Watch Steve Burton Make His Big Young and Restless Announcement on The Talk (VIDEO)

In case you missed ex-General Hospital star Steve Burton's big The Young and the Restless announcement earlier today on The Talk. Here's the video clip. Watch the pomp and circumstance after the jump!

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    i’ll give it to CBS for showing love to it’s soap operas like no one’s business.

    the other networks don’t express nearly this much to it’s remaining soaps.

    when was the last time a DAYS actor was on the TODAY show!?

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    Restless Fan

    I think it’s great that CBS is proud of their line-up. Y&R gets a lot of promotion on The Talk.

    I think ratings may spike initially but I don’t expect it to be long term. Y&R has gotten better but they are still having a lot of problems with story execution. Plots like Jacks addiction are moving at an unrealistic pace or they are telling stories not tied to history (Noah and the money). The show still feels disjointed. Not as silly as MAB’s Y&R but a less chaotic and rather boring version instead.

    I think the only one who can plot this show the way Bill Bell did is Kay Alden or Jack Smith. I think JG has some good ideas but he doesn’t play his stories out in an interesting way. I’d bring one of the two back to write along side him. And for God sakes when are they going to show Hogan the door? I still see his influence at play. It sucks!!!

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    Good luck I guess and good riddance. Seems like the whole mob storyline has vanished from GH. Also, what happened when JFP was gone? The ratings went up. Go figure. GH is doing just fine, more than fine without him.

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    I have been trying to figure out why also? I have a friend who probably watched the show when he was very young and started on GH. I ask her why and she really doesn’t say much. I just don’t get it. I only saw him the last few years and he seems wooden in his acting.

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    I’m not watching the announcement. Everyone is applauding CBS and thier daytime programming and how much The talk promotes the soaps but everyone seems to forget that this show replaced a long running soap. ATWT and GL were both canceled from this network and replaced by that show and a game show. For the same reasons I don’t watch The Chew, I don’t watch The talk.

    I will be giving SB a chance, though Y&R overlaps Days for 1/2 hour and I’ve stopped watching other shows because of that reason.

    I knew his bff would give him a deal he couldn’t turn down. Good for him. I think he can pull it off. When he was JQ he smiled alot, when he was JM is wasn’t allowed to be happy. Hence the one note acting. He’s not the type of person to sit still for too long. He has too many ants in his pants.

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    Exit: Friends of MAB

    Enter: Friends of Jill

    AGAIN, I really don’t care about actors from other soaps (prime time shows, or movies either.) I’ve been following Y&R because of the long running families and characters.

    :arrow: The only Friends of Jill I’m interested in are the friends of Jill Foster Abbott, just like I was in the 70s, 80s, 90s,and 00s. I thought Jess Walton was back, why isn’t Jill on my screen? The only way I’m interested in Dylan is if he’s connected to Chance in some way.

    Where are the Chancellors on Y&R? I don’t want to watch McAvoys instead.

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    Daniel St. John

    I’m not a Steve Burton hater (used to be a fan of Jason Q and his Cliff Huxtable sweaters) but Jason Morgan was a terrible character and Burton was terrible in the acting choices he made with the character. So I am hoping YR give him a character that is more than dead eyes and tight black t-shirts.
    I am not enthused that he will be playing a character with no ties to any of the core families though. That just seems like a recipe for JFP to build a family around Burton’s character which means the Abbots are probably going to get shafted.

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    It wasn’t much if a big surprise that most of us didn’t know. Might only check out to see if he plays a character different than JM.

    I did chuckle in the intro about the warning from Taylor Swift’s father to her boyfriend about not breaking her heart. Dude, you want that to happen so she has material for her next album. She writes about all her old relationships.

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    I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be negative for him. While I respect the fact that he has to do whats right for him- I also know it is very much a PR game. I heard there was already some anti-Burton groups that are just Y&R fans. The same way GHers didn’t want their faves to get shafted by OLTL characters I am sure they don’t want him to take time from the characters they love.. I guess we shall see…

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    I have watched GH for years and have never been a fan of Steve Burton or his wooden Jason Morgan. I was so happy when he left GH and Kelly Monaco could have a chance to work with an actor who had a range of emotion. I do watch Y&R but have not been happy with a lot of the changes on the show lately. I hate the new Cane and Lily story and am not a fan of many of the other new stories either. With the addition of Burton to the cast I just might have to turn the show off and check out DOOL.

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    Restless Fan I SOOOO agree with everything you’ve said.

    While the stories at least are believable and the dialogue is improved, I sometimes feel opportunities with the writing is still there and they are missing some beats.

    For those of us that watched under Bill and then Kay and Jack every scene was “must see”.

    I prefer JG to MAB, but we still have a way to go. And Hogan should have been booted even before Maria. But of course that’s just my opinion.

    I am not really looking forward to this new character since I already rarely see Nikki, Kay, Jill. I have a strong feeling that this friend will be featured front and center.

    And even though the Talk did replace ATWT, I’m impressed the way CBS handles its lineup and remaining soaps. Everyone knows that GL was on life support for some time and should have been cancelled. It was unwatchable in that new format.

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    I like Steve Burton……and found him to be charming on this show, which I hope I don’t have to watch again anytime soon, since I am still allegiant to my beloved ATWT……

    It was nice to see him smile and laugh, since he has played a wax figure on General Hospital for the past decade plus.

    Just wish he’d worn a different shirt……….. :(

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    There a bunch of actors/actress @ CBS pissed, because they been on that show 10, 20+ years and have never gotten that much fan fare, but a GH castaway comes over here and get all this praise and glory!

    @Restless Fan & @pferrando yup! you both are right! How many regime are we on at Y&R? The fifth one? LML, MAB, JG& JF none could hold a candle against Bill Bell and Kay Alden. If you know the history of this show you would know that Kay Alden started with Bill Bell in 1974. Bill Bell wrote this show by himself, and Kay was added the following year. It wasn’t until 1980 when the show went an hour he added other writers to his staff.

    Josh get it together with these stories and Jill stop kissing your secret boy toy and making him the center piece. He not a Newman, Abbott, Williams, Prentiss, Brooks, Chancellor, Winters any other majority character. Pls Y&R no more snatch n grabs for 2013! MAB is gone pls move forward!

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    Whats with the F’n Confetti?!? He’s a B rated actor, I didn’t see CBS roll out that kind enthusiasm for Tristan Rogers or Genie Francis, who are both icons and can actually act and have credits well beyond daytime! [yeah-yeah, Genie was kind of off on Y and R, but so have a lot of recent peeps who have passed through there recently].

    Burton, I wish you well, but you are NOT all that buddy-boy! CBS must be thinking they scored something with this guy, guess the laugh is on them! GH is better and higher rated since they wrote Stone-Cold off.

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    The_Moustache: Actually Alison Sweeney was on Today last week, but only to promote The Biggest Loser which she hosts. I have no idea if she got a chance to say anything about DOOL but hope she did.
    And, though I have mixed feelings about “The Chew”, they have had cooking segments with GH castmates. But I doubt anyone’s been on GMA.
    I have watched Y&R off and on since the late 80s but following what’s happened while not watching, like when in school or living overseas, etc. I have watched GH since 1994 and started watching DOOL/AW in 91. When AW was canceled and some moved to ATWT from that show, moved with them. Was hooked even though the AW people were killed off so stuck with the soap until it ended in 2010. So for Steve Burton’s sake, in today’s world, it’s never safe to assume stability with any soap. GH was teetering on the edge for a while and I still don’t think the show is completely safe. But Y&R keeps stable ratings and as the soap that airs first in the day for most markets can see why. Smart choice for SB!
    I’m weary of the so-called AMC/OLTL online reboots and would hope that at least a cable network picked those shows up so that people that aren’t always online or aren’t comfortable with the format can have a televised alternative.
    BTW, new on here since taking a break from Facebook where I’ve previously posted on various soap fan pages, but I’ve seen many of everyone’s comments on here as Daytime Confidential is the Bible to all soap news.

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    TV Gord

    Alison Sweeney was also on Ellen last week, but only mentioned The Biggest Loser, not Days.

    Burton should count his blessings that Sheryl can’t unhinge her jaw, because I think she would have swallowed him whole!

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    TV Gord wrote:

    Burton should count his blessings that Sheryl can’t unhinge her jaw, because I think she would have swallowed him whole![/quote]

    LOL! :bigsmile: LOL!LOL! :bigsmile: LOL!LOL! :bigsmile: LOL!LOL! :bigsmile: LOL!LOL!…. 0:)

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    The star of one soap opera can not jump ship to another soap and become the star of that show and expect anyone to like it. If they want to create a good character for him to play and he is the best one for the job, great. If CBS expects the audience to fall over dead because a GH soap star is now on Y&R, it ain’t happening. Ask Genie Francis, Tristan Rogers,
    Steven Nichols, Debbie Morgan, just to name some recent ones. This is not even a drop in the bucket of the number of times that a soap tried to make a soap star from another network the star of a different soap. IT NEVER works. Not once in all of soap history, unless there is an honest to goodness role that that person is perfect for. Case in point Jack Abbott. But for every Jack Abbott, there are 10 doa characters that were shoved down our throats.
    Remember when Marcy Walker was starring on GL? Or Denise Alexander was the star of Another World? Or Genie Francis replaced Diedre Hall as the star of Days? How about Jack Wagner and Kim Zimmer as the stars of Santa Barbara….. knock knock that one got the show cancelled. We really don’t care about another networks soap stars. Ya gotta show us the money on this show.

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    Restless Fan

    pferrando I agree. Kay and Jack wrote good story. They didn’t go to commercial breaks and come back with characters recapping events that just took place off camera. It’s such a bone head move on the networks and show runners to omit story information. All it does is sends a message that the story is really not that important. If they don’t care to show us, why should we care to watch it?

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    At least CBS is promoting the show, and Sheryl Underwood is definitely a Y&R fan….. I thought she was going to jump his bones right then and there!

    So, as Mom used to say ” Time Will Tell “.

    If he can’t get Avery, there is always Jill, Sharon, Chelsea, Chloe, Esther, Nina, and the list goes on and on :)

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    CBS has done a great job with TT promoting their soaps and actors. Yes not happy about CBS cancelling my other two soaps, my beloved GL was on life support but maybe ATWT could had been saved by cutting back to 30 minutes but regardless it took me a long time to heal but TT is part of my lineup and found dvr now along with my soaps. Welcome to CBS Mr Burton, now don’t disappoint.

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    I am thrilled that he is coming back to daytime. I’ve been a fan for years, even when he was on that show Out of This World. I am just trying to figure out how I am going to be able to watch another soap. Ha!

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    Pferrando…thanks I do try to be positive because all we (CBS fans) still have two soaps left on our lineup and that is saying so much in action about CBS and still believing in their remaining dramas compared to the other networks and their killing axe. Since the leasing expense is gone by cutting their other soaps, CBS has invested it in their daytime dramas with promotion. Y&R & B&B hasn’t gotten this much promotion in years. It’s very simple to keep the rest of our beloved lineup intact @ CBS you have to watch ;)

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    I watched this yesterday..with such excitment to hear his announcement.
    I was soooo hoping he was coming back to GH where he belongs

    I’d like to say I’m happy for him..but honestly i’m upset:( I miss my Jason..and he left GH to go to Tenn. with his family and it would be relaxing to be away..I could understand but figured it 5 years he’d come back.
    I sure as hell didnt expect that a few months later he’d go to another soap.
    ugg…this so sucks..I want Jason. :P

    I am sure it was exciting for him to get a new role.
    but why make such a drastic move to be with your family if in a few months your just going to move again anyways..oh well.
    Maybe in 10 years i’ll have him back on GH :/

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