Jhoanna Flores’ Adriana is “Bad News” for Noah on The Young and the Restless

Jhoanna Flores made her debut as Adriana Stone on The Young and the Restless on January 4. In an interview with CBS.com, the Greek grad teases the trouble she’ll be causing Noah Newman (Robert Adamson).

On playing Adriana Stone…
She’s just bad news. She’s from Noah’s past and she kind of comes back with some trouble under her sleeve. You don’t really know what her true motives are. [She’s] seductive, manipulative, and she’s just after Noah.

At first, you see trouble and manipulation towards Noah. They are in each other’s past, and Noah is just so forgiving towards her. You definitely see those moments where she [realizes], “Wow, he really cares about me.” You will see some of that throughout my character.

At the beginning, I’m expecting for most girls who have huge crushes on Robert’s character to hate me. I’m already waiting for it because I know [Y&R has] a huge fan base. And they are not going to like me at first.

What did you think of Flores' debut as Adriana? Read the entire interview at CBS.com.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]what happened to making the character of Noah gay and in a relationship with Detective Alex??[/quote]

    It was never happening? Just the usual wishful thinking.

  2. Profile photo of Van

    Annoying character just as I expected. I don’t see her lasting long since she’s already been rejected by many. Noah deserved much better and much hotter: A-L-E-X!

  3. Profile photo of pferrando

    So to be fair I’ve only seen her on one episode for about 5 minutes, and there wasn’t much to criticize so I’ll wait to see what happens. I’m guessing she’ll also be tied to Carmine, so if that’s why Abby comes back it could make for some good story. Plus I do like Carmine.

    I have to smile at all the wishful pairings of Noah and my hot cop on here.

    So what I propose, since we know Noah isn’t gay is make both the cop and Adrianna already tied to Rafe, who IS gay and likable. Maybe pair Rafe with Jack’s assistant, OR maybe make the cop gay…We have options here.


  4. Profile photo of Van

    Hey pferrando, don’t smile too hard at wishful pairings or things that the audience has wanted to see happen on a show. Sometimes they actually materialize. Just sayin’. And forget about Rafe because I’m quite sure this current regime doesn’t even know who he is.

  5. Profile photo of pferrando

    Van…smiling because I’m surprised that a lot of people want to see them together. I’m gay myself, but Noah hasn’t been written as gay, and I don’t think they’ve brought on the cop to be a member of the family either.

    I suggest Rafe because of the thoughtful way he was written in as gay. Did MAB actually do this right? He’s attractive and believable as a gay man and for those that necessarily don’t want to see any gay storylines, and I’ve read that a lot on here too, I think they could easily and slowly pair him with someone.

    I personally don’t like it when shows have characters on for years, and then decide…let’s make him gay.

    Y and R could have done this with Kevin when he was brought on, or Noah as well, but Noah’s chance is done. The best bet now would be Jack’s assistant, OR as I suggest have Rafe appear with someone and tie him to either Alex and this new girl.

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    hey mon

    That’s too bad. It would have been good to make Noah gay. Kevin S would have been very believable, and it would have been consistent.

    With Bob Adamson, it is boring with him being so infatuated with Adriana. Her 3 days of The Show have been anything but stellar. Prancing around town ‘charging things up’, stupid. The only good thing is that she is Latino.

    Like I have said, the Show already has a bi or gay man on it, Kevin Fisher. Do it, Josh G. Let him and Chloe have a real story-line about the impact of his bi ‘coming out’ would provide. Josh G doesn’t have the guts.

    But for all of the MAB haters. MAB had the guts to make a major generational legacy character like Noah Newman a homosexual. I can imagine how Vic would have reacted! …and Nick! Oppositely, something tells me that Noah and Nikki would have been ‘shopping buddies’ by the end of the week.

  7. Profile photo of pferrando

    Yeah, I agree that Adriana isn’t burning up the screen with her acting ability. I do want to see where the story is going, and if she’s connected to anyone else on the screen other than Noah. My guess would be yes, or at least that’s how I’d write it.

    I for one have bitched about all the new faces, but I’d still also like to SLOWLY see them build out a Latino family. (And no, I’m not Latino, I’m Italian). I think it’d help with a neglected demo, and the soaps needs every viewer they can get. There’s gotta be a Telenovella actor/actress with a following they can bring in to “head” a family. Oh well.

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