DC #703: Hop, Skip and a Limo

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels discuss the latest developments in Prospect Park's plans to reboot All My Children and One Life to Live.

From Agnes Nixon’s Facebook message confirming the return of All My Children and One Life to Live to the behind-the-scenes scoop Giddens and Bowe are hearing, they dive into it all.  

They also dish Steve Burton's decision to return to soaps with a role at The Young and the Restless. Who will Burton's character end up with, and do General Hospital fans have a right to be upset about the casting news?

All this and much more on today’s show!


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  1. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    Speaking of egos, it looked like GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn and Y&R’s Michelle Stafford were having words on twitter about NLG dissing Y&R and Michelle defending Y&R. It got nasty. I’ve got a feeling that those two feuding was all for play though after it was announced that Mr. Burton was going to be on Y&R.

    As for GH fans deservedly being really angry with Mr. Burton for jumping ship, no, they don’t have a right to be. Mr. Burton did indeed move his family to Nashville. It wasn’t until AFTER he moved that the deal with CBS Daytime and Sony Pictures came down. GH fans need to simmer down already!

  2. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    The ratings for Y&R DID spike for soap transplant Tristan Rogers! And they stayed up. Look it up if you don’t believe me. I wish they’d bring Colin back. Even for a short story arch. Heck he could usher Jill/Jess Walton off the show since she’s basically GONE anyway.

    Then I can take this train wreck off my DVR for good.

  3. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    No. If you talking about the spike last late November, December, and January — it was because of the return of Melody Thomas Scott and Stacy Haiduk, as Nikki and Patty.

  4. Profile photo of thecourt99

    One of the boards posted a tweet from SB where he said that Y&R gave him the best opportunity to keep his family in TN and still act. He will remain in TN and only go to LA to film.

    So while ego may have played a part in his choice, his family concerns were still at the top of his list and Jill was willing to work with his schedule.

  5. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    [quote=hey mon]No. If you talking about the spike last late November, December, and January — it was because of the return of Melody Thomas Scott and Stacy Haiduk, as Nikki and Patty.[/quote]

    That’s not what I was referring to.

    And I’m pretty sure the ratings didn’t go up cuz of Pattycakes.

  6. Profile photo of luverica

    Jamey Giddens, you are too damn funny. I’m getting a mental picture of my Queen Susan exiting her town car while Robin Strasser is disembarking from the bus across the street and I can’t take it. LOL!!!

  7. Profile photo of dsmwmn

    Thank you very much for this podcast! I know a lot of actors and fans are excited about these prospects (pun intended) but I remain leery. Quite frankly it appears that PP hasn’t gotten their act together yet. While I get excited and hopeful whenever a cast member is announced (via their own twitter and facebook pages), that excitement quickly fades do to lack of communication from PP and lack of writers. Not to mention that they only have a few weeks to get it together before they suppository start filming at the end of the month. It feels like they are making a mockery out of the genre again.

  8. Profile photo of appleridge

    ABC was planning to do something again with OLTL & AMC but PP’s 2nd try put kabosh on that.

    Well ABC its your own Damn fault. Should have never canned them in the first place and when you did, you should not have lisenced them out. Its time to make your bed ABC.

  9. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Jamie I loved the whole Robin Strasser routine. I can just hear that conversation. “Noway bitch! You owe me! If it weren’t for my Rachel Davis, there would never have been any Erica Kane! Now scoot your ass over! I am not riding the short bus anymore!”
    Just about busted a gut several times listening to this pod cast. I do hope everyone gets their wish and AMC and OLTL get on air but it is looking pretty dicey!

  10. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Thank you so much for the latest DC podcasts [just download PC.] It’s good to know I’m not the only one *verry* leery of PP. I really wish ABC had decided to revive the soaps in som form.

  11. Profile photo of

    It official the DC Crew had the jokes in rotation on this podcast. Jamey/ Jillian oooh you both were off the hook talking about AMC & OLTL actor & actress pure foolery, but I loved it.

    However I was LMAO when you all were going in with Steve Burton taking about Melody Thomas Scott parking space + Eric Braeden acting crazy. The DC Crew is a hot mess, but had me laughing in my car. Jamey there seems to be a story with the Y&R actors & these parking spaces pls tell us the story about this.

    Jamey I want you to do an impersonation of Melody Thomas Scott v. Brenda Dickson…pls Jamey you could set the scene and make it a memorable podcast for 2013.

    As for PP I agree w/ Farah Fath and what she said! Not a fan of that girl, but she did put things in perspective. We will see and only time will tell-

  12. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I just heard the podcast…and it was hilarious….but it makes me wonder

    If ABC REALLY wanted to do something with OLTL and AMC, then why did they extend the rights to PP? Couldn’t they have denied the extension? Seems like something else is going on here.

    I also heard that RH still had NY as his primary residence and didn’t like CA that much. So if PP wanted the character of Todd back, RH may be happy to go back to the East coast.

    Frankly, any actor that signs will be for the love of the game, and not for the money. I expect quite a few recasts or new characters to flesh out the show. if they ever get their act together.

  13. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    I finally listened to this podcast and I can truly say you guys, especially Jamey, had me busting out laughing like a fool! Oh LORD! Steve Burton is such a lame-ass, trying to sell that shit that he never even planned to move over to Y&R. I can’t wait to see him ego CHECKED! Even with JFP as overprotective mama, viewers will not stand for the legacy royalty (Braeden, Cooper, Thomas Scott, Bergman, Strafford, Case) being sacrificed for one second for stone-cold zombie! LOL

  14. Profile photo of Transfigurationjc

    Thank you Christian I completely agree. Steve cant help it because JFP offered him a great job and time off to see his family. I dont blame him. GHers are just sore losers. ( Ive watched GH my entire life BTW starting long before Steve showed up). NLG can be a jerk sometimes on Twitter. Despite all the buzz GH is getting I think YR is a soap of much more substance. GH especially under Cartini GH is fully and not very engaging to me. Carlavati writes stories on the intellectual level of a 12 yr old.
    YR though it has its faults is much more adult and the characters are far more multilayered and YR honors its history much better than GH. Cartini just gives lipservice to vets and dangles them around for ratings sake. But they give the majority of story to lame new comers and even stupider stories like Kate/Connie. No thanks.

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