Will Hope Logan Make a Hole-in-One With Dollar Bill’s Head on Bold and Beautiful?

Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) has manipulated Liam (Scott Clifton) and Hope’s (Kimberly Matula) relationship from day one. Now that his actions have been revealed, Hope goes on the warpath, threatening him with a golf club! I wonder who Katie (Heather Tom) will caddy for? Watch this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful promo after the jump!

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    alstonboy, you do not think Hope has a right to be angry? Bill never is punished for the outlandish things he does. I “Hope” she goes upside his head! TEAM HOPE all the way!

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    Hope may be justified in wanting to get revenge on Bill, but I totally understand why Bill despises Hope so much because I despise the character almost as much. So I am willing to overlook his flaws.. :beer: :beer:

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    Alstonboy4315, well you have a right to like or dislike certain characters. Hope is my girl but I guess she does not have to be yours. Just please tell me you are not Team Steffy! LOL

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    I do like Steffy. I tend to root for the bad girls/vixens over the boring, self-righteous good girls, which is why I have always despised characters like Y&R’s Lily/Cricket, AMC’s Marissa, B&B’s Hope and GH’s Starr. They tend to be very preachy and irk me to no end.

    9 times out of ten, I will root for the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. :)

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    I agree with you, Halo Hope is officially the most boring character on TV. Bit the storyline is monotonous, its the same o’l same o’l over and over and over again, why doesn’t Liam grow a pair?..but the story line is seriously getting boring, its seems all they can come up with lately is sucking face and same topics, different angles…

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    Alstonboy, that is so interesting. I have always been the opposite. I like the good girls. Y&R’s Cricket has always been one of my favorite characters..LOL. I agree with you on Lily, while I was not a Davetta Sherwood fan, she kept it “real” much more than this Lily does!

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    I so agree w/you but I think what they are doing here,is putting someone that can’t act,in a role that takes alot of that so no one will like her because of that.. They want everyone to dislike her. hence, she draws alot of attention to her acting and makes it so Hope is disliked.

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    Hope’s still living???

    I was watching today during her whole “badass” attempt and I was bored and uninterested. Five seconds into the show, Bill had taken the club out of her hand and showed her how much of a fool she’d made of herself.

    When will Brad Bell wake up and realize he actually has a GREAT cast on B&B. Of course there’s great history, and if he’d write the show balanced, it could potentially be the best soap out of the four that are left.

    Give me Felicia, Thorne, Rick, Amber, Brooke, Taylor, Steffy, Katie, Bill, Eric, Jackie, Nick, Owen, Dayzee, a recast Marcus, etc….all in balanced stories. Not favoring one group over the other, not whitewashing history, not kissing each other…a kiss does not drive story.

    I just don’t understand….Bill and Brooke KISSED…nothing else. They kissed, and that story took two weeks (if that) to be resolved, but let Liam and one of his two kiss, we’d have to see flashbacks of it and watch that crap for at least a YEAR. What’s the big deal? Good lord…

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