Steve Burton to Play Avery’s War Hero Ex Dylan McAvoy on The Young and the Restless

Ex-General Hospital hunk Steve Burton received the equivalent of a ticker tape parade today on The Talk. Burton allowed the CBS chatfest's co-hosts to officially announce his employment by sudser The Young and the Restless. The actor will be playing the role of Dylan McAvoy, war veteran and ex of Avery Clark (Jessica Collins).

Burton recently left the mega popular role of Jason Morgan on GH after 21 years, reportedly to spend more time with his family in Tennessee. He shared on The Talk that CBS Daytime is allowing him to go back and forth from Los Angeles to the land of the Grand Ole' Opry.  He also revealed that he and Y&R producer Jill Farren Phelps—his former GH boss— are in talks with Sony TV about the telenovela project they've been creating with James Franco.

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    Burton’s so transparent. I’m sure GH would have negotiated a back and forth to the land of the Grand Ole Opry. Just say it, you left GH b/c you were no longer its centerpiece aka “the timing was right.”

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    Seve Burton did General Hospital and his fans wrong! He bailed from GH because he was no longer front and center on a now well balanced show and doing it all the while hiding behind a lie! I wish this role was only temporary, but we all know it won’t be. He’ll be on there eating up screen time as long as JFP is in charge.

    I was hopefully optimstic that JFP and JG would turn Y&R around, however they have disappointed! Fans did not want to go from MAB’s 1980 Primetime Has-Been Actors to FOJ! We want to see stories that revolve around Victor, Nikki, Jack, Nicholas, Victoria, Neil and the characters that made THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS!

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    Jamey wasnt Dylan her ex lover? The only way I see this working is if he works with Stafford. Steve Burton mixing it up with JC, JM and SC’s acting styles is going to be boring. He needs a strong actress like Stafford and a character like Phyllis to spice things up since Avery is sleeping with her sister’s ex husband.

  4. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    Well, my days as a viewer of Y&R are drawing to a close. This simply is NOT my Y&R. I’ll give it a few more months for them to turn things around and then take it off my DVR.

    Bringing on an airtime whore to be leading man to ANOTHER airtime whore is not my idea of must-see daytime TV. Avery is NOT an important character on Y&R. And she SHOULDN’T be. Who in the hell is this chick banging???

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    Forgot to add…I hope that Frank and Ron script an episode that has the body of a blonde mobster wash up on the Port Charles shoreline…Sam comes and finds it…she cries for twenty-two seconds…cut to commericial…they bury Jason…cut to commericial…Sam and John McBain are doing the horizontal tango!

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    Steve Burton left a job he was in for 21 years. He’s allowed to do that. Just like any of you are. Seriously you people need to get a life and give a guy a break. An actor has a job. Actor changes job. Big deal. Good luck, Steve. Unlike others, I believe you are allowed to live your life however you choose and support your family however you choose, however delusional some soap fans may be.

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    TV Gord

    I agree that it’s a bit much to blame him for changing jobs. I think it’s a win-win for everyone, because GH has improved without him. The only problem I have is that Ron hasn’t paid proper respect to the character’s relationship with Sonny. I think it does a disservice to fans to have Sonny essentially shrug his shoulders at the news of Jason’s death and move on.

    They could even have had a strangely touching scene between Sonny and Monica, as they bonded momentarily over their shared grief. I think that would have been very powerful for both actors.

    Today, they had Sonny hallucinating a conversation with Kate, a relationship I just don’t buy. Yet he hasn’t had a scene where he falls apart over Jason’s death. If my closest friend died tragically, I’d be out of commission for a long, long time. As glad as I am to see Jason gone, I think he deserved a better sendoff than he got.

  8. Profile photo of bishbay

    You make a good point, gord, but Cartini are pissed at SB and and seem to be doing everything they can to minimize Jason’s disappearance. Since I don’t like Sonny OR Jason, this works for me but I can see where you’re coming from. The only character who they can’t completely move forward from Jason is Sam, because there would be riots if she took up with McBain so quickly after Jason.

  9. Profile photo of jcmellencamp78

    TVgord I agree! While RC and FV have GREATLY improved GH, I think the point you just made was a big miss on their part. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really a huge Jason/Sonny fan. But these two (unfortunately) dominated the show for the past 10-12 years. For sonny just to basically say “oh well” at Jason’s death was a HUGE missed story opportunity for he show. Sonny had meltdowns over Lily’s death and Michael’s injury, why not Jason’s demise?

  10. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    Jason’s “death” has been like the characters are acting he went on a vacation and he’s not dead.

    no one is falling apart or crying in outburts or anything close to that.

    it’s like the writers did that to Jason/Steve Burton on purpose for quitting the show on short notice.

  11. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    bishbay and The_Moustache, I think you’re both right that they are angry with Burton so they are downplaying Jason’s death. It’s unprofessional to short-change the fans because of a behind-the-scenes grudge.

  12. Profile photo of liason4real

    Congratulations, Steve, on your new job and the move to Y&R!

    Seriously. As a Liason fan, I will miss seeing Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst burn up my TV screen.

    Steve seems happy and that is all that anyone can wish for another person. :)

  13. Profile photo of jcmellencamp78

    I have to argue that SB quitting with short notice is unprofessional. And it is more unprofessional that he said he wanted to focus on family and is now joining a rival soap. But TVGord I also agree, don’t make fans suffer. Have Jason’s body wash up in the harbor and officially declare him dead.

  14. Profile photo of liason4real

    Yes, SBu’s exist from GH story wise was a bomb. If those pesky rumors are true, SBu gave a 90 day notice (which is the GH requirement) last June, which means RC/FV should have had a better story in mind to send a 21 year old vet off screen with more than a roll off the docks into some dirty ass water. Jason Morgan’s exist from GH sucked, period. I don’t blame SBu for taking a job at Y&R or the local Dairy Queen based on his written exit from GH where there were no flashbacks of his time spent on the show over the last two decades.

    I seriously doubt that RC/FV would have given RS, RSW, ES, etc the same type of exit from OLTL that was written for SBu.

  15. Profile photo of jcmellencamp78

    Jessica Collins used to be on Loving. And I guess I must be the minority here, but I don’t feel she is eating the show. At least not in a Michelle Stafford way. Phyllis seemed to be involved in every single story line, as a LEAD. I can tolerate MS/Phyliss under the new regime. Should Nikki and some story, ABSOLUTELY. But new shows always need some new blood. I like JC with JM.

  16. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I’d like to offer a word of advice to hair and makeup. Since Steve Burton has looked the same since the 90’s, I think a dramatic makeover would be best in order for people to buy him as a character OTHER THAN Jason Morgan.

    I’d say dye his hair brown, dye his eyebrows brown and give him a little stubble. Otherwise, this will just be the stoic, Jason Morgan on Y&R. I believe in cosmetic changes to help boost a role.

  17. Profile photo of jthawk

    It’s not so much about him changing jobs, it’s about the way he went about changing jobs. He left GH under the impression that he wanted to take a break from acting. That he wanted to go to Tennessee and move his family out there and be away from Hollywood – that’s great, good for him! But then to turn right around and go to Y&R is pretty crappy to the company that made you a star.

    In terms of his exit from GH. There wasn’t much that FV/RC could have done with the charater of Jason that left it open ended for him to return at some point. Again him to leave GH was his decision, he wasn’t forced out. Sure they could have thrown some flashbacks of him as he floated to the bottom of the PC pond or river! But I truly believe they wanted to give the viewers the illusion that Jason could still be out there. I don’t think they wanted to show his lifeless and limp body floating with the fishes, because I think they believed SB would have returned – that’s just my thought.

  18. Profile photo of jthawk

    [quote=jcmellencamp78]Jessica Collins used to be on Loving. And I guess I must be the minority here, but I don’t feel she is eating the show. At least not in a Michelle Stafford way. Phyllis seemed to be involved in every single story line, as a LEAD. I can tolerate MS/Phyliss under the new regime. Should Nikki and some story, ABSOLUTELY. But new shows always need some new blood. I like JC with JM.[/quote]

    Avery isn’t eating the show, nope…she’s to busy cooking on it!

  19. Profile photo of giogio

    JThawk – Thats why Im not crazy about Avery. She cooks with clothes on sometimes that I would wear if I were going to a wedding. Big pots, cutting boards. If I were to do all that in my kitchen, my hair would be in a ponytail, no lipstick and pretty frustrated. Especially with a pot thats bigger than me. They have to rethink that cooking stuff.

  20. Profile photo of mackenzie2184

    I’m in agreement with Sponge89. It’s a job. Steve can’t stay on GH forever, so he decided he needed a change. He’s allowed to make a change. Hopefully commuting will work out well for him and his family. Good luck Steve on Y&R. Soap fans should be happy that he’s back on daytime TV. Not upset or pissed that he’s not back on GH. Some fans need to get lives and remember that it’s just entertainment.

  21. Profile photo of mackenzie2184

    I’m in agreement with Sponge89. It’s a job. Steve can’t stay on GH forever, so he decided he needed a change. He’s allowed to make a change. Hopefully commuting will work out well for him and his family. Good luck Steve on Y&R. Soap fans should be happy that he’s back on daytime TV. Not upset or pissed that he’s not back on GH. Some fans need to get lives and remember that it’s just entertainment.

  22. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I am in complete agreement with TVGord of GH’s handling of Jason’s exit, particular Sonny’s reaction. For all Sonny knows, his best friend is dead, but he has barely registered any grief or thoughtfulness. I understand many viewers frustration with the characters of Sonny and Jason (and Carly) but they have been the leads of GH for well over a decade. The exit of Jason Morgan warranted dramatic moments from several characters and could generate story.

    @ liason4real: I agree that the writers had ample time to pen a reasonably quality exit for Jason. RC took over after Robin had been “killed” in the lab’s explosion and her death was well handled, providing months of grief moments for Patrick, Emma, Anna and Maxie. P.S. I wasn’t a fan of how RC wrote out Dorian Lord on OLTL. Yes, her final scene with Viki was good but the overall exit story was bland, rushed and small for a “larger-than-life” character. I’m of the opinion that Dorian Lord was made the buffoon under Ron Carvialti’s pen.

  23. Profile photo of pumpkin

    Jill Phelps will concentrate on a less than five that she likes. Ignore everyone else. No mix up. Then she will kill off a major player in hopes of providing scenes for those left. Than they will lose a large fanbase because of this which cannot be made up. And so it goes……

    Oh one more thing, the women will get little respect because of the male dominance in stories.

    On Steve B. I can only say GH is better without him. GH is ensemble now.
    Please Jill hire Laura Wright and get her off GH. I am hoping when LW gets to the end of her contract Jill picks her up also.

  24. Profile photo of MotownKate4Soaps

    I watch GH, Y&R, and DOOL. A bit ticked off that all of a sudden shows like “The Talk” and “The Chew” act like they are the soaps’ biggest fan. “The Talk” was created for Julie Chen and was the reason for ATWT’s demise, then they start having a bunch of B&B and Y&R cast on and likewise for “The Chew” with their GH cast. Today was the first time I actually stomached a few minutes of “The Talk” just to see what Steve Burton looked like and said. Rather convenient and a sure attempt to draw ratings away, with all the die-hard SB fans, from GH which airs at the same time now in much of the country. Doesn’t matter for me, I DVR GH anyway as well as the overlapping Y&R/DOOL episodes. Good for SB for doing what’s best for his family. Y&R is letting Jess Walton (Jill) commute from Oregon so she can spend time with her grandchildren.
    At least the crazy GH fans can maybe finally let go of Jason. He’s not coming back for the foreseeable future and if he does at all it will be dead or alive in recast form.

  25. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    This is not a win/win for everyone…….yet.

    It’s a win for me as a GH fan because I grew to thoroughly detest the way he became Boss Hog on that show. It remains to be seen if this will turn out to be a win for me as a Y&R fan.

    So far, I’ve embraced the changes that they’ve made on Y&R; but the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour, which means there is a possibility Jill will try to make him Boss Hog on Y&R too. And if that happens, I will definitely bail.

  26. Profile photo of MysteryStory

    I just love how much of a soap fan Sheryl Underwood is! You can tell she just enjoys soaps and regardless of how I feel about Steve Burton leaving GH and going to Y&R, her enthusiasm for him joining the show made me smile.

  27. Profile photo of pferrando

    Since I’ve never seen GH or this actor I can’t really comment on him.

    What bothers me is all the fanfare that’s being given to him like he is going to prop the show up on his shoulders. Longtime Y and R fans DON’T CARE about “big name” actors coming to the show. Jesus, let’s go back to LML, then Maria to see the parade of big names from other shows that were pushed to the front and fell flat.

    Why in hell has Jill’s return been such a bust? I don’t get it. Give her more airtime, and even though Nikki’s got a new set she ain’t got nothing to do. C’mon…we gotta get this corrected soon.

    Some things are working, but the ones that aren’t are starting to be glaring to fans.

  28. Profile photo of BornSoapStar

    As long time former viewer of GH- I don’t feel like Steve Burton betrayed his “fans” or lied about his intentions. He had been wanting to move his family to TN for awhile, his house sold and he said he was planning on taking the next three months off. He also indicated he would never say never to doing another soap. I believe that FV/RC would not give him the deal he wanted- less money, but more time off to be in TN. I think Steve also announced when he did because he knew ABC was going to jerk the fans around like they’ve been doing for years. FV/RC returned the favor by giving him the worst veteran send off in soap opera history (except for maybe Bo Brady on DOOL)- and succeeded in only pissing off the fans even more.

    Steve doesn’t owe anyone anything. He’s played Jason Quartermaine/Morgan for 21 years. Maybe he would like to try something new. I don’t blame him. GH has stunk for the last several years and so has his character and his pairing- the fans of which are borderline stalkerish. Steve has a right to do what he feels is best for his family.

    I don’t blame long time Y&R fans for being nervous…MAB was almost as bad as Frons and JFP does have a reputation as a serial killer. As for new characters arriving- we all better get used to it. There are a lot of out of work soap actors and only 4 shows left… and I believe we will be down to 3 shortly after a certain show’s 50th Anniversary. GH fans had to endure the recent OLTL onslaught that led to our own favorites losing screen time. I know many feel Phyllis ate Y&R…well Sonny/Carly/Sam ate GH- Jason was a least a member of a core family.

    At least Y&R is #1- the show has a lot of talent and promotes ensemble storylines much more than ABC shows do. Damn if I don’t miss the days when EP’s and writers introduced new characters slowly and with subtle finesse so that they grew on the audience over time…now they just shove them down our throats and demand that we love them.

    I say congratulations Steve! I’m looking forward to watching him on Y&R. Hope they give him a slow and subtle to start storyline worthy of his talent.

  29. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I don’t miss Jason at all! I think it was good for the show and for Steve to leave because the character of Jason became the same old crap and having him dominate the show everyday became unbearable. I wish Steve had been more honest about why he left. He certainly didn’t leave because he wanted to live in Nashville since he was only out of work a few short months. I think there is more to the story. Perhaps he wasn’t given the money or time off he wanted and I have a feeling he didn’t like Ron C.’s writing. He loved all that mob and shooting scenes and liked being the main center of the show. Don’t think he liked that Todd and John McBain were taking some of his glory. Maurice, on the other hand, says he’s very happy with the show and loves that they are writing Sonny, less about the mob and more about family and relationships.

  30. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I don’t begrudge any person who strikes a better deal for himself this is his J.O.B. if he can get mo’ money and better bennies then I applaud him. Business is business and Xmas if over.

    I can’t comment on particulars that I’m not privy to but I can say he doesn’t owe ABC’s GH any allegience other than what is required to give notice when his contract is up which I’ve read he did. I’ve heard how they treated their employees re: their two defunct shows OLTL/AMC so I’m not shedding any tears on their behalf and since GH is such a great show without him raking in new viewers its a win-win.

    If this ended the abomination that is JaSam than I say kudos! It seemed that storyline put his feet to sleep and sucked out whatever life there was left in his character he seemed more lethargic and bored than usual. I watched GH long before their obsession with Jason Morgan so I can only wish Steve all the best and success in his new endeavor.

  31. Profile photo of clp36602002

    Wow, Steve Burton on Young and the Restless? Cool. I love it. Steve Burton is a good actor, and will bring a lot to whatever character he plays. But I agree that it was more to the story of his leaving GH, which is fine by me. I learned a long time ago with Soaps, no character is irreplaceable. Love Laura Wright replacing the old Carly, she’s great, and I believe that JASON can be replaced. My vote is for Cameron Mathison, (ryan lavery) on AMC. He’s sexy, has blue-eyes, and he’s a talented actor. I’ll miss Jasam on there because of the chemistry Steve B and Kelly M had together (no offense liason fans), those two really brought these characters to life, they were so natural. But I am a fan of Steve Burton, and use watch Y and R, so I may start tunning in. Hey, does anyone else on GH knows that Daniel is really Jason’s biological son?

  32. Profile photo of scrumptious

    Steve Burton did not lie or “betray” the GH fans. He gave 21 years of his life to GH. He fulfilled his contract, so he did not quit. In fact, he even offered to stay longer if Frank Valentini needed him for the storyline. Everyone knew Steve’s contract was set to expire last September. Negotiations fell apart, and Steve decided to leave at the end of his term. GH knew this in advance.

    Steve stated in his exit interviews that he was taking 3 months off to relocate to Nashville and spend time with his family. He was burned out and needed a long vacation, and he was finally able to sell his house in LA. The timing was right.

    After his 3 month holiday, Steve said he planned to explore other options and projects. He wanted to work on a telenova with Jill Farren Phelps and James Franco for SONY.

    When he was asked about joining JFP at Y&R, he answered, “never say never”.

    Well, now that day has come. It’s been 3 months, and Steve is ready to work again. As he explained on The Talk, SONY approached him, and they were able to accommodate his commuting back and forth from Nashville.

    Unlike ABC/Cartini, SONY/JFP were flexible and offered him a deal that would allow him to spend more time with his family and do his other projects.

    Anyway, good luck to him! I hope the Y&R writers are up to task.

  33. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]I hope SB has as much success on Y&R as Genie Francis, Debbie Morgan, and Stephen Nichols did.[/quote]

    Don’t know anything about this guy, but feel the same way you do about him.
    Too many characters already on this slow draggy show.

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