There’s a New Sheriff at Newman Enterprises and it’s Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless

Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon (Sharon Case) compared notes about Noah's (Robert Adamson) recent troubles. Meanwhile, Adriana (Jhoanna Flores) snuck into the tack house, and surprised Noah when he returned.
Noah quickly started demanding answers about her misdeeds, but she distracted him with a kiss. Adriana hasn’t been on much yet, but so far so good.

Billy (Billy Miller) told Victoria (Amelia Heinle) he had to protect Jack (Peter Bergman), and more importantly, Jabot.  He informed his frizz-challenged wife they’d work together to help Jack, and keep Adam (Michael Muhney) from taking control of the company.

Victor (Eric Braeden) and Adam played verbal chess about Newman Enterprises, Jabot and the death of the stripper in Jack’s mansion. Later, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) wanted Adam to assure her their plan to leave town was still on track.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) tried to reassure Jack (Peter Bergman) about his addiction therapy. Billy and Kyle (Blake Hood) arrived to show their support.

Later, Billy informed Adam they are officially partners at Newman Enterprises. Adam better watch out, because there's a new sheriff in town.

Neil (Kristoff St. John) wanted to get into Leslie’s (Angell Conwell) pants, but she quickly threw up the “can’t happen while we’re working together” wall.

Tyler (Redaric Williams) continued to hit on Lily (Christel Khalil). He tried to convince her that she should be leading the cosmetic campaign, as Cane (Daniel Goddard) lurked in the door. Cane sure likes to lurk in the shadows watching people. I wonder if he's a voyeur? Tyler is the first character I’ve enjoyed Lily with since she and Daniel (Michael Graziadei) were young lovers.
Jack and Phyllis finally arrived at the cabin where he was supposed to begin his treatment. The doctor was delayed by an emergency. Jack quickly started unraveling when he learned the doctor wouldn’t be coming until the next day.

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    A few things that I like about Y&R and a few that I don’t like.

    On the positive side, the new actors… THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM… can act! From Noah and Summer, these two are doing a great job and I believe their brother and sister. Leslie isn’t new but her status with the cast is and that’s a huge bonus. Tyler is hot, sexy and can make even a straight man wish he would flirt with them! Avery has been on the show for a good long time but only now is she getting a story with both Nick and her ex husband arriving and all I can say is GREAT casting on the part of Maria there but what a waste of talent to have her wait this long for drama.

    Now on the negative side… WAY too many exits and too many newbies! And too many of them driving the main part of the plot then the folks we, the fans, come back to the show to watch every day for the past 20 or 30 years. Tyler is great as I said above but he is coming on way too strong for a man who just met his boss and then is trying to get busy with the guy’s MARRIED daughter. I don’t really care about whether or not he makes a play for Lily but this PLAYBOY has to be the DUMBEST one around to do it so blantantly in front of Neil. And on top of that, where is Lily with the glass of cold water to cool down this brother!?!! It’s just too much too soon and it just makes me think all he wants is SEX and ain’t that into her. (Remember, Lily’s history on the show, Jill!)

    Leslie went from SHARK to prissy all within a month. She can still have values, sing in the church choir and even serve food to the homeless during her lunch hour, but she is JUST TOO DULL to even bother with now. Before she controlled a room and took crap from no one and certainly, no man. Now, she’s working along side Neil and she’s just dull. Bring back the tough… and more like Dru… Leslie before it’s too late.

    Now we have Adriana and the crooked cop from NYC. WHO CARES?!!! Honestly, who does care?! This story will be about Adriana and her dumb ways in NY and Noah is just a victim on the sidelines INSTEAD of it being a story about Noah doing something foolish in NYC and now it’s coming back to haunt him. (Granted, with a grandfather worth upwards of a few billion bucks, his father worth 500 million dollars as well as, his two aunts, his mother must be worth a few million after being married to Nick, Jack, Victor and Adam… so why does $500 thousand dollars cause this kid to sweat?! Plus, his billionaire granddaddy stands up to long shoreman while not taking his heart medication and wins so WHY THE HELL IS NOAH PEEING in his pants everytime GRECO THE COP from NYC shows up at his doorstep?!!

    Don’t get me on how fast Jack went from wheelchair bound to running Newman to addict to rehab since Jill took over. Phyllis got off in a night and we sat through Paul whining about offing his son and now Paul has no story and Phyllis is an executive at Jabot. Sure, they figured out how to save Sharon but the woman has NO FRIENDS. (She needs Dru back!!!) Chelsea and Adam were overly sweet but a great couple and now we just see bickering instead of being a FORCE TOGETHER TO RECKON. Shoot me over to Kevin and CHloe and all I can say is it’s time for Kevin to go missing or the character to be retired.

    I’m just saying that it’s been 3 months and not one critic is calling out Y&R and the powers that be for the dull direction of the show even if the acting is great, the words spoken soooo much better than under Maria and we finally have a few new sets. Its all window dressing. Jill you need to SHAKE up this show and need to do it with CORE characters and not ONLY newbies.

  2. Profile photo of josser

    After Crazy Patty, how can the Newman Ranch still have such bad security that people can still sneak up to houses on the property? Where are the guards, surveillance cameras, etc.?

  3. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I’m going to cosign pjc722’s ENTIRE post. Word up! Great new additions to the cast and character development; Sharon being repaired; Leslie and Avery being fleshed-out. But damn! The show needs to get interesting! Every thing is too subtle and low-stakes.

  4. Profile photo of stoney07

    In what world is Y&R not getting called out by any critics?????? Point me to that site, and I’ll quickly

    Anyway, I happen to appreciate the subtle writing, at least for right now. I think the writers are providing some much needed stability with the show. We haven’t seen the inside of a police station or courtroom in over a month, and I’m glad about it. I don’t find the show dull at all. i find it more interesting now than it’s been in years. I care about the characters…well, most of them anyway.

    I guess I’m a different type of soap viewer, because serial killers, a tornado, hurrican, plastic surgery psycho, doppleganger, chipmunk robber, caged psycho with an aneurysm, etc…just isn’t that great to me, and it certainly isn’t Y&R.

    THIS is the Y&R I remember for the most part. Sure, it could stand to be kicked up a notch or so, but I don’t think the show is DULL or even deserves to be “called out”.

    As for the newbies and exits…that’s usually what happens under a new regime. Especially when the show was in such bad shape beforehand.

    I’m enjoying it…oh well…typical

  5. Profile photo of Bartman202

    I agree with you, Stoney07 – the writing has become more grounded & stable and a lot less erratic in Josh Griffith’s hands. I find myself actually paying attention again because I’ve seen improvement in terms of story (more character-driven than it has been in years, IMO) and direction. I, too, grew very tired of the Maria Arena Bell ‘silliness’ that permeated the show for close to 5 years.

    I like what I am seeing and reading in the Spoilers posts re “Y & R” – keep it coming!!

  6. Profile photo of bottomchef

    he was one of the kinda passable things from “ringer” w/c was a really pathetic soap. he should have quit y&r and tried getting roles on the cw bec they keep employing the same actors. stupid ringer was yet another ny based tv show w/ very little diversity. that’s hollywood for ya. the only diversity they really like are gay characters that have to be majority white while racial minorities lack a lot of representation.

  7. Profile photo of harlee490

    I’m with Stoney07 & Bartman202, I’m enjoying Y&R right now and it hasn’t been this stable in years. I’m enjoying the setup so much more nowdays, but I have learned that this site is bias. Y&R isn’t boring at all maybe dull in some areas but not boring. I like the pace and development just because Y&R isn’t doing the hysterical antics of the cartoon network on GH it’s being labeled as always and proof is how some are treating SB. I’m holding out on judgement until I see the character play out and his connections. I’m not feeling the Noah story yet but its just getting started, Kevin & Chole just needs to written out all together those characters have ran their course.

    The other stories I’m liking are steady and have had a even build. Fen\Summer\Jamie story is building nicely and each young actor is growing on me. I’m enjoying the Winters clan again with a dose of Leslie & Tyler has done wonders. I’m all for Malcolm I mean Tyler (sex on the stick) because we need eye candy and Shemar Moore did start out very green in the acting department but grew. Villy story with both going back Newman to work together is a nice twist, Billy to protect Jabot and Jack, Victoria to stick to Adam. I would like more story for Nikki but I think it’s coming after the wedding. Jill’s story is coming with Tucker leaving, I’m thinking Jill as CEO of McCall Limited …I’m so enjoying Adam & Chelsea, Sharon is getting back to normal and acting in character. I love Jack’s story, PB has been on his game with this story and from the previews the best is coming up with Phyllis…I love Phack I love Phack together. AWESOME! I know Y&R won’t get any love around these parts including DC gang but it has improved compared what this fan had to sit through the last 7 years! I will take this style of Y&R over any version of all campiness and silliness of GH. :)

  8. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Again, still with everyone who’s actually enjoying the show(and kudos to Peter Bergman on Monday’s ep—brilliant). Only thing I couldn’t care less about are Lily and Cane(or his creepy grin) and the continued hot mess that is Kevin and Chloe(Kevin rolling around barechested in the sheets with Chloe still doesn’t convince me he shouldn’t be gay…sorry).

    @pjc722–not sure what blogs you frequent but just about everyone and their mother has been calling out Y&R, at least on this blog(it’s almost as bad as when nearly everyone was bitching about MAB). There’s probably eight or ten posters that I’ve seen–if that–that are really enjoying the new direction. To each his own I guess.

  9. Profile photo of SZima

    First impressions of Adriana are NOT good. She sounded like a 1st year acting student trying to read lines for the first time. I hope she improves drastically and quickly if we’re going to have to endure her on the screen.

    I am liking the new Noah very much, and new Summer is growing on me. Verdict is still out on Tyler and there’s something about Leslie that really bugs me, but I’m not sure what yet. Every time she talks, it’s like nails on the chalkboard :crazy:

    I’m glad Avery is finally getting a storyline. I’ve liked her from the beginning (I know…unpopular way of thinking) but MAB didn’t write much for her once she was on the show and did nothing to develop her character. I like her with Nick and hope the “new guy” doesn’t ruin that.

  10. Profile photo of tedew

    Apparently there are two in need of haircuts. I see more.

    Ferdinand and Isabella, woops I mean Victor and Nikki could both use trims. Victor could use a good trim and Nikki would look so much better with a much shorter creation.

    Neil … well maybe something but there’s nothing really out of wack there.

    But I was wondering … is it some sort of rule that most female soap stars have to have long and usually unruly hair?

  11. Profile photo of pferrando

    Because I care and have watched for YEARS I still long for Y and R to be returned to its glory years…(pretty much its entire run prior to LML). :-)

    But we need to give more time for everything to get settled in. Yes there is some stuff that annoys me, however, the characters are now grounded in reality. And that was my only beef with MAB. Yes, only.

    I’d rather not see so many new characters on the screen at the expense of Nikki, Kay, Jill. I’m suspecting some of this is due to budget…but I don’t know the inner workings.

    It’s sad, but I am happy at all the cast trimming that happened and now that Abby is supposedly coming back, that wrong has been made right. But I still feel that the cast is too large, and this isn’t being helped by all the new faces. Give me more Nikki and Victor, Michael and Lauren, Cane and Lily, Billy and Victoria…Slowly introduce the new faces so we care.

  12. Profile photo of noway

    [quote=tedew]Apparently there are two in need of haircuts. I see more.

    Ferdinand and Isabella, woops I mean Victor and Nikki could both use trims. Victor could use a good trim and Nikki would look so much better with a much shorter creation.

    Neil … well maybe something but there’s nothing really out of wack there.

    But I was wondering … is it some sort of rule that most female soap stars have to have long and usually unruly hair?[/quote]

    Ferdinand and Isabella—-bwahahaha they are about that old.

    Neil just needs to do away with the ear muff look.

    Liked Nikki when she had the longer bob, it really helps most look YOUNGER.

    What the hell is up with Cane’s hair.

    Lastly, the unruly long hair is just long unruly EXTENSIONS and these chicks need to stop using them.

  13. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    I know what I want, and Josh G aint delivering it. But I have to watch, cause Ive seen every episode since 1982 (what a waste of a life). I need dopplegangers, stalkers, psycho-of-the-month, etc. The Show right now is too tailored to love and romance.

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