Will Nick and Gabi Say ‘I Do’ on Days of Our Lives?

It's the soap opera wedding of the decade. Everything has built to this. After years of intense romance and overcoming epic obstacles with the sheer determination of their everlasting love, they're finally going to say "I Do". Oh wait, that was a Wikipedia entry for Bo and Hope in the 80's.

This week on Days of Our Lives, Salem gathers for the nuptials of Nick (Blake Berris) and Gabi (Camila Banus). Watch the promo after the jump! 

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    Gabi’s dress should be red! No way should this ho be wearing a White dress. Not because of the ‘Virginity’ thing, but because of all the blood on her hands when she indirectly caused the explosion that led to events which killed Jack!

    And Nick needs to take the Vaseline out of his mouth. Blake Berris mumbles so much I can’t understand him!

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    Why, oh why DAYS, do you not wish for me to watch? I’m feeling about DAYS the way I did the last two or so years of Guiding Light…I don’t care if it’s cancelled. And I have been a HUGE GL and DAYS fan. That’s how disengaged I am with the show.

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    The Kristen parts of Days are just delicious to watch. Eileen Davidson is delivering like crazy. Eric Martsolf has never been so sexy. And I will say that Drake Hogestyn has been doing his best work since his return. Although his best is equivalent to someone like Maurice Bernard or Peter Bergman’s worst. That’s the only part of Days that’s holding my interest.

    The rest not so much.

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    [quote=cinicic]I hope Nick is back on drugs because his personality change is rather abrupt and also annoying if he’s not.[/quote]

    I actually liked Nick upon his initial return but then the writers did an about-face and turned him into a douchebag who spouts homophobic diatribes and/or drops unsubtle digs such as “gay boy” to Will. Now I hate him as much as everybody else hates Daniel Jonas.

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