charismatic man, but the character of Dr. HC has been crammed down our throats for no good reason since his arrival to the detriment of too many other leading men. WHY? Keep Chloe. Send Doctor Dan far away.

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    Well the girl is beautiful and last time I checked Days doesn’t have (or has ever had) the best actors in the world.


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    I think the show got her ‘right’ when it first bought her on as an awkward, insecure, geek girl. That they tried to change her into a luscious dessert and sex kitten is where they ruined her. Making her conniving and devious ruined her also.

    Bringing her back to prop Daniel Freaking Jonas is sure to put the nail in her coffin permanently. I really wish Days would just kill Daniel, Rafe, and Gabi! I can’t stand these characters, and they serve no purpose on the show other than to destroy other characters.

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    :) I love Nadia Bjorlin she is so beautiful that she doesn’t need much of anything. I haven’t made up my mind yet who I want her paired with but,love her being back on the show.

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    I actually like Chloe, I definitely like her better than Gabi!

    I agree that both Gabi and Daniel are not working and they are shoving them down our throats! Both need to go. This is proof that the-powers-that-be have no idea how to run this show.

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    I don’t mind the character–Bjorlin is distractingly gorgeous and she’s an okay actress–but I do hate that any and all female characters continue to be sacrificed at the altar of Daniel Jonas.

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    I wasn’t watching back in the day, so I don’t know any of Chloe’s history.

    However, I HAVE watched long enough to know I HATE Daniel…and anyone he is involved with, by association. Too bad too, because Shawn Christian is a very handsome guy and probably could be sexy, but no one seems to know how to write for him. I’ve heard that Chloe’s return is short-term, so maybe she’ll take Daniel with her when she leaves :) We can only hope…or PRAY!

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