The Murder of Bree Williamson’s Vivian Bowers Kicks Off NBC’s Deception

NBC rolls out the new primetime soap Deception tonight at 10 EST. The mystery serial centers on the murder of troubled socialite Vivian Bowers, portrayed by One Life to Live grad Bree Williamson.

Vivian’s childhood best friend, Detective Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good), goes undercover amidst one of the country’s wealthiest families to find out who killed her pal. Watch previews of Deception after the jump!

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    Daniel St. John

    i watched the first episode of this OnDemand over the holiday break and as much as I wanted to like it the show just felt very flat to me.
    A couple issues I had with it were:
    It needs to up it’s soapiness quotient, this aint high drama like the West Wing…its a soap so act like it!
    The casting for every part on this show is just wrong. I will believe a man can fly before I buy Meagan Good as a hard nosed detective; the entire Bowers clan is just blah except for Tate Donovan who brings some serious manly bitchiness to his role: and Laz Alonzo is as dynamic as bowl of fruit…he and Good have zero chemistry.

    Its going to need some serious retooling or it will be canceled with the quickness.

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